Cómo configurar control universal ST-620 (STANG)(SMT)
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Cómo configurar control universal ST-620 (STANG)(SMT)

How to configure universal control ST-620 (STANG) (SMT) In this video tutorial I will explain easily how I managed to adapt my universal control to my Samsung TV First of all, to say that I spent a lot of time looking for tutorials and found a thousand ways to configure universal controls, but none the same as the one I had. Then, after trying and trying and being ready to return it, I found a way to configure it.

To say that it is the way that worked for me and that is why I share it in case someone can help. My TV is Samsung and the remote control I bought is UNIVERSAL TV REMOTE.

It is an economic control and is compatible with many other brands, such as LG, SONY, etc. But mine is SAMSUNG. We start

First of all, manually connect the TV and always point it at him. The first thing to do is to keep pressing the green SET button for approximately 6 seconds. Then without releasing, press the red POWER button And a red control light will connect. The one that is marked in the photo. Now, we must press and release the VOL + button several times until it appears on the TV
the volume symbol Finally, and quickly we must press the SET button again for a few seconds.


Your remote control should work. I hope it has served you like me.

Thanks for watching the video and I like it if it serves you.


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