Confederate Monuments Come Down And Emotions Rise | The Daily 360 | The New York Times
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Confederate Monuments Come Down And Emotions Rise | The Daily 360 | The New York Times

I always kind of looked at them
as not necessarily pride in what they represented but
just, like that’s part of my city. That’s kind of
part of who we are. But part of New Orleans is also
that it changes, you know like every city so— I think this is kind of a step
in the right direction. You don’t put a swastika
up by mistake. You don’t put a rebel flag
up by mistake. There are direct
intentions behind that, rooted in very old traditions
and very old history that always allocates itself back to
the enslavement of my ancestors. I’m here to defend my heritage.
These are my ancestors. When you try to explain to them about it,
all they want to spout out to you is that you’re a racist. It extends beyond racism. A lot of these people even on
the other side of those barricades, they want things
to stay the same. Do we want to have
monuments tell our history? We either need to reinterpret
them somehow, or acknowledge that that story
is going to be told by the people who created those


  • Tom Cat

    Good old destruction of history. You degenerates are no better than the bastards that burned that library of Alexandria. You are no better than the monsters that torched schools in central america. You are no better than the people you hate. And you all deserve everything that will come to you.

  • Visteo Bman

    The orange headed buffoon is working hard to replace these monuments with statues of Hitler, Saddam Hussein and Vladimir Putin ..his Heroes!!!

  • Anna-Clara

    Let's boycott Samsung for sponsoring this racist video by the NYTimes. This is clearly an anti-white propaganda that liberals have been trying to push for a long time. The civil war was about states rights, and yes that included slavery but slavery was not necessarily about race, it was an economic system that's thankfully antiquated now but made sense at the time.

  • winston smith

    Those who do not remember history are doomed to repeat it. Those who erase history are doomed to forget it.

  • David cawrowl

    There are statues of John Brown, the abolitionist , in several northern states–honoring him. Although John Brown has been declared "America's first terrorist". Those statues should come down as well. He did more harm than good. What's good for the goose is good for the gander.

  • Are See

    Removing monuments doesn't change history. Most people don't know squat about the War. But where does this stop? Are regimental monuments on battlefields next? Simplifying and ignoring history only makes us dumber, less able to accept differences of opinion and experience. Diversity is apparently a one way street for "progressives." Of course, far as I can tell, both "progressives" and "conservatives" are in many cases really just different versions of authoritarianism. They both want to control our lives, our property, our choices. Liberty is dying in the hands of both these fake professional political parties.

  • Billy Innes

    I live in NY I'm happy the north won and the south lost I'm far from a bigot. I am proud of are history. We have to remember Americans died on both sides of that war.

  • Rjkooljay

    Actual people right now : Oh no they're taking down some statues now nobody would remember Louisiana fought to enslave black people…

  • Rebecca Redding

    What if they took all the confederate monuments down and a few generations later they start trying to teach our kinds that the Confederates were Black and there are no images around to prove otherwise?

  • MrEnglewood78

    The confederacy was created to maintain slavery due to the south being upset about the north not being tougher on the fugitive slave laws. Those confederate racist said so themselves. How can anyone criticize kneeling football players yet have a Robert e. Lee northern Virginia battle flag next to the u.s. flag when the confederacy declared war on the u.s.?

  • E Q

    Museums are the perfect places for history. If it was the other way around whites in the south would not be saying this. They would say send those statues back to Africa hahaha am I right? They would not be fighting to keep them up let's be real here. What happened when U.S. went into Iraq (never should have but anyways) the people tore down statues of Saddam Hussein. It is what it is everyone is acting like there aren't thousands of museums to go and learn history. How do we know about Egyptian culture or any cultures around the whole world because there displayed in public places or museums? Come on man cut it out.

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