Condoleezza Rice speaks on the removal of Confederate monuments across the South
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Condoleezza Rice speaks on the removal of Confederate monuments across the South

One of the messy debates that we’re going through right now is dealing with a lot of Confederate monuments. That’s happening around the country here in Alabama, Louisiana, elsewhere. How do we resolve something like that where people some people are saying well this is our heritage let’s retain it for others that’s a deeply hurtful monument. How should we engage in that process? Well my view is that it’s actually not our heritage it’s our history. We as a people have thankfully moved on. We as a people have in very painful ways I mean I’m not that old and I lived in a Birmingham that was still segregated and so it is painful but if you forget your history then you are likely to repeat it. And one of the things about statues and monuments and the like is that for those who weren’t a part of that history it can be a reminder. I have students who were not born when the Soviet Union collapsed and they’re maybe not going to remember that in the way that I did that there was once this thing called the Soviet Union Nobody is alive today who remembers the Civil War but by looking at that you can trigger what it meant and what it was like you don’t have to honor the purposes of people whose history now shows that they were on the other side of history. But you’d better be able to remind people and so I myself and not much from white washing history. I don’t like the renamings, I don’t like the taking down the the various monuments you know I know that for instance the flag, Confederate flag I agreed completely with Nikki Haley and others who… That was a battle flag of the defeated Confederacy. That’s a different matter. But these historical figures we need to remember who they are what they stood for and why we’ve moved on


  • james mc

    Each community should decide and vote whether or not to have any statue in their town kept or erected– (Voters might even want a statue of Hitler) and while It may be offensive to some, it should be voted upon.

  • Wesley Edwards

    Our public spaces should be filled with artifacts that encourage a brighter future and togetherness rather than a divisive history. Alabama has an enormous 100' tall civil war monument literally spitting distance from the state capital. It is the same principal an flying a confederate flag from the capital. This monument has 4 confederate flags. This stuff belongs in a museum or a confederate park. You could relocate that monument to the Confederate Memorial Park in Marbury, Al and the world would be better for it.

  • byron

    Most Americans are so historically ignorant that just having monuments isn't going to enlighten them. I'm afraid that Condi's rationale is as lame as most of the rationalizations she promulgated while a member of Bush's team. This woman has no ability to empathize, she is a typical reactionary opportunist.

  • agwbcfjc2

    "…why we moved on…" No Ms Rice, we have not moved on. So long as there is one race-hustling shyster who can make a buck, OR GAIN ANOTHER FISTFUL OF POWER by crying "victim", America will not be ALLOWED to move on. The current rape of the south is just the next campaign in that never-ending war which will not be allowed to end. As long as there Is one SJW who can gain power by deposing the Jesse Jacksons/Al Sharptons of our culture by crushing white southerners, we will never move on. Americans will continue to pay and pay–until the race hustlers have done to America what they did to Detroit. Not all terrorists are foreign born. The worst is yet to come.

  • SOS DD

    To destroy or takedown statues, is so closely related to ISIS destroying history, irreplaceable monuments. Statues and monuments are a reminder of history past good or bad.

  • c0c0b33f

    The whitewashing of history already happened with the erection of these monuments that glorify traitors who fought a war to leave the union so that they could own slaves. The context is rarely one that respectfully and truthfully reflects history. In cases where they're BS, they must go.

  • Armando Villanueva

    Ms. Rice is a hard core conservative.. as with most modern conservatives God only knows if it is out of conviction or convenience. But I lost a lot of respect for her when she lied to our faces about the 9/11 memos: Bin Laden determined to attack America. Shame on her!

  • LazyJack2003

    I think she is wrong. A statue by itself just celebrates the person and hardly makes anyone think about the history behind.  Monuments should make people think , not only glorify. "A great nation does not hide its history. It faces its flaws and corrects them.”  That includes removing monuments that try to re-write history. And perhaps even find the courage to put up a monument commemorating all the suffering?! Monuments for the painful parts of history are necessary – not to rub in guilt feelings , but to inspire reflection and thinking. Take the Germans as an example. Should they have Nazi-statues? Of course not, even though that is part of their history. But to my knowledge, they are the only people who dedicated a central spot in their capital to commemorate those that suffered from German atrocities. Which other nation had the guts to do that?? Russia ? France? The UK? Japan? The US? And all of these nations have committed atrocities , even if these differ in scale.

