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Confederate Statues: Where Do They Belong? | MTP Daily | MSNBC


  • R. McBride

    As a reasonable human being, I can understand why people, particularly black people, do not want to be confronted with these monuments to slavery and Jim Crow on a daily basis.

    As a lover of history and art, I don't want to see them destroyed. I think they should be relocated to museum type settings and accompanied by detailed descriptions of what they truly are and what they really mean to be sure that viewers understand the real facts.

  • Boonswangle B. Goodtimes

    They belong NO WHERE!! Agreed, more non-whites would agree but Chuck all true American’s should be passionately behind this point. Locals should have no say, if your suburb wants a statue of Stalin or Hitler, sorry no, that won’t work for this country, NEITHER SHOULD THIS. Sorry sons and daughters of the confederacy, this ins’t an opinion but a FACT. They were leaders of a rogue nation that tried to dissamble the union through horrible violence (all based on making money at the cost of a whole group of humans existance if you want to get really real)- I nor should no one, care that you still love those leaders, GO FOR IT – but guess what… you are no American. You are an ENEMY of OUR STATE. And correction to this, they should be destroyed, destroyed in the night, destroyed with no love no attention and no praise. They are the literal enemies of the USA – how many americans died because Robert E Lee was a great general… TOO MANY. These clowns people do get that, that this country, the one you live in, is the winner of that fight…? Only in “hey dummy you’re the best” America do we allow people to praise literal losers. Lastly, people who take down a statue of an American emeny in the middle of the night are not vandals (BY DEFINITION) but TRUE PATRIOTS.

  • Rob

    Symbols change. Those symbols represent hated and slavery. Maybe some didn't when the were erected, but they do now. Period.

    Why are we having this conversation? Because ignorant racist are claiming these very symbols.

  • William L.

    Why are we honoring non-Americans who declared war against the United States, and who killed hundreds of thousands of Americans? Why don't we have hundreds of memorials to other enemies of ours? Because geography? Really….? I think that's not a good enough reason.

  • Mainely

    Considering the kind of people who currently revere these statues (alt-right fascists, thugs and Nazis), it's time to take them down. Put them in a museum with other historical items.

  • Rhiro Yonve

    Taking down statues in the way that Antifa and all the liberals do is exactly what ISIS does. They claim the statues they take down are against All of Islam and are full of hate.

  • Raoul Radio

    It's not just that the Republicans lack the balls to stand up….they're busy gutting environmental laws and are much more interested in making themselves and the top 1% even richer.

    There's a HUGE money grab going on behind the scenes. THAT'S why they're still sticking with "trump."

  • William Hartsock

    The South should be allowed to secede! If not secede at least some form of autonomy. We Southerners are a very distinct culture compared to the rest of the US.

  • layoutman69

    Going after these monuments and rioting is only going to Make America Great Again for two terms. Republicans won the elections in part because of issues like these. CHOOSE YOUR BATTLES MORE WISELY. You want a Democrat for president or the statues down. You cant have both.

  • Dustin Fade

    Why can't we just vote on more stuff? Like when the government sees a split on something, open up the voting polls to the public and let them decide. We don't get to vote on many things passed in congress, just mostly the people who represent us who may or may not go back on their word. I used to be in defense of statues but they didn't live in our lifetime, nobody except for racists is going to be sad to see them go. Still, I'd like to be able to vote. This is a democracy


    . In July 1776, a mob of patriots attacked a statue of King George III that stood in Lower Manhattan, hacking it up to melt into bullets for the Continental Army.

    You probably didn't know because they effectively erased history but for a select few who read and research 🇺🇸#MAGA

  • Stifled Voice

    The metal can be recast into statues of virtuous people who are exemplars of american values, maybe Martin Luther King, Jane Addams, Gen. Eisenhower et al, or we can use the metal to fill the damned potholes in the crumbling infstructure

  • VP Perf

    They belong in the home, if there.

