Confederate Monuments Are Being Destroyed – This Should Have Happened Decades Ago
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Confederate Monuments Are Being Destroyed – This Should Have Happened Decades Ago

By now, I’m sure most people have seen the
footage of angry protestors going out and ripping down confederate monuments in the
United States. Some have reacted with joy, others reacted
in absolute horror that people would destroy these monuments to American history. I say, go for it. Take them down now. But the one thing we’re actually not hearing
enough about at this point, is that city council’s all throughout the south, are actually working
now to move these monuments and get them out of the public. So, yeah, the protesters are out there taking
these things down forcefully. But they are not the only people working to
get rid of these things. So Fox News, you can stop your talking points
about these people being just angry, bitter, trying to destroy part of the American history. And that’s the thing that I don’t quite understand. A lot of people who say that we should leave
these things up, claim that we allegedly leave them up because it’s a part of American history. We can’t just whitewash it. We can’t pretend it didn’t happen. We have to acknowledge that, so, you know,
we can do better. Well, I admire the fact that you’re trying
to wrap your racism in historical fact, but that doesn’t change the fact that as Cliff
Shecktor said on Twitter, “These monuments amount to nothing more than a participation
trophy for the Civil War in the south.” That’s what it is, folks. You want to be constantly reminded of that
war that you started over slavery that you lost? These are monuments to racism. That is the bottom line. The confederate flag, same thing. There is no reason to fly these in the United
States, or have these in the United States. I mean, think about this, nobody’s trying
to undo history, or say that we shouldn’t learn about history. But if you went over to Germany, and went
to the holocaust museum, do you think they’re going to have a statue of Hitler standing
outside? Do you think anywhere there’s going to be
statues of Hitler? No. And it’s the same principle here. We should not have these monuments. They absolutely need to come down. Should have come down decades ago. But more importantly, probably should have
never gone up in the first place. Taking these monuments down does not change
the history of the United States, nor does it change our ability to learn about the history
of the United States, because these aren’t the people that are going around trying to
edit, and change text books. That’s republicans that are trying to do that. And they’re trying to put a happy face on
American slavery. Saying that most slaves actually enjoyed it. They’re literally doing that in Texas with
their text books. So, who’s really trying to rewrite history
here? Is it the racist republicans? Or is it the people who don’t want to be constantly
reminded about a disgusting mark on American history, who are there taking down these statues,
and these monuments that serve no other purpose than to remind people who racist this country
can truly be?


  • Alexander Weihmayer Hamel

    The Civil wasn't just a war for slavery, but for state rights. If you think it's not the case, just goes to show how much you need these statues to remind you about History! It's a lot more complex than saying "these people were racist" and if you compare this to Nazi Germany, you need a reality check. George Orwell's 1984 isn't a bible people.

  • yo chinky

    statue got nothing to do with racist. its only represent the pass but if you take down the statue of liberty then you represent the future. so , leave the history alone and move on.

  • omar sharif

    Tearing down monuments & statues in an attempt to correct history,how hypocrictical.Your nations very existence has been founded only on the struggles & sacrifices of your ancestors that fought & died for what they believed in.Whether that be right or wrong.Monuments & statues are there to remind people of their countries history.To deny your countries history,is to deny you own rights as a people to exist.If you don't like how your country was created,then you shouldn't be a part of it.

  • Mr.Stargazer

    Make an argument and convince people. Don't just attack monuments at random or I'm going to start going after Lenin, Marx and Sherman ones.


    A few General's fighting for right of the state=Literally Hitler. According to the ignorant on this comment section.

  • forrest gump V

    George Washingtons slaves .. 310… should we ban him also ? Even Abe Lincoln offered to send them all back to Africa in his day. Now we wish he did and saved us and them all this misery…..