  • gwicksg

    It is hard to accept that Condoleezza Rice is this unintelligent. Surely, she must know the difference between reverence and remembering. I am shocked at her comments on so many levels. It seems the best resolution for this matter on all sides is delivery of the statues to Ms. Rice's possession for proper display and "remembering."

  • Michael Webb

    Using that logic then it would be okay for Germany to erect statutes of Hitler In this country you might as well erect statutes of KKK founders. Statutes and monuments are honors and should be reserved for those who while flawed because humans are. They should be reserved for those who championed the common good of and for this nation. Just think of how many lived would have been spared and how much shorter the Civil War would have been if Robert E lee had fought for the union cause?

  • Vinay K

    Awful response. By that logic the world should install Hitler statues so that the future generation can learn how evil he was.

  • C-z TapX

    Quit trying to erase, rewrite, or change history. Not all history is gonna be pretty. Any thing less than the full truth is attempted "Mind Control". States have the right to honor their fallen forefathers. "Try burning all Bibles that talk about the Hebrews in Egypt and tear down the Pyramids".

  • Dorian Goh

    So by the same logic, we should have left Hitler, Stalin and Saddam statues where they stood? If not, then where's the line?

  • Cynthia Hawkins

    This is still a clueless woman who was booed, while buying shoes when Hurricane Katrina happened, and dead bodies were floating in the streets. Hello??

  • Tyrone Koumoundouros

    Kill Codolezza rice
    she is a communist and, an agent of the
    New world order
    who has lied to the American people to start a war over false information. Condolezza is a traitor who must be hung with no jail time.

  • Fred Flintstone

    Every monument you remove stiffens the resolve of us who had fore-fathers in the Confederate Army.  You don't want us as a part of your nation.  You are only concerned with your feelings, your opinion, your view.  Our ancestors wanted out.  Now you defile what we revere to satisfy a convoluted one sided view of one of the most complicated wars in history.  Keep pushing.  Keep tearing down.  We are millions in the South who you alienate.  You want to solve racism?  Let's address poverty. Let's address broken families.  Let's address wages and educational opportunities…instead you expend effort on misguided attacks on stone and cloth that in reality can do you no harm.  These efforts I know for a fact, are and will, erode support for the cause of equality by eliminating a desire among the largest part of the Southern people to help…Always remember the words of the spiritual, "Sow it on the mountain ..reap it in the valley …cause you gonna reap just what you sow."

  • Maxx61

    I'm not a fan of taking the rubber end of a national number two pencil to erase our history and eradicate every granite and marble reference to ugliness. I do understand her point. While the original intent of these monuments was to honor these men, the advancement of the human race now identifies these vertical structures as reminders of a painful piece of American history. That, in of itself, is progress….when the national collective agrees "yeah, we were pretty fucked up back then" as they look up at these men who were on the wrong side of history. However, having written this, I can certainly understand how others might find their continued existence unnecessary and wish them gone. I'm not so one-sided on this issue to dismiss the feelings of others and I think it's important this national discussion continues.

  • Raoul Sanchez

    Ms Condoleezza Rice is So prepared, intelligent, a concert pianist, fluent in Russian, BUT she Never defened the position of keeping old Southern Civil War Monuments like General Robert E Lee, or Davis Jefferson. She simply did NOT say that. This article is creating something that is a smooth screen.

  • James McCutchan

    most ignorant people just dont get it at all.even today.your average confederate soldier didnt give 2 hoots in hell about slavery.they fought for there state.if say alabama had stayed with the union then these same soldiers would have been wearing blue.when they said fighting for my country they meant there particular state.

