Confederate Memorial Day Makes Waves in the South: The Daily Show
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Confederate Memorial Day Makes Waves in the South: The Daily Show

In 2017,
it’s a little strange seeing this still going on. Today is a controversial holiday
in Alabama and Mississippi. It’s Confederate Memorial Day. REPORTER:
Nearly 100 people attended
the Confederate Memorial Day
They laid a wreath
at the Confederate memorial
on the capital grounds.
Alabama and Mississippi
are the only states
that formally recognize
Confederate Memorial Day
as a state holiday.
Yo… Can I… Can I just say, that is (bleep) up
on so many levels. No, first of all, first of all, the Confederacy fought
the Civil War to defend slavery. Why would you honor that?
Secondly, what are black people
supposed to do on this holiday? If you’re a black person
in one of these states, what are you supposed to do? You’re just sitting around like,
“Man, this some (bleep). “This some (bleep). “So, uh, I either
don’t get the day off “or I support slavery? Man, I’ll take the day off, “but I’m watching B.E.T.
the whole time. The whole time, y’all.” Now, now, the reason that
this has become a big story across the South is because it’s not just
about a holiday, right? The South is littered with
reminders of its racist part. You got Confederate flags,
uh, Jeff Sessions, uh, and, of course…
and, of course, Jackson, Mississippi’s
infamous N-word arena. Yeah. Home of the masses. And,
uh, Confederate supporters often acknowledge that many
people see this holiday and the flying of Confederate
flag on state property as offensive.
They acknowledge that, But, on the other hand, a lot
of the Confederate supporters– they just don’t give a (bleep). It is so wrong for those folks
with contemporary agendas to try to tell us
who we’re supposed to remember and how we’re supposed
to remember ’em. These are our families,
our people, our ancestors. And they lived
in their own times, just like we live in ours. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. “Like we live in ours”? No, no, no, no, no. We are living in our own time. You’re the one dressed like
you need to deliver some letters for the pony express. -(laughter and applause)
-Very different. Very different. I never understand
this argument, you know? When people go, “Hey, back then, “they didn’t know
what they were doing. They didn’t know what
they were doing was racist.” Well, first of all,
yes, they did. Uh, but even if they didn’t, you know that now. So what’s your excuse? Why are you
putting on the uniform? It’s like saying, “You can’t judge a baby
for (bleep) in his pants. “He didn’t know better. “And that’s why today,
in honor of that baby, I (bleep) my pants.” I know that
some of today’s southerners genuinely, genuinely believe
that honoring this past doesn’t necessarily honor
white supremacy. But it’s a hard case to make
when there are statues that literally celebrate
white supremacy. And you know they were serious because they chiseled it
into the monument, people. Nobody chisels on a whim. It’s not a drunk tweet. No one’s like, “Oh, man,
last night I got so wasted, and I chiseled ‘white supremacy’
into a monument.” You have to take your time. And you know what I’ve noticed,
by the way, is whenever the local news
does a story on Confederate monuments
or holidays, they always find people
who are against it. And those people all have something
very specific in common. But not everyone
is for this tradition. People who object have a very different
point of view on the matter. Where some see history
that’s worth saving, others see icons
of white supremacy. “Some people
support the monuments while other people are black. Back to you in the studio.” (cheers and applause) Listen, the whole story–
oh, oh, okay. By the way, by the way, uh, local governments
are tearing down some of the monuments,
which is really good news. But how the monuments
are coming down might be the best clue about
exactly what kind of environment all this discussion
is happening in. Because city officials
are so afraid of the reaction that they have to do it
like this. The intimidations and threats
from people who don’t want these
monuments down has been intense. You may remember
that the first contractor alleged to have his car burned. As NOPD officers stood guard, a crew of workers wearing
what looked like tactical gear dismantled
the Liberty Place monument. That’s right. City officials
are wearing body armor– full body armor–
because they’re afraid that some radicals
with extreme beliefs might kill them. I… I wish there was a word to describe
those kinds of people. I mean, if they were brown,
we’d call them terrorists, but, I mean, they’re white,
so I mean… What, “misguided patriots”? I don’t know. All right, but, uh,
where were we? Where were we? Yes, yes, of course–
Confederate flag. Confederate Memorial Day. Remind me again
why thisisn’ta bad thing? At the end of the day,
these people who are simply, you know, attending
the Old South Ball, and they get all decked out
in the… in the… in the-the hoop dresses,
and, you know, it… Look, it’s a beautiful thing. They’re not trying
to offend anybody. They’re simply trying
to honor their heritage… heritage and their history. It’s all part of our history. Oh, it’s all part
of our history. I get it. I’ve…
Actually, I’ve got it. I’ve got it. This is it. If it’s all part
of your history, then maybe you should include
of the history, right? So if you want
to have the monument, then you should have
to have a slave next to it. -(laughter)
-Yeah, for context, right? So, it would be like,
“He was a Confederate general.” “Was also a racist
mother(bleep).” -(laughter)
-History. (applause) And… and… and if that idea
doesn’t work for you, here’s another idea
to help solve this issue. Just take all
your Civil War memorabilia and do what Americans always do with the losing side’s
merchandise– send it to Africa. -(laughter)
-Yeah. African kids already wear
Atlanta Falcons -Super Bowl champion T-shirts.
-(laughter, groaning) They’ll have no problem with Confederate States
of America merchandise. -Don’t stress.
-(laughter) That way… that way
you don’t lose, right? Americans can still observe
the Confederate Memorial Day. You’ll just have
to go to Africa to do it. And I know what you’re thinking. You’re like, “It may be unfair
to have to travel to a foreign continent across
the Atlantic against your will.” -(laughter)
-Now you’re getting it.


