Confederate Statues: Some See Culture, Some See Racism: The Daily Show
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Confederate Statues: Some See Culture, Some See Racism: The Daily Show

It feels like there’s no right answer
when it comes to the statues. Do you have a solution to
this Confederate statue thing? Oh, yeah, man. The solution, Trevor: How about we get rid of racism? (cheering, applause) (audience clapping rhythmically) -(cheering)
-Yeah. That’s it,
we just get rid of it. We just did it. (laughter) That was very brave of you. -But seriously, um…
-It’s gone. what’s the solution here,
like, a real solution? ‘Cause here’s the thing, right? People defending the statues say that this is about
Southern culture and heritage. Come on, man. You already know
what that’s about. Anybody… anytime
somebody says something, it’s “culture”
or it’s “heritage.” That’s a euphemism, Trevor. It’s like… it’s like…
it’s like saying you want to “Netflix and chill,” which, we know
what that really means. That means they’re
gonna come over to the house and then tell you that they’re
not ready for a relationship. -Like, that’s… -I think
you’re doing it wrong, man. All right, all right,
case in point. Here’s a guy fighting
to keep Confederate symbols, saying it’snotabout racism,
but if you listen closely, he made it pretty clear
that it’s about racism. You see culture and heritage? No. I see racism. By the way,
you know that mother (bleep) has never set foot
on Martin Luther Kinganything.(laughter) Nothing. He don’t even go to
a Martin Luther King Day sale. Oh, man.
That just made me think. Can you imagine this guy
giving directions in a black neighborhood? Okay. All right,
so here’s what you’re gonna do. You’re gonna go down
Martin Luther Coon… you’re gonna make that left on Malcolm X the Coon,
and you keep going. You get to that gas station that’s got the coon,
you went too far. It’s gonna be, it’s gonna be
the fourth coon on your left. -You’ll-you’ll see it.
-So okay, all right. Let me ask you this then, Roy,
let me ask you this. So, uh, do you think that
we should just, you know, tear down all
Confederate statues? Because a lot of people say
that like it or not, you shouldn’t try to
erase history. Erase history. Most of these statues
that went up, it wasn’t even about
remembering history. They were put up decades
after the war. What we think of as these
Confederate statues are really much more a product of the 1890s to World War One. TV REPORTER:Southern states
were enacting Jim Crow laws.
There was a strong revival
of the Ku Klux Klan.
They weren’t celebrating,
kind of, benign war heroes. They were very clearly, um,
meant to be things that would intimidate
black people and further white supremacy. Look, uh, I know y’all want
to keep your statues, but here’s the thing. Slavery is a trauma that
black people, to this day, are still dealing with. And to have to look at those
statues, like, basically, this is what it’s like, Trevor.
Like, basically, it’s like if a woman got out
of an abusive relationship and then she had to keep
pictures of her ex up in her house
to remember the time. Like, no. I don’t need pictures
to remember pain. You know, actually, Roy,
now that you bring it up, it’s funny you say that,
because you think about this. And people say
we want to remember -the history of the Civil War.
-Mm-hmm. I always think
there’s an easier way to remember what happened
in the Civil War. Just walk around in the south. And if you see
free black people, then you know what happened
in the Civil War. Yeah. Yeah, I’m with that,
exactly. -Like, That-that’s
what happened. -Yeah. But here’s my thing, the problem
is there’s always arguments. Like, another argument against
taking down the statues is, uh, it’s what Trump said,
right? He said, (mimics Trump):
“Today it’s General Lee, tomorrow it’s
Christopher Columbus for killing native people,
then it’s George Washington or Thomas Jefferson because
they owned slaves, so… It’s-it’s not the same, man. First of all,
Washington and Jefferson are known for a lot of reasons. You only know Robert E. Lee because he fought
to keep slavery. Basically, like,
Washington and Jefferson, them dudes had albums. Robert E. Lee
was a one hit wonder, -like the Mambo Number Five guy.
-Whoa, whoa, whoa. It’s not that bad. It’s not as
Mambo Number Five. Come on. (grumbles) On the real, look, look,
here’s the thing, man. We don’t even have to take
the statues down. Like, you see what they did
in Charlottesville, right? Where they had
the Robert E. Lee statue. -Oh, right, right, right, yeah.
-They hid it under a black tarp. That statue looked like
when my mama made me my Halloween costume
out of a trash bag. One Halloween,
she had a black trash bag. She was like,
“Baby, you’re a Spiderman.” Just a black trash bag. Wait, wait. Your mom just
put a trash bag on you -and called you Spiderman?
-Yeah. I thought it was Venom, but she was just like, “No.
You just black Spiderman.” Well, like, I-I get it,
but the cover doesn’t– Like, I don’t know,
you can’t solve racism by throwing a blanket over it. Like, it reminds me of that
thing people do in America. It was really weird
for me to see, -where people drink a 40
out of a paper bag. -Yeah. Like, we all know what
you’re doing under there. Down in the street. But the difference, though,
is that with a paper bag, like, at-at least
you’re acknowledging that you’re doing
something wrong. Okay, well, you know what? Maybe
we’re thinking about this wrong. Here’s the thing. Maybe we’re
thinking about it wrong. All of us, right?
Instead of hiding statues or tearing them down, maybe we
should add something to them. -You know? Like a…
-That’s not a bad idea. Like a representation
of black people’s contributions to history. So I add some of my history
to your history. Yeah, because right now
the statue’s only the white side
of history, -you want to add representation.
-That’s cool. So then, like, we could take, like,
Robert E. Lee’s statue, right? -Right. -And, like,
he owned a horse. -Uh-huh.
-Then, we could just add Frederick Douglass piggyback
on top of him. (laughter) -Yeah. Or you know what
you could do? -Yeah. You could have, like, you could
have a Confederate soldier. -Right?
-Mm-hmm. And then just add LeBron James
dunking on him. That’s all you do. Just to remind them who lost
the war. That’s all. But with LeBron up there,
you got to have the balls. You got to have the balls
on the head. You got to have the balls
right there on the head, -I don’t know. I don’t know.
-because we want to capture the proper culture and heritage.