    I'll be the first to defend your right to have a fountain of Lee peeing on slaves in your own home, outside of that though, they don't belong anywhere.

    Statues of traitors and killers that represent the worst in our nation don't belong anywhere in the public space, certainly not on state or federal land.

    Why don't we build a federally funded statue celebrating the 9/11 bombers in the middle of Central Park? Because it's stupid and any sane person would know it's wrong.

  • cherrish roseberry-cornell

    He doesn't care about statues, when he was ripping down a historical building he was supposed to donate a part of it to a museum and instead took a wrecking ball to it because he said it wasn't cost effective to save it after getting press credit for promising to preserve it.

  • Olivia Gomez

    Get rid of them all. Thank heavens that there are some forward thinking governors and mayors who would like to see these things change.

  • rationalguy

    As a Kentucky transplant from the oddly contrasting state of Utah, I learned that Kentucky was never part of the Confederacy. They're moving some statues in Lexington. I don't expect a problem. Moving them to a more historically contextual spot. Probably a good compromise in this sort of south, sort of north state that calls itself a commonwealth. Utahns are a sort of yankee, really. I have no sentiment for the confederacy, and consider them racist traitors. I just don't often mention those opinions in Kentucky.

  • TheBrabon1

    the statues didnt start getting put up till the 20s, which coincides with the resurgence of the klan
    has nothing to do with honoring confederate soldiers and everything to do with reminding black people who is boss
    they need to go

  • Juan Molina

    I'm Mexican American why in was born in Mexico raised n America my values are American and I know no other my opinion on statues is they serve purpose our children will ask who that is and u can answer a bad man people elected for office or group of people they represented we can only learn from our past for guidance and those statues constant reminder which way America should be headed we stand for peace and love not well come at u like fury like no other god bless America and the world

  • Tree Walker

    What about this nonsense that taking down statues of Lee and Stonewall Jackson could lead to taking down statues of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson? Washington and Jefferson did own slaves themselves, but they didn't fight a war against the United States of America in defense of slavery. And Washington and Jefferson actually did important things for our country that deserve to be remembered and honored, but what did Robert E. Lee or Stonewall Jackson ever do for the United States of America? Nothing. They fought AGAINST the USA in order to defend slavery. And did NOTHING in their entire lives for the country. How can Trump be so ignorant of history that he doesn't know the difference?

  • Cort

    I couldn't help but notice that the black person here, was the last one to comment. Just like I think women should be the main people talking about abortion, I think blacks should be the main people discussing this issue. I don't think very many blacks are going to want to preserve confederate statues to remember their heiratige.

  • D Ford

    Why not just build that wall trump wants to build from south carolina across and down through mississippi so you fine folks wont have to see us horrible southern people.. THE END IS HERE FOLKS!!

  • Johnf275

    “Whenever any form of government becomes destructive, it is the right of the people to alter or abolish it, and to institute new government,” said Thomas Jefferson in the Declaration of Independence. Just as a group has a right to form, so too does it have a right to disband, to subdivide itself, or withdraw from a larger unit.

  • BigFoot Too

    It appears that much work must be done in all of our country to teach the truth to all our young that the confederacy was a force intent on saving the institution of slavery for the sake of the wealthy in the southern states. Slavery is and was WRONG and all monuments to men who fought to save it should be removed from places of honour in our country. To think otherwise is again WRONG!

  • That's not Me

    Maybe it's time we open the Museum of Historical Truth ,and place all of those statues in that museum so that people can go learn see and read the real history ! I hope by the grace of God we overcame that way of thinking and put racism behind us! Maybe this truth museum is what we need to heal and educate everyone and that might be a step towards making this country great again ! After all the last six months has proven to me how badly this country needs to unite its self again !

  • Stuart Overton

    Confederate statues belong in an alternate reality where the confederacy won the civil war and slavery is still legal. We don't need them here in the real world.