  • Leif Neland

    Could there be a way of remembering the suffering of war without celebrating the old ideology?

    At least this keeps the memories somewhat alive.

    Some Brits claim they were told about Henry 8, ww2, and nothing in between, like atrocities in the colonies and Ireland.

  • Michael Lyndon

    This is absurd, you don't see Germans with Nazi statues celebrating holidays for the Nazi Era stating it as being all about "heritage"

  • Jenny Wing

    Shouldn’t people who support the confederacy be considered traitors and not patriotic? Just saying the whole civil war started with them trying to secede.

  • Meron A. Admasu

    "Some people support the Confederate monuments, while other people are Black. " 😂😂😂😂😂😂

    Yep, this is basically what it means to be Black in America. White people enslaved you, then systematically oppressed you because they were mad they could no longer enslave you by law, then tried to rewrite history and downplay your enslavement, then started blaming you for your financial and socioeconomical troubles that THEY single handedly cause by enslaving your people for generations, then tell you to stop bringing up slavery and to "get over it," then have the audacity to celebrate your enslavement while lying to your face and pretending its a celebration of History. Oh man, this country is a God damn JOKE sometimes.

  • Toffee

    Why do they all look the same (the southerners in the video) potbellied, bearded probably kisses their sister with their fist and doesn’t believe in anything unless it’s God or if they can shoot it with a shotgun. Also the hat, you can never forget the hat.

  • Mary Coker

    I live in Mississippi and I don't remember hearing about this. Have I been living under a rock? Why didn't I get the day off work? But seriously, it's in the past. Let it go. They didn't fight for some noble cause worth celebrating. The only parts worth remembering are the lessons we learned to prevent ourselves from ever going back to such a place. Side note: change the flag. It's embarrassing.

  • Gregory Smith

    What the hell. In Texas we didn't even get out of school for MLK day but they have a state holiday for bullshit monuments, mostly erected during Jim Crow. Irony since some conservatives love to quote MLK all the time. It is just mind boggling to me. People have history. You know where you learn about history. In museums! In books! The only people trying to white wash history (literally) are the people saying the civil war mainly about state rights!? State rights to do what HAVE SLAVES! These people were willing to DIE to uphold slavery. We have monuments to MEMORIALIZE people. That means honoring people! African Americans I am so sorry and it's ridiculous that people are like this.

  • Paddy Mac

    Just like portraying a gunslinger/cowboy means you believe in robbery & murder..?

    What are black people supposed to do on this day? It's a celebration of your success.. Celebrate!
    That history you all want to erase, it's black history as much as white history. Or better yet, it's our American History.