  • trace rue

    You're an absolute idiot maybe you should read what the Confederate flag actually stood for it did not stand for slavery and stood for the southern states and the men that fought for it

  • hdtvwatcher

    Slavery was part of the southern culture of the times. Nazism was an abhorrent regime, a small window in the context of history, that purposely murdered up to 6 million Jews. There is no comparison. When I went to the Gettysburg battlefield, I was impressed by the historical significance of the many statues erected to honor the great men from both sides. Was Jefferson Davis a precursor to Hitler? I think not.

  • Road Runner

    George Orwell 1984 – “Every record has been destroyed or falsified, every book rewritten, every picture has been repainted, every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.”

    You morons are insane and when all this comes back to haunt you, when you see the true face of socialism, when you become the victim of your own stupidity, you will remember these words but it will be to late if it's not already.

  • David Tidwell

    Why doesn't history tell the way it was. I mean anyone with half a brain can figure this out. From what i have read is nothing the way it's being told. If the people that fought for the CSA that over 90 % never owed a salve, then it is obvious they weren't fighting for slavery. If I thought the South did fight to keep salvery in i would be helping take down these Confederate monuments, i believe their men deserve better treatment than they are getting some how every southern is a racist if he presents a southern flag, this is bullshit and i don't like being tagged as one. The blacks i grew up with not a one would say i am a racist, i don't care what race you are your welcome at my home i respect you and you respect me i have no problem with anyone why would I.I don't believe this is right doing this, if i could buy one of these monuments i would be honored to place it on my property because i know what these men fought for to be free from an aggressive government.all they wanted was to be left alone and let the state decide what was best for them and not a centralized government telling them what was best.

  • R Lionheart

    Robert E. Lee never owned his own slaves. He never owned any slaves. His father did and it was his fathers will that after he dies all of the slaves be set free. Robert did as his father requested and went on to never own any slaves. He wrote in his journal that he thought the institution of slavery was evil. He was one of the first southerners to emancipate slaves. He set the example for others to follow. Danny Glover narrates an eloquent biographical documentary about Robert E. Lee. Americans should watch it before casting judgment. African Americans should honor Lee as a great leader of emancipation.

  • Ruby Rose

    The people doing destroying American public property are mostly paid protestors. And they are working for a real NAZI. If you support them you are a NAZI.

  • Fabian Medina

    Do not take them down that's history!!!!! What next gorge Washington and then after that are Constitution that's are freedom your taking down that's what the government wants…. and f the kkk

  • Darrin Ward

    Why have they stopped teaching American history in all public schools? Why are they removing statues of our founding fathers? Is it race thing? NO… It is simple….If you take away a countries history…you control the present ….and then alter the future . It is that simple !

  • stephen coles

    the liberal left are such drama queens denying and distorting history. the same type of people created the holocaust so the confederate statues are symbolic of slavery? well the portuguese played a big part in slavery so should they pull down christ the redeemer?

  • Raven R

    You are all Slaves to the IRS, go abolish them . You don't own anything , you don't own your homes, if you don't pay your yearly taxes, they auction off your home. You don't own your cars, don't have a license, insurance, a plate, inspection sticker, you can't drive their cars. You don't own your pay checks, the Government takes your money first, and they tell you how much money you will earn. Go back to work slaves of America.

  • paul mcclaren

    I will ask all of you a question? What is the core reason for these attacks upon my Southern people. Simply this: the Southern (Confederate) states represent one thing: the last stronghold of any Christianity in this (increasingly) decadent yankee nation.
    The Confederate flag is a Christian flag. It does stand for 'slavery' . . . . . . . . .to Jesus Christ of Nazareth. He requires that we be BORN AGAIN (John 3.3) and become a total SLAVE to Him; forsaking all in our flesh. Therefore, if you remove slavery then you remove the only way (John 14.6) to heaven and salvation. Good news: slavery to Him remains forever; make your choice wisely.

