• Grenade Gaelic

    Dems and their make believe purity. Here’s one for you.

    Mahatma Gandhi "ran a gas station down in Saint Louis."

    -Senator Hillary Clinton

  • jthroper 1

    0:47 they weren't stupid u were frikin Liberal!

    Not like they would do a summer job or college maybe u would bc ur a stupid rich boy

    Take Me to Dixie Land!!!!!

  • joseph lawes-clarke

    If you think the rebel flag is racist than make another flag that represents southern pride. Because that could be the reason for the use of it

  • Dr.Dankenshmirtz

    It’s neither racist or ignorant, it’s the flag of the southern states. The people that cast the flag supported slavery. If I make a flag and I cast it, just cause I watch the NBA doesn’t mean it’s the NBA flag

  • Robert Taylor

    Damn the ignorance, that flag don't stand for abuse of blacks, they are making ita symbol of racism. Civil was about secession dummy!

  • tom martinez

    What is offensive to me is the US Government funded and trained hate groups who are Islamic the Taliban, Isis and Al-Qaida. Now Isis and Al-Qaida is asking Muslims in the US to commit terroristic acts against Americans in retaliation for the murders committed in the mosques located in New Zealand.

    Also offensive is here in Texas the Mexican Flag waived by some. It represents Antonio Lopez de Santa Anna a real human piece of shit who murdered, raped and committed pedophilia against innocent people.

    Also offensive is those who want to label men like Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee as traitors and terrorists. Why were Lee and Davis not put on trial for treason and executed then??? Treason was and still is a capital offense!!!

    I will not be brainwashed with the ideals of Stalin, Mao, Kim Jung Un, Hitler, Marx, Lenin. I will not be forced into becoming a socialist-Marxist-communist- fascist idealist even at gunpoint. I will not give up the right to bear arms and defend myself.

    Don't piss on me and tell me its raining!!!

  • dt Gaming

    People getting offended by a flag? What a bunch of big butthurt babies.

    The flag is HISTORY and WILL ALWAYS BE HISTORY. It doesn't mean racism, hate, or any offensive shit. Not even slavery! There are other offensive flags out there really offensive than the CSA flag. The flag of communism is the perfect example of offensive for those in a freedom anti-communist country.

    So stfu and please log off the internet you big butthurt babies, thank you 🙂

    Edited: Btw, CNN really stands for Crappy News Network

  • MasterWooten

    Because young negroes don't do things that are stupid or offensive…. Yeah!  They're like the proverbial Korean honour students. "Chuckles"

  • Bruce Wayne

    You know what there's so many people that come from so many places and the fact that some people still have the Confederate flag that their blood is from that time and place or their great-great-grandpa was a confederate soldier whether we like it or not they have the right to celebrate their past where there's right or wrong I don't want anybody telling me how to celebrate with my past or my Heritage or what have you even even if my past is something to another culture but that's my past and those people need to deal with that in their way but I would never take something away from anybody because I don't want anybody to take anything away from me.

  • Abhinav Dwivedi

    These black shit hole people are uneducated that's why they talking like scumbags.They don't respect the heritage of the veteran.Why don't they speak about black panther group too.That group is based up on racism.Dont know when white people will do understand and unite together to fight against these anti America and anti white racist group.

  • airbron1usa

    Lol freaking so I’m about 26 percent black the rest is German and French and I live in Louisiana the funny thing is I called a nigger by a white girl with a mustache lol I called her the womanized version of a suicide vest a feminazi

  • Mississippi River Outdoors

    The guy on the left is just so ignorant. He denies everything and just wants to continue to believe that all white people are out to get him.

  • Trevor Gibbs

    Marc has over-reacted to this photo. Social media is very anti social. The new generation lives in a very cosmopolitan world and they do not have the same racial road signs that older generations had to read on the journey. It is getting a bit boring now: looking for beef where its all lamb…

  • Legacysquid 062

    I love how they say it’s white privlage and it’s racist yet you can clearly see an African American in the photo

  • Paladin JN01


    By my count, there are no less than TWO black chicks in the picture.

    They obviously don't care.

    Also, white privilege is a myth.

  • Chris Nguyen

    Why should people care how blacks feel? Blacks are extremely racist to Asians. I'm not black so I could care less.

