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  • Doug Bevins

    The Confederates were traitors who killed 360,000 American servicemen, 68,000 more than the Germans killed in WW2, three times more than the Japanese killed and three times more than died in WW1 altogether. The Confederate traitors fought to overthrow the American Constitution and replace with one just like it except it made slavery permanent in America by taking away the state right to enact any law that freed a single slave.

    White supremacy and treason are not American values. Personal liberty and equality are American values. They also are the very things the Confederates fought to permanently deny 43% of their neighbors and all those neighbor's unborn descendants.

    The Confederates were not respectable. Neither are the people who embrace them today. What could cause living Americans today to embrace traitors who killed over a third of a million American servicemen a century and a half ago but white supremacy?

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