  • marla rose

    Still no poor neutral white farmer point of veiw shown. To show thst in a statue have a black, a union, and a confderte soldier all point their guns at starving southwrn farmers casuse everyone screwed them over

  • Regina Ayat

    Let's just put plaques on the statues that say stuff like, "He was a glorious general until that time he completely lost. What a loser, this is what a loser looks like. This man got all kinds of mother's sons killed and then didn't even win. Actually, he's still losing. Slaves are still free and the south is still part of the USA." There is no Confederacy. Only a few loser traitors the US left. Traitors that also support that other loser, Hitler..

  • jennifer Justjennifer

    Read an extremely odd phrase in the comments here: Active Racist. Wth is that? Do we have hibernating or dormant racists around? I live in the middle of the 417, Fed Government warns don't travel to if you are…, bible belt buckle, how do I even come from here Southwest Mo. I'm a non-repub, don't touch me there, don't put that there, mind yo damn business, VOTED FOR B. 2 times and most of y'all are crazy nuts. Travel, learn some shht, see some things, make friends with people outside of your tiny world. It's a huge Earth.

  • Riliame Blum

    In Berlin they have a nice way of remembering the murdered Jews; plaques on the ground in front of houses, with their names on, or signs on the street about "the awful Jews", just to remember the darker side of their history and acknowledge it that way.
    I'm not American nor black, so it'll has to be their decision, but it doesn't seem like a bad idea to add statues of famous black people, and of slaves around the states. It would certainly be better than the whole "sweep it under the blanket, it's over now" attitude.

  • SuperLeica1

    The Confederacy fought a very bloody war against the United States, and lost. Propaganda for a hostile war enemy is treason, whether it´s nation is dissolved or not. Everyone showing a confederate flag should be arrested and inquired as to their intent, by the FBI!

  • EarlGreyProductions

    To all the conservatives who scream and shit on participation trophies,,that’s exactly what confederate statues are. Glorified participation trophies.

  • Michael Robertson

    Don't stop at just Confederate statues, destroy the mount Rushmore monument, All of them!!! They all are RACIST as well.


    Don't like it?
    Tough shit,your alternative? Total FUCKING WAR!
    Get with OUR,program or get BURIED under OUR STREETS!

  • Warehouse TheWoodman

    Like it or not. Accept it or not: America is a White Country. So White relics are going to be held as historic – No matter how hurtful their past is…

    Yet, they dismantled The Black Panthers…

  • Warehouse TheWoodman

    We – sadly – live in a country where it is more favorable and acceptable to wave a Gay Flag than a Confederate One…

  • Warehouse TheWoodman

    You can’t wear a Red bandana. You can’t wear a Blue bandana. But if you wear a red, blue, yellow, green, orange, sky blue and purple bandana, you’re OK…

  • Kaitlyn Skidmore

    Ok but people alive today have never been Slaves… I’ve never owned a slave I never would.. you can’t say you’re still suffering from the effects of slavery when you’ve never experienced it

  • Oliver Dash

    Everything that happened is history so why not celebration war genocide, slavery The, confederacy were all people whole committed treason, why not celebrate Hitler because he was in our history , what about our most dangerous criminals they are also part of history, rape, murder ,kidnapping, genocide (slavery) should be celebrated because of heritage.

  • American Patriot!