  • Joseph Doran

    the statue should stay it commemorates a civil war leader , like it or not both sides fighting were American , both sides have equal right to remember there leaders , if any one thinks General lee statute should be take down do You also think the Washington monument should be take down ???

  • Barry grier

    Seems America want to either tear down or bury its historical past..From one on the outside looking in,it appears USA is on the downward path similar to the destruction of the Roman Empire,such a great wonderful country is now on the road to disintergration

  • mar1113ger Seven

    "Obama's family owned slaves. Everyone forgets he is half white and so his statue should be removed too for damn sure! What a disgrace to have a black man who's family owned slaves be honored"!! Now, how does that make you feel? Does it matter what his past was or what color he is? Does it matter who likes him or who doesn't? What matters is he is part of our history, just like the rest of the statues are and you take the good with the bad and you learn from it. Tearing something down like that doesn't make it go away, the history is still there and without a reminder it makes the chances of repeating it greater. We must be reminded to never ever repeat that horrid time in history ever again. Those who want to tear it down do not understand growth, love and forgiveness. Move them into a historical museum, that is really where they belong.

  • Ahmasi Lloyd

    I find her argument weak and ineffectual. If the nazi flag were flying over New York City, which has a large population of Americans of the Jewish faith, would she make such an argument to them? If there were statues of nazi leaders around the city, would she make such an argument to them about the statues being there to remind us of that history so we don't forget? I think not! Those statues and monuments are there to celebrate those who held our people in abject slavery! Those statues and monuments are symbols of enslavement and those who wished to see it continued! The only way her argument would bear any semblance of veracity would be if those statues and monuments were inside museums!

  • mike dar

    In Germany, any 'sanitizing' is met with utter condemnation by attempting it. Why is it that in America anyone wants sanitizing of our history? Well, look to when in other countries that was wished to be done.. or in Germany.. before the Fascists took control. 'Sanitizing' is only being promoted when a takeover is being attempted.. never at any other time. Obama is still trying to 'Fundamentally transform America". We would do well to recognize that 'sanitizing' eliminates history, for the purpose of re-writing history… where in, the mistakes of the past are forgotten, where mistakes of the past can be repeated.We voted for no repeat of the last Socialist in charge, even as he wishes still to be in charge after illegally funding with DOJ funds as many as 100,000 people via BLM, LaRaza, Soros groups and the ever present .. ever awful.. OFA group that Eric Holder is directing now. We tried fundamental change and we don't need or want to sanitize that B.S. or other Obamanations Idealisms. Time for the majority to speak up and inform Obama that he and his 'Fundamental' are wastes of time.

  • Mr. Bungle

    By this argument, it would be reasonable to put up statues of the 911 Hijackers at ground zero. Maybe Osama. How about a statue of Timothy McVeigh at the site of the Oklahoma bombing?

  • Robert Williams

    And oh! We gotta take The Apostle Paul out of The Bible…cause he was once upon a time a killer of Christians in his early days

  • Azay Deelay

    Good…. I respect C.R.'s explanation. Everyone is entitled to an opinion but I maintain that it is wrong. If her reasoning is right…should we retain status of Hitler, of Stalin, of Idi Amin Dada, of Papa Doc and the thousands who victimized people. No! We don't even want to be reminded. I say "down with all those statues." There are 150,000,000 Americans opposing those statues and I say "destroy them." "Obliterate them," "deface them." They should not be forced down our throats.

  • Azay Deelay

    The 150,000,000 Americans or roughly 50% (or more) who is pissed should not reason, should not listen, should not react. They need to devise ways to destroy such monuments and statues. When 150M angry Americans do that, the other 50% who are ignorant and biased and stupid and arrogant will not be able to contain the flood that will rise to suffuse and reject and repel and obliterate such hatred. TRUMP has opened up Pandora's box. With all his hatred he has given white supremacists power. Let's take that power away. Let's do it NOW b4 the USA becomes another "German 1933."

