• Andrew Rusher (Archive Channel)

    Why are they still talking about this non issue, the flag has nothing to do with anything

  • hotboy ron

    Racist logic :instead of talking about thr racism that killed 9 "innocent "people not some criminals hey let's talk about the drop out rates in the black community.

  • Adnan Kashogi

    Forget racism if that flag isnt a symbol of treason i dont know what is. What other nation flies a flag of a bunch of treasonist racist bastards who they defeated in a war ? Your spitting on the graves of thousands of soldiers who fought to keep this country free and united. ONE NATION ONE FLAG PERIOD. UNLESS YOU WANT ANOTHER WAR

  • inspectyerbooty

    so many issues inside the main topic….for instance: why are none of you americans remembering the pledge of allegiance words.. "" i pledge allegiance to the flag… and to the "REPUBLIC" for which it stands……"" now think carefully,… are you americans a republic or a democracy?.. now look up the true definitions and figure out what your government wants from you today LOL just a heads-up from canada 😉 why not hold a national vote where each man and each women gets one vote.. that is a republic!!! we call it a referendum. it is where all the ill informed and media brainwashed public morons get a vote LOL definition of government = you get back the energy that you put in!!
                      be well and have a wonderful life down there

  • We win

    Wouldn't you think the American flag would offend Native Americans. Natives Americans went through almost an extinction event.So what's the difference between the Confederate flag an the American flag? Absolutely nothing.This has nothing to do with flags. Because haters gonna hate. It's all in the heart.

  • danumba1drumma

    It's sad that this shooter misconstrued the meaning of this flag and made it racially-motivated. 20,000 people died for this flag in the Civil War, and since this flag was made to remember them (although it was wrong they were slave-owners), the Confederates chose to remember their dead, instead of resist further against the Union creating more havoc. That is history and people are split whether we create our own history by choosing to remember it in our children's future history books, or we honor our history, good and bad, so that it is something our children can learn from/appreciate. Had this shooter not done it, the flag would still be flying freely without this huge argument. If something is good, but was used in the wrong way (like this shooter did), it doesn't make it bad. In today's time, we make it about black and white, but we are but one human race. Race is given its power when you mention it and make it powerful. Yes its important in culture and history, but not for litigious purposes (taking this flag down).

  • Marie Ewwf

    Democratic State Representative James Smith please explain how the X in that flag has anything to do with racism or the 13 stars either or its colors or the fact 4 pyramids can be seen in that flag's wells.

    Law Professor Debra Gammons: what are your people going to do to stop the high-rate of Black on White violent crime or Black on Black crime. What has the Battle flag got to do with what one did there.

    Other than you folks already had an axe to grind again as it was then and so someone planned on causing this controversy as Pete Santilli said it probably was MKULTRA and so what changed that Governor.

    Ashleigh Banfield said it right that you people haven't solved anything nor have you given creedence to the fact that Whites were also enslaved inside of America and not just as indentured servants either.

    The bandwagon to remove that flag…well go straight ahead be your very own guests where that symbol represents State Rights not murder or racism or any of the ugly values you apply it with feathers.

    That crime was committed just as much under that 50 star flag and scripture says 50 men run before him Adoni'jah but the President never said this was the criteria to reach any conclusions further.

    Black drop-out rates: is this further conclusive evidence that I.Q.'s are further different and so to continue to expect the same outcome is next to impossible…White people have been hampered futures.

    You folks have received Affirmative Action, special scholarships, special grants, special this and special that and enough is enough: Black racism is all the more apparent in your own culture.

    This fateful event is very sad but also a concealed weapon may have helped save lives and that's part of this issue as well but it does seem the person charged may not be the only one responsible.

    7 stars + 6 = the Spirit of '76 = 1776; when this country goes to war to destroy people we never met it flies under the banner of "…50 men to run before him." The First Book of the Kings chapter 1:5-8.

  • Marie Ewwf

    When will there be a single act of Congress that takes away from any President of The United States the un-Constitutional 'right' to wage wars all over this planet whenever some rich shyster needs one to fill up his stock coffers with principal and interest.

    More wars waged under that 50-star flag than any Battle the Confederacy ever had. Perhaps those that thinking people and their businesses killed so they can go sell guns to I.S.I.S. terrorists should look at their own I.S.I.S. created us all dividends.

  • Trackrock

    They will never get rid of The Confederate Battle Flag. I'll relate a bit of ancient history.
    When I was in Vietnam, there were more Confederate flags seen than American flags. Most were flying from truck antennas. Finally, an order came down from I Corps HQ to get rid of those flags !  The Vietnamese were getting confused and didn't know which flag we were fighting under. LOL !