  • Brenda Anne Du Faur

    The civil war monuments should be respected. People are seeing things through very self-righteous narrow lenses.

  • John Summers

    If, like in Charlottesville, the citizens in that city vote to have the statue taken down, then they should take it down. I think having these statues up does encourage having opinions that are antithetical to what it actually means to be American. At the very least it sends mixed messages when we ostensibly celebrate Confederate heroes and criticize the South for starting the Civil War over slavery. The Southerners that want to keep these statues up but aren't actually bigot have talked themselves into separating these Confederate war hero's deeds from what they were heroically fighting for. They just can not bring themselves to see these Confederate war memorials are seen as symbols and even encouragement of hate. I live in a town that up until a few years ago we had a high school named after Nathan Bedford Forrest, founder of the KKK. When it there was a vote to change it's name, it obviously passed but there were still people defending Forrest because of 'heritage'. As if getting rid of statues or changing school names is erasing history. There are no statues of Hitler in Germany, do think anyone's forgotten who he was and what he did?

  • I'm just sayin'

    Of course they should not be in public spaces. At the same time let's remove all religious symbols and statues, which are at least mildly repugnant to me. Anybody else! Let's just take them all down so nobody is offended. That will fix it!

  • frank odonnell

    why are we refighting the civil war? it has been over for 142years dont we have enough things to think about like NC @insurence how to pay for our phoney government stuff like that/

  • roof pizza

    Wait, was there also similar spikes in statues of Union soldiers/leaders? The answer of course is no. Says loads right there.

  • Morgan J.S.

    Did Americans pulled down all monuments to Hitler and Saddam Hussein? Did they house them or argue to present them 'in context' for posterity? Can someone clarify this and any objective differences? You can remember and reflect on history without a monument, the same way you can reflect on other societal negativities, through articles written and documentary pictures. Putting those statues in a museum is like creating a church. You'll only get one type of person going there, worshippers.

  • Ronald Buss

    Russia is also condemning Poland for taking down statues put up during the time of the Soviet Union and right after the second world war. Does Russia have a right today to complain to Poland and it's dictatorial leader today? These statues depict common soldiers unlike confederate statues that depict individual leaders – Another difference between the old Russia and the old USA.

  • Muire2

    The vibe I get from this whole thing (not an American) is that the problem isn't the statues per se.
    The problem is honouring these people who fought for the right to own slaves, who fought to maintain a system of white supremacy in which the black race was little more than chattel – an economic and labour resource and not a person.
    If the discussion and attitudes surrounding these statues was one that openly acknowledged this fact, with the statues being a cautionary tale and remembrance of a different time, then I doubt there would be such an issue.
    As it is people that want the statues have adopted a revisionist stance on history that glosses over the facts, in order to permit them to honour these people and their ancestors with a clean conscience. That seems to me to be the problem.

  • UKBusinessChannel

    The removal of these racist Confederate statues has NOTHING to do with erasing history.  You CANNOT compare racist Confederate statues with statues of the FOUNDERS of the USA.  Whilst some founders may have been slave owners THEY WERE NOT TRAITORS who went to WAR with America to KEEP BLACK PEOPLE ENSLAVED.  Robert E Lee was an AMERICAN TRAITOR who fought to KEEP BLACK PEOPLE ENSLAVED!  He can remain in history books and his statue can be CONFINED TO MUSEUMS….. But EVIL Confederate statues MUST BE REMOVED FROM PUBLIC PLACES AND GOVERNMENT BUILDINGS!!!

  • terry phidaheights


  • Mz B58

    So why can't there be a museum for all of these statues in Washington, DC? This way history can be taught alongside these statues to put them into perspective.

  • Bev Roberts

    I like this museum idea (sigh, I thought it was mine!), but I don't think taxpapayers should be forced to pay for it. Let those who want to preserve the statues make donations to pay for the cost of removal and relocation to a Museum of American Democracy's Shameful Past and Persons who share the blame for it.And if that needs to include George Washington and Thomas Jefferson so be it!