  • Tyrone Falls

    What's the old saying do the crime do the fucken time yes they should lose the on the bit the summer jobs than forking summer internship thing don't the colleges because of a dumb a** deceived and yes they should

  • Tyrone Falls

    This white dude trying defend them to the stone as is probly seen I'll they she it would the but the rebel flag with these races fucken kill and people Union that fucken flag they know what the folk day was double quit playin Dale this white do hes probly a fucken races to

  • deadpool 1994

    I really don't care this is the flag that the American flag and other flags have fought for freedom and liberty

  • b ray

    Omg man I'm so tired of this race baiting bullshit fuck Marc Lamont hill he literally just said white people are the only race that does things that offend people. How do grown adults watch CNN. I'm sick of it after 5 seconds.

  • Solid vortex

    The swastika is not even comparable to a confederate flag and this black man believes the everything is about race even though WHITE PRIVILEGE DOES NOT EXIST

  • Jeffrey LaButte

    Marc Lamont Hill is a fuckin racist agitator, there was a BLACK GIRL in the fucking picture I guess shes got white privilege too FUCK YOU

  • Drake Goldman

    The red represents the blood of Christ the white represents the protection of god the blue x represents the Christian cross of St. Andrew of Scotland and the 13 stars represent the confederate states not once did it say anything about racism or ignorance!

  • Admiral Fazbear

    it's a sign of rebellion think about it we wanted to rebel against the British because we didn't like what the British were doing to us they didn't like what the north was doing to the South think about it and if you're going to call the Confederate flag racist than you're calling me American flag racist

  • MadDog_Rigs

    Look I got to be honest black ppl have always been the most racist ppl I’ve ever encountered as a whole I’ve only met 2 white guys that are racist towards others .. it’s always a Nager that a Nager this with the black community or fuck you white boy but some how I’m the ignorant white privileged boy ? just for my skin color? and that’s not racism!?

  • rockandbluesfan 79

    when liberals finally take all rights away from people In the south, cause an uproar and a millitia to try starting a second civil war we will see if it's racism or just being fed up

  • Stoner 69

    Yeah that dude on the left is stupid swastika is Hindu symbol stolen. Confederate flag is southern pride. The guy on the right is 100% right they didn't mean nothing by it so stop starting shit. And btw fuck the "gay brothers and sisters" they burning in hell you can tell he's Democrat.

  • Waylon McCrae

    I have one hanging in my den , and another flying outside with our American & Texas Flags , & I have 2 friends that every time they drop by or we hang out and BBQ , party , etc. they laugh and call me a Klansman … we get a kick out of it !! I'll wait for the racist accusations to come rolling in by the sensitive winey snowflakes , and THEN I'll do tha' Paul Harvey & tell you …
    " The Rest Of The Story " !! 😉

  • kevyster

    Hill shut up its KKK Margaret Sanger Planned Parenthood flag you should be focused in.on. I'm sick of these political footballs for Antifa. Hick.Hop makes you you and Don.Lemonhead look like the political chumps Malcolm X warmed us about.

  • Hustle hard 23

    So he is saying that it is a sign of white supremacy although many blacks and Mexican fought for the confederate side so there white supremacist ya learn so history bigot

  • Jerry Roubideaux

    It's always about slavery or racism
    I feel so sorry for these people
    The civil war was never about slavery or racism it was about a way of life.
    The democrats were the big slave owners

  • That Pilot Guy

    They are wearing cowboy hats and holding guns its southern pride not racism. The south let there slaves go in 1863 the North didnt didnt do that until 1868.

  • TrolliPoilli

    Democrats are so ignorant. I won’t even argue with these clowns about whether it’s racist or not cause it’s not racist. I would have definitely taken a picture like that. That picture is awesome and I’d post it cause I’m proud to be raised right and be from the south.

  • John Deere

    "Here is Confederate Vice-President Alexander Stephens delivering his legendary “Cornerstone” speech:"

    “The new [Confederate] constitution has put at rest, forever, all the agitating questions relating to our peculiar institution—African slavery as it exists amongst us—the proper status of the negro in our form of civilization. This was the immediate cause of the late rupture and present revolution…Our new government is founded upon exactly the opposite idea; its foundations are laid, its cornerstone rests upon the great truth, that the negro is not equal to the white man; that slavery—subordination to the superior race—is his natural and normal condition.”


  • snorkeler1000 fishfinders

    Listen the only thi g it I'd is somethingthat night offend pussy white boys but it won't affend me you Democrats try and own minorities huh well guess what we have truth you have no freedom

  • NoSafeSpaces

    I don't know the true meaning of the Confederate flag, but if it turns out it's not racist, I'm done with the Democrats and it's time for shit to finally hit the fan.

  • Joseph Argibay

    The south will burn again,this time inbreds,let it burn,all you southern hicks are a waste, ur.cuntfuckeraint flag is a tainted retarded embarrassment to the u.s,ur all a bunch of waste products

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