  • rebforeb

    A flag did not state this, but rather an American President. It's time the sheeple in this country wake up and stop turning on one another.
    Lincoln didn’t believe blacks should have the same rights as whites.
    Though Lincoln argued that the founding fathers’ phrase “All men are created equal” applied to blacks and whites alike, this did not mean he thought they should have the same social and political rights. His views became clear during an 1858 series of debates with his opponent in the Illinois race for U.S. Senate, Stephen Douglas, who had accused him of supporting “negro equality.” In their fourth debate, at Charleston, Illinois, on September 18, 1858, Lincoln made his position clear. “I will say then that I am not, nor ever have been, in favor of bringing about in any way the social and political equality of the white and black races,” he began, going on to say that he opposed blacks having the right to vote, to serve on juries, to hold office and to intermarry with whites. What he did believe was that, like all men, blacks had the right to improve their condition in society and to enjoy the fruits of their labor. In this way they were equal to white men, and for this reason slavery was inherently unjust.

    Like his views on emancipation, Lincoln’s position on social and political equality for African-Americans would evolve over the course of his presidency. In the last speech of his life, delivered on April 11, 1865, he argued for limited black suffrage, saying that any black man who had served the Union during the Civil War should have the right to vote.

    3. Lincoln thought colonization could resolve the issue of slavery. 
    For much of his career, Lincoln believed that colonization—or the idea that a majority of the African-American population should leave the United States and settle in Africa or Central America—was the best way to confront the problem of slavery. His two great political heroes, Henry Clay and Thomas Jefferson, had both favored colonization; both were slave owners who took issue with aspects of slavery but saw no way that blacks and whites could live together peaceably. Lincoln first publicly advocated for colonization in 1852, and in 1854 said that his first instinct would be “to free all the slaves, and send them to Liberia” (the African state founded by the American Colonization Society in 1821).

    Nearly a decade later, even as he edited the draft of the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation in August of 1862, Lincoln hosted a delegation of freed slaves at the White House in the hopes of getting their support on a plan for colonization in Central America. Given the “differences” between the two races and the hostile attitudes of whites towards blacks, Lincoln argued, it would be “better for us both, therefore, to be separated.” Lincoln’s support of colonization provoked great anger among black leaders and abolitionists, who argued that African-Americans were as much natives of the country as whites, and thus deserved the same rights. After he issued the preliminary Emancipation Proclamation, Lincoln never again publicly mentioned colonization, and a mention of it in an earlier draft was deleted by the time the final proclamation was issued in January 1863.

  • Mindy Devitt

    Too bad Americans didn't get this upset at the republicans when bush had the world trade centers blown up and started a false war.

  • Ke St

    israel does not exist, it is palestine and always will be. burn the bible while ur at it, oh but people killing in the name of the lord has been fine for hundreds of years, whats funny is we are more politically correct now than the nazis, rip democracy

  • MrCyborg1973

    The United States Flag has racism and violence behind it and it is thrown in face of indians, so is that banned next??????? This is an attack on white southern men..a racial attack

  • Adam Crockett

    Sooo I know this is gonna piss some people off, but If the government decides to outlaw the good old stars and bars, does that mean that we can say slavery never happened? Because if slavery never happened then no one wants to hear about reparations or what the white man owes the black man. This whole thing is bullshit, our stupid fucking president has done nothing but make it legal for gays to marry and make some half ass healthcare plan. Counting down the days till he is out of office. Stars and Bars!

  • John De Herrera

    We ALL, Union and Southern people, shed tears when Joan sang this song: 
    Mix – Joan Baez – The Night They Drove Old Dixie Down  


    I think everyone should give the bs slave talk up it was the past. People are being very ignorant for associating the Confederate flag with slavery. In the early 1850s general Lee got rid of all his slaves, so what was he fighting for then, Him and countless other southerners were tired of being bullied and pushed around by the Union. Along with other lies we were told, Abraham Lincoln was a racist, everyone thought he was the good guy, but he definitely was not. He was all for equal rights but he never thought they would ever get them. If you don't believe me then look it up.