  • miapdx

    Gawd these idiots. What next, will they try to honor committing genocide against Native Americans? These backwards ignorant hicks. How do they sleep at night? Freakin demons…

  • Nairguilherme Lopes

    Waw a man talking about past time of their relatives whom actually were europeans? Europeans are not celebrating their past in this time

  • Nemon89

    Yeah. You know why the Germans don't celebrate the start of the WWII by wearing Wehrmacht and SS uniforms and symbols? Even though it is a big chunk of their morden history? Because they fucking started the war and committed atrocities beyond imagination. And now everybody knows it was wrong. Or do they?

  • splace51

    it's history the good and bad must stand together as one because it is what makes America America! And we have come along way!

  • Rage Raptor

    So Alabama and Missouri honor the day a rebel faction tried to distort the US and create its own nation on the basis of slavery?

  • Ray R

    I don't agree with not giving lead way to ignorance. It is harder to teach without the abilities to point to historical facts. I like your commentary but I want everyone to seek knowledge from history. I want people to ask why.

  • CoopyKat

    I never heard of confederate memorial day — I guess there is NO LIMIT to what low-life, low-IQ racist idiots will do with all of that free time they have.


    There should be a counter celebration led by a guy dressed up like Abraham Lincoln, reading the Emancipation Proclamation and then singing "The Battle Hymn of the Republic" and "The Battle Cry of Freedom" at the traitorous pricks. The Union forever, hurrah boys hurrah. Down with the traitor, up with the stars.

  • No Worries Health & Wellness

    Confederate statues are historical when they are in a museum. They are offensive to African Americans everywhere else. If you want to see history go to the museum.

  • Dave Rodriguez

    that stuff is over …let it go America , nobody cares about old time slave owners that wanted to make themselves independent from the Union …have some respect for our black brothers that's the least they deserve after what was done to them

  • Sadman Pranto

    It's sad that you guys are so desperate to eradicate the confederacy (southern) culture, it gets undermined and ridiculed in every way possible.
    I get it, they fought for the wrong cause but at least you guys should appreciate their bravery. Respecting the opponent is what i meant.
    And i may be wrong as i am not American but i don't think slavery was the only issue to spark this war.

  • hasatum

    There are a lot of people of all backgrounds who disagree with these monuments in the South. This is how the University of Mississippi is getting rid of theirs.

  • Rita Walker

    Memorial Day it was not well known Black Men buried those killed during the war out of decency to America and Humanity no matter what side you were on between North and South. I say to honor the history statues of the past South not destroy. LIke Black History place all in a Museum. If it is History It's still part of America.

  • Carlos Spiceywhiener

    Its not racist to honor and memorialize fallen solders. The civil war was NOT about slavery. The north had slaves too. I dont like how racist Trevor is. We dont have much time but we do have time to talk about whatever he believes is white racism.

  • Dark Justice

    South Carolina recognizes that day and they stated Martin Luther King Jr. holiday is what African Americans get in exchange 🤔 And damn Trevor hit that nail on the head about traveling across the Atlantic against your will!!

  • Bowzy Minnesoldier

    Throw those rebels out of the country. They might as well join isis because they are against the United States. 🇺🇸🗽

  • Lindl Hubbard

    As a white person educated in the South I can assure you that not all Southerners celebrate Confederate Day. The ones who do still believe “the South shall rise again”!
    The history I was taught is that the Civil War was about slavery but was sold to the average Southern citizen as being about ‘States Rights’ cause most were poor and didn’t own slaves.
    And only people in the border states were split on the issue. The South lost because the North had more people, more money, controlled the railroads, etc.
    I never thought they’d be this close to taking over the whole USA! #MAGA

  • SB -_-/



  • SamanDroid

    It must be a new thing that it’s only those two states that recognize it because I vividly remember having Confederate Day off from school when I lived in Marietta, Georgia. My mom and I went to the town square for the fair and had a blast. Rode a horse and buggy. Got free ice cream. Everyone was being suspiciously nice. Little too much on the confederate memorabilia for sale but then again Georgia Schmorgia. On our way out there was a huge banner that said “Happy Confederate Day” and we were like “👀👀👀👀👀👀” then got in the car and died laughing

  • Hollz lastname

    I don't support the monuments but I don't think it should be tirn down…. But I believe that what we should do is to build monuments beside them celibrating the slaves that build this country. And in from of the c onfederate monuments we need to put in front something about knowing the past prevents us from repeating it and this is why we celebrate it because we have a chance for a better future. And does this country need some remembrance and lots of change

  • Andreas Balaskas

    7 min of this clip, really was beyond brilliant….I am not really sure how you said those lines on camera! However, surely there is specific people where, can teach real history about (slavery, racism, white supremacy etc!!!)