    Yeah I'm going to listen to some black dude that hates everyone about the culture in the heritage of the South. What a bunch of dumbasses

  • William Purvis

    When he said Robert e lee was fighting for slavery that really pissed me off because he his clearly showing that he does not understand the history behind him as a whole, especially since he didn't mention that he was fighting for his state. I swear these kijnd of people leave me speechless and feel bad of how stupid/ignorant they really are.

  • Common Sense, Politics!

    I see History! That was the way it was THEN, this is NOW! You Democrats need to stop dividing the country. YOU ARE THE PROBLEM!

    Simple question, "If you don't love America, why don't you LEAVE"? With your rotten attitude, you are not wanted here either. You are free to GET OUT! 
    Our History will NEVER be washed away. I'm sure you will try, and you will again LOSE. Your party is run by losers who worships only the almighty dollar. Wrong strategy. You'll see. My President will Make America Great Again. When is "Again"? History will only tell! GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  • Bunenne

    I don’t think the statues should be torn down because it’s history and it’s better to look at it and remember the horrors that went on in the south than to forget. It’s kinda the same as with Auschwitz. It represents something bad but we can look at it and remember the horrors. The only problem is that these are statues which are made to honor someone so I still get it if someone wants to tear them down. A statue honoring someone isn’t the same as Auschwitz, but at least consider if the statues are important to remember history.

  • Penny Sturgill

    I know this muthafucka never set foot on a cotton field and he sits there and tells me he is affected by what his great great grandmother who hes never seen had to go through, if you wanna know the truth hes great at playin a pitty whore

  • Dimitri Watkins

    This is THE only fucking kountry that has monuments celebrating an enemy gubment, that got it's ass kicked in a war. I mean do you see statues of FDR in Japan? Let's see what would happen if southern Blacks put up statues to celebrate Afrikan-Murikans that tried to get slave rebellions started. How many saltines would like to see a statue of Nat Turner or Denmark Vessey?

  • TinkleSmacks IV

    Just wanted to add that Robert E. Lee was fully against slavery and was urging for Virginia to join the North. The largest if not only reason he fought for the South is because he morally couldn't fight against his home state of Virginia.

  • J'elica

    If we need statues to "remember the heritage" then we need" white men SCALPING native Americans, white men killing Japanese men, white men fighting Osma bin laden in front of where these HEINOUS acts occurred!. OR we could STOP the BULLSHIT and remove the damn statues of the LOSERS of the civil war, it IS ALL about racism.

  • Belladolce1000

    Try reading a book and perhaps you all could make it out of that dilapidated ass town. Possum eating kissing cousins. Read a book or take a bath, you know, try something new 😂

  • guac peen

    it blows my mind that people still think that the confederacy embodies slavery and racism. 99% of the confederates had no slaves and the war was not about slaves. the confederates were not evil, and they were only fighting for their home and family. robert e lee was definitely not fighting for racism. in fact, robert e lee was going to join the union, but he couldnt stand to fight against virginia(where his home and family were)

  • Bowen

    “Slavery is a political evil in every country.” – Robert E Lee

    “We’re fighting for independence, not slavery.” – Confederate President Davis

    “”African Americans deserve the right to vote.” – Confederate Colonel Ford

    “White troops should solute black soldiers.” – Confederate Major Castleman

  • Bowen

    70% of the Confederacy didn’t have slavery. The north had 5 slave states. The founding fathers owned slaves.

    “I will never raise my sword against Virginia.” – Robert E Lee

    These two idiots don’t know history

  • Jeffrey Turner

    The daughters of the Confederacy were, and still are, responsible for all of those statues that were erected decades after the civil war. The KKK, and other hate groups, are all who stand in the way of getting all those statues removed and destroyed. Intimidation is the main reason these monuments exist. You cannot love those who hate others for no good reason. I call upon the curse of GOD, the Angels in heaven, and the whole of humanity against all white supremacists and other horrible sub-human haters of non-white people. The world is in the hands of the most suicidal maniacs ever to walk the face of the Earth. Truly these people cannot see themselves living in a world where they are not in control of its affairs!!! I'm just saying.

  • MERCY Cudjoe

    Wanna remember what happened during the Civil War? How about pay better attention in History class next time and check out a Civil war book from the local library. Put up a statue and a lot of people are going to freak the fuck out.

  • Sirae Al Ghuryab

    But Robert e lee was an active voice against slavery who only joined the confederacy as his close family were joint. He did own slaves yes but was am active voice in trying to end slavery

  • Till Tronje

    You don't erase history because statues are not there to record history in the first place. We have no statues of Hitler in Germany, yet somehow we know quite a lot about the guy

  • tomb613

    Take all the statues down and put a monument explaining why…… The southern socialites who created the idea of a southern culture with this glamorous past created a fictional "golden age" of sophistication etc when in fact the southern slave culture was an oppressive regime that treated fellow humans worse than beasts of burden.
    We can teach the children better in our public schools about racism and how it is a virus in this current culture….