    So go ahead all of you people in all of your infinite wisdom: as the statues go down so does this decadent yankee nation.
    The throne of iniquity, which devise laws by wickedness, has no fellowship with the LORD. You all have made a covenant with death. Your covenant is annulled.

    I will tell you this. You will remember this fight (trying to remove all things Confederate); . . . .and you will never do it again!

  • Ductape310

    Page one democrat handbook, Scream racism when guilty or attacked with facts. Seth Rich and Julian Assange  is going to destroy the DNC

  • Anthony Brown

    Because they are premade ideal locations for Satan statues? They act exactly like what the history books claimed the Masters acted like…That's why 1000's of Blacks fought against the North… Because they enjoyed there lives and were treated well for the most part… Why are there solely only the " Lazy Accusing Blacks in America" and the Muslims on the planet that have created their own wall all by themselves and demand that the rest of the world respect it or else… there just two pees in a pod… and the World hates them and you can't make us not… You can get a t-shirt and won't get that job you bullshitting claim you want or you could say "Shut the fuck up and get back to work" like all the other remaining races..Put your shirt on and watch everyone except hHillary give you less and less… I have never met Hillary so I guess she has you over every night for dinner……The more you whine the less the get from society and if you think Hillary is gonna force people to respect your "Do nothing but complain and riot" life your fucking high as a kite… Society has an amazing way of not dealing with complainers and "trouble for me not you" makers regardless of law… There are plenty of hard working black people to fill in the quotas that don't accuse others of how fucked up they claim their life is so he's better qualified than you… No Drama and trustworthy unlike you…..Employers are also smart enoughto find the good hard worker leaving you once again back to whining.. Sorry Go get another T-shirt and march/vandalize around and that oughta fix your problem… You know the food stamp increases and free bussing to all your hate and accuse rallies and Crack dealing has been protect by the no tax status for years… Gee an Iraqi can come to America with no education and have a well paying job in a week Why Because he works and doesn't cause problems for his employer…. Nobodies listening to you

  • Arthur Humphreys

    This is not about civil war statues, it's not about this crusade against the phony out of control racism since Trump won either. It's about the left not being able to enact it's agenda on the American people that was started under Obama anymore. Now it's all about inflicting as much damage on this country and society as possible as punishment for losing the election. The left is just getting started.

  • Anthony Brown

    While we're at it why don't we go ahead an Mandela Effect the Native Indian Massacre into non-existence and we can wash our hands of that History too… Way faster and easier to erase Moral reminders other than having them to remind us how we act good or bad and what becomes of it… Then we might have to act differently and we can't have that.. There see, Now we can get back to road blocks and vandalizing in peace and harmony and no bad memories of what THOSE bad people did…

  • Richard Field

    The civil war didnt start over slavery, it started over the union not taking a hike from ft. Sumpter once the southern states seceded from the union….southern states entered civil war for independence, they fought for 3 years before anything about a slave was mentioned, Abraham Lincoln used it as a war strategy…… are misleading people when you say confederates were fighting for slavery……get your facts straight because your bullshit and other networks misinformation is ultimately gonna get many people fighting……divide but you will never conquer, i hope the people realize that its sob's like you that is selling out this country and when they do……….maybe they will hunt your sorry ring of fire ass down and all others like you

  • Richard Field

    If you want to demonize the confederate statues and southern states, then you must also feel the same for the union and northern states,…….they had slaves too, so while you spew shit written by your masters of misinformation, anything you say about confederacy reflects the same for the union north, so your yankee doodle double edge sword must imply that you must be against the everything the united states stands for, for what the red white and blue done to native americans, steeling their land ,breaking every signed treaty, ………civil war shit is nowhere close to the mountain size shit that was done to natives……….so all you mother fuckers pack your shit and take every statue in existence you trespassing red white and blue hypocritical selves , and get the fuck out…….kick rocks, you double standard, self righteous, shallow minded, war mongers………baby killers… speak of confederacy is to speak of America, learn your history maybe you will realize we are all in this together…….the enemy speaks rhetoric that divides, learn the true history and the people will unite………quit being led by the pied piper