  • blastforyou

    The real reason the southern democrat politicians decided to raise the battle flag in the era of civil rights wars of 1960's was so they could maintain their elected office and maintain wealth and prestige of elected office. I am descended from both sides of my family tree by veterans of CSA and I honor their service and sacrifice without being manipulated by self serving politicians.  I face the reality of conflict as General R. E  Lee  and many prominent and poor southerners did. This war started brewing from the time of the first continental congress over slavery  and despite many supreme court decisions and political compromises it was bound to  occur as wealthy plantation class rose in wealth and power. Many people don't know that poor whites were also victims of forced labor in the early history of this nation but that is different story. The blood shed of this conflict started flowing in the border areas of  Kansas,Arkansas Missouri, etc.  in the 1850's and  a fire was ignited that had to eventually burn itself out. There were also bloody arguments in the halls of congress over this issue in decades prior to war.  I have read quite a few first hand accounts of front line enlisted confederate soldiers and they cursed and berated the self serving political leadership of  plantation class that led to war many thought was foolish. These same foot soldiers  still fought to save their land from destruction that would follow northern victory.  This southern ruling class  put south on path that led to  destructive blood bath(slave owners were exempted from service). The vast majority of foot soldiers of CSA served as they felt obligation to state and fellow soldiers and did not own slaves. I have questioned a few young rebs with flags on their pickup trucks and asked them; "how many relatives did you have in civil war and what were their names" and so far not a one of them has been able to answer (their relatives may have been hiding out making moonshine and staying drunk during war). If you are descended from CSA veterans and you want to truly honor them then do some research on them and find out names, units, and what action they fought at during the war and read first hand accounts of conflict from soldiers perspective.

  • iceberg slim

    how does dylann storm roof represent an entire demographic of people and some random flag but the mutlim in chattanooga is a lone wolf. and can't be used to depict an entirely different demographic with hate in their hearts. how is the flag more likely to radicalize a group of people but the koran isn't capable of the same thing. when is cnn gonna get out of this bravo sierra pattern of endless misdirection. they gotta realize its not working anymore.

  • mayhem12866

    Note: It is necessary to disclaim any connection of these flags to neo-nazis, red-necks, skin-heads and the like. These groups have adopted this flag and desecrated it by their acts. They have no right to use this flag – it is a flag of honor, designed by the confederacy as a banner representing state's rights and still revered by the South. In fact, under attack, it still flies over the South Carolina capitol building. The South denies any relation to these hate groups and denies them the right to use the flags of the confederacy for any purpose. The crimes committed by these groups under the stolen banner of the conderacy only exacerbate the lies which link the seccesion to slavery interests when, from a Southerner's view, the cause was state's rights.

  • hershel56

    The confederate flag debate is just like the whole Washington "Redskins" debate….. Native americans find that to be a racial slur and they dont like it and Most of the black community, if not all, find the rebel flag to be a symbol of hate!!! Period….

  • jon henry

    Its a part of the history & culture of this country good or bad & its a free country & shouldnt go down this road.

  • Godamntwitch

    Debate? I really didn't see much of a debate there. A debate is when you have various view points making interactions, not when they both make one comment each.

  • Mark Shaw

    We most hide our own truth so future generations will believe whatever we tell them. Edwin M. Stanton Secretary of War

  • Brian Ginn

    If a black racist comments a crime carrying a USA flag will it be band as a racist flag? Or if any killing done under the US flag will it be taken down? No because that is unpatriotic and we don't want that.

  • Jonathan Harvey

    For you ignorant people out here you call a whit person with the confederate flag racist and that it stands for slavery well you don’t know your history to well, first slave owner in America was a black guy and the African government sold black people for a bottle of whiskey

  • Brian Sheehan

    The pretended "confederate states" were traitors and enemies to the United States.
    Lost Causers are the most anti-American people today, just about as much as communists.

  • bruce mcclendon

    Hey blacks – Historical FACT: the composer of the U.S.A. American flag (Betsy Ross) and her second husband owned over 100 slaves. (This can be found in the national historical records and is listed because slaves used to be taxed as property and records had to be kept by the owners.) I don't hear blacks screaming to take down the American flag! A slave owner made the flag you salute, which flies over the country whose taxpayers live under who pay your welfare and housing allowance! How do you feel now?

  • Ian Comerford

    I'm a New Englander, born and raised. This country is made up of distinct regions with with different histories and different backgrounds. I am very proud of my heritage and how my family came here and settled and made a better life and took on new traditions along with old. The South has just as must right to be proud of whatever traditions they hold dear to them. Of course there will always be prejudices and racism. It exists across the globe in every culture. My own Polish heritage has a long history of other cultures taking control and even wiping out the very existence of a whole nation. But Poland came back and they are stronger and united more than ever, but you don't see many of them complaining to other countries about it unless provoked. My point is, every culture has its demons, but all people should have the freedom to express their beliefs. Stop using racism as an excuse to punish them. If this whole racial biased agenda that the extreme left is pushing on people to believe this just, then I too, have many grudges against the people throughout my life who were were gravely prejudiced against me for simply practicing my family traditions and language. Such hypocrisy.

  • david nichols

    The South had slaves because they NEEDED them. The North abolished slavery because they DIDN"T NEED them. Don't think the North was your friend, negros!

  • Ex-muslim Atheist

    regular American flag did not represent the ownership of slavery or fighting over right to own another human being.. you idiots 😂

  • Bryan Gonzales

    Even if every Confederate flag in existence was destroyed , some people would find another thing to call racist

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