    In my city almost all the black schools are named after these guys. I live in Florida Confederate flag central. They are a bunch of pussies, because we all got GUNS now 😂😈🤷🏾‍♀️

  • Alex McD

    I just don't get how these peoples brains work. You've got people not so secretly missing slavery, but also complaining about foreigners stealing their jobs because they work for too cheap. How does that add up in their heads? What do they think will happen to jobs if slavery comes back? So on top of being morally bankrupt, they also can't think things through.

  • jeff gray

    When people say such things about "southern heritage", the are actively ignoring millions of southerners who are not white. Such sentiments are, in themself, racist. It makes whiteness the sole basis by which one is deemed a southerner, and by extension, American.

  • Clara King

    Just make all the statutes half black and half white all over the world where ever raceism was and is rampant , let's just make everything that had anything to do with slavery and it's pain and rewards that was garnered from that should be split right down the middle and distributed to the slaves offsprings, forever and ever, there shall never be a onesided financial unevennss in the world anymore, everyone will have that equal standing, so when the statutes holders see how it feels when what they thought that they owned, i can only imagine how powerless the really are to do anythinh about the change but to talk about it, you are powerless to stop the changes that are happening as we speak.

  • stephen gibbs

    actually, anyone that studies history knows Robert E Lee was famous for other things:
    1st cadet to graduate West Point with a spotless record (no demerits entire time he was there)
    He was Commandant of West Point
    He was a hero in the Mexican-American War
    and the greatest irony is, he didn't want any monuments or statues erected in his honor

    but don't say he was only known for one thing, it shows your lack of knowledge
    you might only know 1 thing about him, but that doesn't mean there is only 1 thing he is known for
    you might consider taking 5-10 minutes to do a little bit of research about someone you are about to talk about on national tv
    although i agree with what you are saying, when you say something so obviously uninformed, it casts doubt on the rest of what you are saying

  • Samantha

    Take them down, put them in a museum, have a throughly detailed history written down there for people to read, personal journals from that time, clothes etc. Make it a historical statue in a museum where people aren't forced to see those painful reminds of the past. No one should be subjected to painful memories and traumas of their ancestors when the pain and hate is still prevalent today.

  • Scott Medrano

    What’s w this guy ?
    if you look for racism you’ll find it

    Try the golden rule (dumbass)!

    And no nobody is dealing with slavery in America

  • Kadeem Best

    Yeah, you gotta have the ball's on the head. Like smacking the side of his face. Balls deep on his cheek 🤣🤣🤣

  • Vega Vapp

    why can't we just deport the racist people to like the north pole or some shit !!!! Get rid of the statues and the people that want to keep them as well !!!!

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    The slavery thing was 🤔 If you just ended slavery the entire market would crash
    So they had to try to design slavery out
    It was complex…
    I'm npt trying to justify slavery but its not all "black and white" 👌🤣 the irony!

    It's like taing away all safty nets
    From food stamps to social security in 1 day without any warming
    Slavery = labor = cost efficiency
    Now AI and automation
    🙄👆 replacement of humans in part, but as time goes on it will be more efficient then to hire.
    Read Thorsten Veblen – Engineers and the price system

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    slavery = cost efficiency
    🤔 Im not saying its ok im just saying thats the market incentive
    To maximize profits
    Slavery was never stable
    Look at Popa Doc
    Haitian Revolution
    I remember 🤔 A black dictatorship who enslave his own people
    Kind of remember

    Montezuma was stoned to death
    The "market" incentive
    You had Darwin was changed to social Darwin " survival of the fittest" witch means technolgy
    Also the enlightenment
    Go back at least ten thousand years
    Its a continuum
    So you understand step by step and all empires or dynasty

  • Optimus Phoenix Prime

    Not all whites are racist 🤔 just fear of the market
    Wealthy playing sides at the time
    Getting people to complete
    Us verse thems
    ancient Africans built ship and so did Vikings
    Beautiful ships
    Millions of year history 🤔 try to understand better
    It doesn't justify things
    Just trying to look out for fam so did many of them
    Poverty effects all races or color wtfe you want to call it

  • Chill H

    The reason black people are still dealing with slave trauma is caused to black people won't get over it. Do a fact check out of the millions of black people here very few of them can trace their Heritage back to slavery and by the way in Africa which is a continent not a country countries in Africa were enslaving each other one after the other going from tribe to tribe chopping off hands and feet but that's okay. I guess no matter what a black person does they consider it okay nothing a black person does is ever considered racist whatever y'all were the biggest bigots on the planet in this TV show proves it by the way Trump 20/20 and I don't give a damn about the statues

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