  • Fort

    Black people who were never Slaves are fighting white People who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by Democrats, because Democrats cannot stand their own history and somehow, it is Trump's fault? Interesting…

  • Miss Tenacity

    Sure Washington and Jefferson were slave owners, but it doesn't change the fact about what they did for this Country. Washington, Jefferson, and other flawed founders *built this country*. While slave owners such as Jefferson Davis and Robert E lee and other rebels were trying to *tear this country apart*. My opinion is take those confederate monuments and put them in a historic muesem. Or if possible, let the statues stay, and let us be reminded of the history and never repeat it.

  • Indian Rose

    HELLO I am not a racist. History will NOT be changed no matter what anyone does. Would ; distroying momuments of Martun Luther King, Rosa Parks, Tudman, — change their contrubition NO — if you take down part of history it should all ; go. ( give it BACK to the Native Americans ) who it rightly belongs too , and everyone else GET OUT

  • BlaxMaryJane

    Shame on you. Hateful video. Dead persons of the past can not defend YOUR SICK vile misinterpretation of history. Also, you are very gay.

  • Jamie Owns

    Christ this guy doesn't know his history at all. Hell I'm British even I know more than this moron. General Lee wasn't a racist. He thought for the confederate side because he would never draw a sword against his native state. He didn't even agree with leaving the Union. He was asked to join the union before the war naturally refused for the reason above. Also after the war an event in which a black man went into a church to take communion. The people were disgusted by this. Lee was in the church and during this event in the church he walked down aisle. The people thought he was going to tell the black man to get lost. But he got down on his knees next to the man and they continued the service. Showing that people should move on and that we are equal in the eyes of god. And really you can't compare the holocaust to the American civil war they aren't even remotely the same thing, this statement is just fucking retarded.

    So this clown of a YT and other clowns like him that don't even know their history think they can rip down historical monuments. I think that says it all about you lot. We see this a lot of history when oppressors like to take over. Destroy the history of old and rewrite their new history. ISIS was part of the newest examples of this happening. Lee was a better man than you and did a hell a lot more in helping America than you will ever do. He had honour and integrity. Both of which you will never understand.

  • Build The Wall With Liberals

    This isn't about slavery. This isn't about people being offended. If it was they would've been ripped down when Obama was President. This is nothing more than Liberals doing what they do best… acting out when they don't get their way. This is all coordinated by the likes of people like George Soros to keep the divided divided even more. All Liberals do is race bait and fear monger and that's all this is. They understand that they can't tell people outright that they can spend your hard earned money more wisely than you can so they have to convince you the other side is nothing but a bunch of hate filled racists. And the dumb masses believe. What a crock.

  • superhoggbike

    Black people were so much happier when they were slaves, here's an old song written by a slave when he found he may soon be free

    The Suwannee River in Florida

    "Historic Suwannee River" sign with the first line of musical notation from "Old Folks at Home," at Interstate 10's crossing of the Suwannee
    "Old Folks at Home", by Stephen Foster, 1851[4]
    Way down upon de Swanee Ribber,
    Far, far away,
    Dere's wha my heart is turning ebber,
    Dere's wha de old folks stay.
    All up and down de whole creation
    Sadly I roam,
    Still longing for de old plantation,
    And for de old folks at home.

    All de world am sad and dreary,
    Eb-rywhere I roam;
    Oh, darkeys, how my heart grows weary,
    Far from de old folks at home!

    2nd verse
    All round de little farm I wandered
    When I was young,
    Den many happy days I squandered,
    Many de songs I sung.
    When I was playing wid my brudder
    Happy was I;
    Oh, take me to my kind old mudder!
    Dere let me live and die.