  • streglof

    Removing the statues is NOT about re-writing history. The statues themselves ARE, and that's why they need to be removed. If you want to remember the civil war, put up statues of the slaves that were the victim of the system that the confederacy fought tooth and nail for to protect. Put up statues of the people who died fighting against the confederacy, but don't EVER portray the people who fought for the confederacy for the right to keep black people as slaves as heroes. For this exact same reason there are no statues of Adolf Hitler and his compatriots on public property in Germany either

  • frisco21

    It's one thing to keep monuments to remind us of dark moments in our history but it's quite another to erect statues designed to glorify people who betrayed the United States of America. Ms. Rice's murky, disingenuous remarks are nothing more than a clever dodge. Shame to her.

  • Marshalette Wise, M.Ed.

    Please sign and share our petition to have the confederate statue removed from Tuskegee, Alabama

  • Hal 9000

    No One is perfect and the monuments were erected for the Good these people did. Pointing out the negative, Feeling bad or angry about a Monument is the childish & ignorant mentality of people who refuse to see themselves as THE PROBLEM.

  • Stephen Troup

    Condi has too much class & civility to tear down what others built to honor their dead. Teaching, respecting, honoring & learning from history should be our goal. This generation had to be mis-taught to work themselves up into the frenzy they are in. If they really studied history and these men, they would actually find they are 180 degrees wrong about many civil war leaders South & North.


    Condoleeza you are right on that. Although I disagree, people should have the right to hang whatever flag they want.

  • Tony Wright

    Well at least Condoleezza Rice is being reasonable I agree we should not rename streets I agree we should not take down monuments just because of a bunch of crybabies who “CHOOSE” to allow these things to offend them in a bunch of crybaby old people be the black or white who choose to not get over the fact that black people were segregated but I overcame their segregation and he was right for them to overcome their segregation slavery was wrong segregation was wrong we are past that we’ve been passed that for 50 years with segregatioAnd 153 years with the Civil War I don’t care why the monuments were put up we should not get rid of them just because people are offended that’s it period the end. We should keep them up for both white supremacy and Southern pride and southern heritage because that’s why white people in the south wanted to keep them up for both but more white people in the south want to keep them up for southern heritage then racism and hatred of black people and yes maybe they will put up because of that reason but they were also seem to want people in the south as symbols of Southern pride in southern heritage because the south thought for the states rights to run their side of the nation the way they wanted to run it. Yes they wanted to run with slavery but not everyone in the south wanted to run the Southern part of the nation with slavery. There point of finding is they didn’t want the federal government to take control because that was the perceived threat because they were anti-federalist in a sense. They saw the takeover of the federal government has a king rolling the nation therefore it would be people for the government not government for the people… Patrick Henry warned against this that’s why he was antifederalist. Even though federalism vs anti-federalist ended before the Civil War the south still had the anti-federalist spirit going. Therefore states rights meant that the states ran the nation were the final authority of the nation Not the federal government. Rights were given to the states that’s what states rights was and it was state sovereignty that meant states read the nation. Although for a lot of southerners slavery was at the top of the states rights issue but for a lot of other Southerners it was not. Just the very fact and for the matter of principle the south was fighting for the for the government not interfere and for the right of whether or not they want it to secede. On the website that I read it said that’s the session was neither prohibited nor permited in the constitution before the Civil War. It was up to the states if they wanted to secede or not. Therefore the North viewed that as illegal and the south viewed it as legal. Don’t get me wrong I’m glad we got rid of slavery I’m glad we got rid of segregation because both were horrible evil terrible and wrong cruel and vicious and those people who segregated black people will be judged by God harshly. Unless they repented of it.

  • Wayne Dooley

    Statues and monuments should be erected to honor and remember those that fought and died in an effort to UNITE the states of America. The only people who wish to maintain high visibility of symbols that depict separation, are those that still embrace the ideas of separation of the states.