    These are some stuff of the many stuff out there where has divide our society today across the globe, perhaps, next time you must choose some of those white guys on (Confederate Memorial Day) to send them in Africa for an education trip about human history on slavery + racism….and who knows, maybe….those people going to strike from some lightening on their brain and face the history like none human being in this life time!
    Jesus Christ….really, Confederate Memorial Day!!!! This is why, Jesus went on Heaven, we never understand Him (His own children!!!)

  • Drew Babos

    Trump said robert e lee was the greatest general there ever was. Thats like angela merkal saying hitler was the greatest president. This is why republicans are they way they are today. The southerners back then wanted to overthrow the government and perform a hostile takeover of this country. The southerners are trying again. This is why so many are calling for civil war. Ive said this before and ill say it again. Imo abe should have "finished" them off. If you leave a cancer in your body it will only spread until its too late to fix. If we let these republicans get away with this, it will eventually be too late. Their cancerous hate will devour this country until there is nothing left.

  • PAvS Official

    I'm coloured and think we should not destroy these monuments. Thier text should be changed and expose them for who they were. We must be reminded of the mistakes committed by these people. This is bc, al this is evidence in my country they managed to change history by making people forget what really happend.

  • Benjamin Garrett

    Confederate Memorial Day…😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
    Now all we have to do is have Osama Bin Laden Memorial Day, and In Memory of Hitler Day, as well as We Love ISIS Day.

    Just speaking the truth.

  • Kristen Abbott

    I hate to break it to them… but sometimes… your ancestors were awful people. You don't need to honor them. Best to just forget them and try to be better.

  • prince howell

    Man fuck BET sell out Uncle Tom network just markets to the lowest common denominator for black people and shows that insult our intelligence fuck off if you finna present yourself as black television stop showing stupid shows with stupid characters shit where’s black game of thrones at I agree wit boondocks on this one ✊🏾✊🏾

  • Abhishek Sangavikar

    1 should be so ashamed & embarrassed of such history & of such practices of their ancestors. Be it slavery, colonization, toppling the govts of other sovereign nations & funding terrorists…etc. India has always been the messenger of peace that have yoga, meditation, medicine, music & so on but didn't spread Hinduism by force unlike the Abrahamic religions…But the untouchability practice makes us so angry & ashamed that we discredit our past traditions. We aren't just careful & cautious when we talk about the extreme patriots & their ridiculous claims but we even disown them though even they fought to secure us freedom from the British.
    Again we do have the flawed ones who are desperate to honour the likes of savarkar.

  • Junkii

    In South Carolina they’re tearing down some Confederate statues. I’m against it because they’re mostly educational statues with transcripts of what they did in the confederacy. Not a racist

  • Wolf70ykm

    Even if you don't want to recognize the "way of life" that the south was defending. Celebrating the Confederate States is also celebrating traitors to the United States of America because they rebeled against the US government thus making them traitors. So on top of defending a terrible ideology, they were also traitors

  • Lee Lee Shawty

    OMG..The news anchor is Mel Showers from Mobile Alabama.. Wow… I know he's happy to be retired and not have to report this lame-ass news no more.. Love ya Mr Mel Showers from Brewton Al

  • Night Cat

    Not all patriotism is racist. The union fought to free blacks & that's something to be proud of. The Democratic party created & supported the Confederacy. Google it

  • Mike Paraboschi

    I’m from Pennsylvania so I don’t see a reason to celebrate it up here. We were the union but I can see the south celebrating it.

  • Kyle Shiflet

    It's shit like this that makes me hate living in the south I live in Texas so I see this shit all the time and I'm All for tearing down the monuments

  • cristian dl cruz

    What will never be mentioned is the reason why confederacy fought against the union the real reason and why most of those people took as a mantle for white idiocy i mean supremacy

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