    3rd Verse
    One little hut among de bushes,
    One dat I love
    Still sadly to my memory rushes,
    No matter where I rove.
    When will I see de bees a-humming
    All round de comb?
    When will I hear de banjo strumming,
    Down in my good old home?

  • Rodzilla5332

    You moron you should leave them up because they were a part of the nation healing from the war. They were dedicated around the time that confederate soldiers were given US veteran status and benefits. The dedications were attended by Union and Confederate soldiers together recognizing each other as brothers in arms. McKinley said confederate soldiers who served in the Spanish American war were key to the victory. Lee freed his wife's inherited slaves in 1862 before the proclamation. Grant freed his wife's inherited slaves in 1863 a year after the proclamation. Pull Grant down too? Learn your history. They are already about healing the rift in the military. Pack up your revisionist history and head back above the Mason Dixon. Leave the US Military veterans alone.

  • marhuf

    I often wonder about people like you RoF. You can tear down everything that has ties to our history, but, that does not change or alter our history at all. One other thing. Whether you or the PC crowd like it or not, those that fought on the Confederate side were still Americans. You can't change or rewrite history by destroying reminders of what this country went through during those times. Without those reminders, we would repeat the mistakes we made over and over again.

  • Hannah The Bestest W.

    Should we take down all statues of Martin Luther King Jr too? He was against gay rights and thought homosexuality was a "problem" with a "solution."


    Islam and the Quran is 100% good with slavery and there are still Africans being kidnapped and tricked into coming to Pakistan and other majority Muslim countries and being held and sold for slavery so should we start tearing down mosques?

  • jj c

    Yes i want to be remind about the civil war. The civil war at first was never about slavery read a book please stop with these stupid talking point come with facts. People who were never slaves are made at people who never owned them and some how this is all Trumps fault. Protesting under the first amendment doesnt give you the right to violence there is a right and wrong way of doing things and you are only making the problem worst. Read up and come with facts and stop breeding hate you Sir are more of a problem than a statue that has said nothing but whatever the reason history is how we are where we are today and to be reminded of that is to ensure we never repeat it. We are at a tipping point again and a 2nd cilvil war but this time the brave people who stood to fight are no more, there all in a safe space avoiding triggers. i fear if uncheck feelings will over rule facts. The Rights faught and died for by brave men and woman are being stepped on by people like you and many others and this needs to stop. You may get good youtube ratings but you are helping no one

  • Richard Roberson

    Fools…. you can't remove history it happened, you should know that the true reason this is happening is that the left is trying to hide it's dark history. Next they will be taking down statues of George Washington

  • Richard Roberson

    This is disgusting, also stop comparing this to Hitler, Hitler killed millions of people the 34% of southerners were doing a horrible practice that they culture lived on, the south today is a a nice and non-racist place were you can get a good 2 story house for a good price, while the north is a racist place we're being white is a crime and you can buy a apartment for 1 million dollars

  • poppyhimbo

    So why isn't Albert Pikes' statue taken down?????? Its quite telling about who's behind all this. His is the only conferderate general in D.C.

  • Han Solo

    Remove them, peacefully and place them in civil war memorial museums. They are too decisive and are symbols of people who advocated slavery. The darkest period in human history should not have its perpetrators honored via monuments in public grounds. Those who are vehemently against their removal in the guise of "heritage" and "culture" of the south are hypocrites, liars and bigots. That shameful chapter of Americas history is over and the sooner they realize that the better for all of us.

    100 years from now majority of Americans will be of mixed backgrounds. so, either they will be removed now or tomorrow, but rest assured, THEY WILL BE TORN DOWN!

  • harvey johnson

    The self righteous white people destroying the confederate statues reminds me of ISIS and the centuries old statues they destroyed in Afghanistan, because it didn't relate to their beliefs.I guess a certain level of ignorance is in every society. and right now I am just waiting for the organized and televised book burning to start, should be entertaining.