  • Artsartisan

    “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    ― George Orwell, 1984

  • Butch32002

    In 1861 most of the people who lived in the South were extremely poor by Northern standards. Today's generation throughout America would not survive 30 days if they had to exist in the primitive conditions that the Southern population lived in during the 1800's.Their heat was a fireplace, their toilet outside, their water from a stream or hand dug well. They survived on a day to day basis. The average life span was 40 to 45 years and the average weight of a man was 150 pounds or less. Most lived on small farms, grew their own food and tried to have a few chickens, a milk cow and some free ranging swine. A good mule or draft horse was a necessity not a luxury for pulling a plow or disc for crops. Fatal sickness was common. NINTY percent of the Southern people DID NOT own any slaves. In 1861, the Northern States had 71% of the Nation's population, 81% of the Nation's wealth, 85% of the Nation's factories and 72% of the Nation's railroad mileage. FACT. There were pockets of wealth in the South but it was controlled by the large plantation owners scattered across the South not by the average citizen. Abe Lincoln was a Tyrant that hated the Southern States and the people who lived here, Black or White. He is the only President in U.S. History to order his Generals to wage war on American civilians on American soil in the South. William T. Sherman and Ulysses S. Grant proudly carried this order out. During his march to the sea in the late summer of 1864 thru the spring of 1865 Sherman with a force of over 62,000 Union Troops waged war against mostly women,children, the sick,old or disabled in Georgia, South Carolina and North Carolina. Most of the Southern men ,who were greatly outnumbered from the start, were dead or wounded by then. Union troops killed, raped and tortured Black and White women in the South. This is WELL documented by the Southern women that were literate and kept diaries during these events. Union Troops were never held accountable for these war crimes. The North has kept these facts and hundreds more from being in any public history books for 153 years. The Southern people only wanted to be left alone. They did not have a Army or the resources to supply one. If the war was only over slavery…..why did the white population in New York and other large Northern cities wage their own war on the Black population by killing them and burning them out in the Anti- Draft Riots of 1863 ??? This was …and is…. well documented. That was Abe Lincoln's war, that he wanted, and he carried a hatred for the South right up to the moment that Almighty God allowed a Northern born and raised man….John Wilkes Booth….to send his soul to eternity. FACT.

  • Highlander Neal

    I agree with her about everything except it being our history, not heritage because it absolutely IS my heritage, and the heritage of millions more.


    rice is a very secure and articulate person. its too bad she went to work for w bush. lol at the idiots in here trying to compare adolf hitler to robert e lee.

  • Aussiegirls

    Gog Bless Ms. Rice. I have always admired her intelligence and logical sense. Could listen to her talk or play her piano for hours.

  • nora22000

    A disappointment. What a vapid set of cards moments. History is shared as are public spaces, not propaganda representing one viewpoint. If people are so uneducated that they need traitor monuments to remember history, pay for some education for those people. And move traitor monuments to museums or a private park for them the way Russians did for Soviet monuments.

  • Samuel Stag

    fuck this phony
    I don't need her defending my right wing beliefs and heroes..
    she should be in jail this yes mama war mongering Bush stooge.

  • PhineusPeeMcGillicuttee's AmazingHairGrowthTonic!

    I imagine the Native people felt the same way when white man first spread across the plains & purposely massacred millions of Buffalo to starve the Native people off their land, then rubbed it in by turning one of their sacred mountains into "Mount Rushmore".
    …How come all the Dummecrats aint protestin aginst THAT monument?!!
    And yes, it is a FACT that the Dummecrats initially were the ones for slavery,. so doesn't that mean that the monuments that are now being taken down were originally erected by the DUMMEECRATS in the first place. …?!!
    ….Am I wrong?

  • Paul Laymon

    The “Stars and Stripes” flew over ALL slave ships and slave markets – no Southern Flag was flown. According to her logic the United States Flag is a symbol of hate.

  • Isaiah Brains

    We as the people in your head? Stop speaking for billions of people who know you're a liar.
    This modernism will soon be a thing of the past.

  • William Morton Jr.

    Monuments Honoring some of the Worst people this Country has ever produced is not "Real History". Tear these Monuments down!

  • Arbo Gash

    The closer reading of history will of course reveal that both the people and the issues were more complicated than populist ideologues will be willing to allow.

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