  • harvey johnson

    a friend of mine is so disgusted he wants to start a revolution you know to save America from the idiots. I asked him what is the basis of his revolution going to be. Everything sanctuary states , welfare dirty politicians. And whom was he going to enlist in leading this revolution. to make America great the politicians from the democratic or republican parties. like my friend and Alex Jones he is all talk and no action , neither of whom has the brain to correctly lead or think.

  • Matthew Kurosky

    They say those who don't know history are doom to repeat it what would happen if our future generations did not know what happened. How would they know about a battle that tour are great nation apart but also brought it together. They would know nothing cause of people like you sir, you and the people who get offended by history when history is who you are, and in history you will be known as the jackass who supported destroying history. So you can go tell are future generations that you where the man who destroyed are great nations history.

  • Lawrence Stanley

    The problem here is that the Civil War was not fought so that the South could keep slaves, but rather, it was fought over the issue of state sovereignty. The Southern States viewed America as a collection of independent, yet united states (the same view as our founding fathers), and they had been antagonized for quite some time by the constant overreach of authority by a federal government who felt that they had the right to dictate how a state could govern itself. When new states began to come into the union and the federal government declared that they would be free states, the South viewed this as a perfect demonstration of federal overreach in dictating how a state could be governed, and so they rightly seceded from this tyrannical government.

    General Lee fought for the same reason that General Washington fought – to rid themselves of the rule of a tyrannical government, and the only reason that Washington is celebrated, and Lee is denigrated is because Washington won, and Lee lost. Because Lee lost, that somehow makes his cause less noble than Washington's, and yet they were one and the same.

    If you believe that the Civil War was fought solely over the issue of slavery, then you must account for why there were many free blacks who willingly fought for Southern independence.

  • Miss Swish

    Based on research of the USA, it was the Dem's that maintained slaves. It took a Republican in order to "help" slaves NOT save but help them fin freedom in the USA. DO YOUR RESEARCH FOLKS, BEFORE THE DEMOCRATS REMOVE – EVERYTHING – HISTORY!!!

  • Nate Hodges

    you guys dont really think all republicans are racist do you? …. you realize white people died to end slavery right? … You realize that the left/right is an illusion right? … there's no party system only divide and conquer.

  • TheDBCooperforum

    Black people who were never slaves are fighting white people who were never Nazis over a confederate statue erected by democrats.

  • Daniel Mullins

    I love how people are so ignorant that they are actually comparing confederate leaders to Hitler. 🤔 Hitler responsible for mass murder of millions of people. How does owning slaves compare to that? Also get educated. The war had nothing to do with people owning slaves. That was just what they claimed so that they could justify invading the homesteads and plantations of southern farmers and get their greedy hands on some land. The union stole cotton by the tons and claimed ownership of land after murdering southern property owners. But no you're right, the confederates are just like Hitler 😒

  • Dave Galbraith

    You leftist fuck. I fly a Confederate flag in my yard weather permitting everyday. You want to take it down? Come and get it bitch.

  • Luke Waltman

    I'm related to Stonewall Jackson a Confederate general I brag about it to why? Because I'm racist… NO I don't even believe in the concept of race I am proud of my history my heritage and because I embrace it I know I will never repeat it so Democrats if you want to win stop ignoring your own history.

  • Ernesto Alvarez

    Ok you guys are all about emotions theses days, and you your guys mindset is so childish, and its so hard to fight against your statements. But your destroying who we are like smh you guys have to take care of history and old things ( common sense) it's like we are living in a 3rd world country and it's the people fault why we are so bad and causing drama long story short yall just dumb. MIKE DROP

  • mikedoesseo

    Should have happened decades ago huh? I'm a Northern Yankee and I find your title and premise of this video to be disgusting. What you think you know about the Civil War and the Confederacy are lies you were taught in your Rockefeller public school education you garbage pail. Let's see what you say when they take down George Washington and Thomas Jefferson next. I'm sure you'll be in favor of it…………… miscreant.

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