  • KesselRunner606

    Museums. As simple as that.

    Learn from history, in full context. The complexities, the grey areas, the contradictions. But do Not celebrate division and treachery.

    If the South is to ever truly "Rise Again" it must discard romanticised symbols of its past, the same way Germany did after WW2.

  • Pamela

    Let them go to the confederate grave yards. They can stand watch over all the death they caused defying the Constitution and American rights.

  • Susie Que

    Maybe after the Left has finished wiping out all traces of the Civil War, they will continue on, and wipe out all traces that there was ever slavery. That would be cool.

  • ErykaSoleil

    I want to offer a little background for everybody who doesn't understand how white Southerners can simultaneously want to celebrate their Confederate heritage and not consider themselves to be racist. I was born and raised in (southern) Virginia, and the majority of my family is out of Tennessee. When I was in school, we got a day off for "Lee, Jackson, King Day". It was not until I went to northern VA (near DC) for college that I encountered MLK having a day to himself. When we discussed the Civil War in school, we were taught that slavery was more a tipping point that came along a little after "Uncle Tom's Cabin" was published; I don't remember ever learning that it was a primary issue until just a few years ago (for reference, I am 34). Instead, we were brought up believing that the war was almost entirely about States' Rights. I come from a line of people who did not hold slaves, and didn't so much choose to support slavery, as much as they were trying to defend their farms and families from the Northern troops that were coming to take it all away from them. It would be like if the South were to suddenly succeed now: you would inevitably have a lot of people who may or may not wish to stay, but don't really have the means (connection or money-wise) to leave. My father grew up with a female relative who was alive during Sherman's March, and she would tell stories about how the Union troops had come through and destroyed *everything*, whether or not there were slaves present. And then they just left the South to deal with it. And when racial tensions grew too heated after the official end of the Civil War, the Northern states decided they didn't want to deal with it, and sort of left the South to just do whatever it was going to do. To the people holding those "Southern Pride" Confederate flags (not talking about the KKK or Nazi flags; just the "heritage" people) they may not consciously associate their heritage with racism at all–in fact, many don't. Rather, they associate it with how hard their ancestors fought to protect their farmland and their families, and States' Rights. In the last several years, I've come to understand how non-Southerners (and non-white Southerners, and some white Southerners) view these statues , and it leaves me feeling very conflicted. On the one hand, I don't want to perpetuate a legacy of white supremacy. On the other, however, I know that many of us Southerners were taught from an early age–both at school and at home–that these people were heroes for States' Rights, just trying to protect us from the "oppressive North". I do not think the statues should be destroyed, but I do think they should be relocated to museums that focus on the Civil War as a whole, not just the Confederate narrative.

  • Margarito Espinoza

    Are they going to ban "Gone with the Wind"? How about the Golden Girls? Blanche always talks about the old South and her Mammy! Snowflakes!!!

  • carmay3600

    The confederates were traitors that tried to split from America so that they could maintain slavery. After they lost the war they then went on to basically stand in contempt of the federal government ruling that slaves would be free and would be allowed civil rights. Treasonous fugitives should have never had statues erected in their honor. All of these statues belong in a museum as a reminder of how traitors once tried to divide America.

  • GuiltySpark347

    I will be fair and for the sake of history say they belong in Museums and cemeteries. NOT BY PUBLIC SQUARES AND NEAR FUCKIGN ROADWAYS.

  • Another Citizen

    Growing up I was taught, in school, that the Confederacy were traitors and losers. Therefore, the Confederacy was committed to the dustbin of history. I also learned that Gen. Lee did not want statues/monuments to the Confederacy because it would cause divisions in a country that needed to be healed. He believed that the victorious north had rights to how the Union would be governed.

  • Swissffun Nani

    If you put up monuments to the Confederate TRAITORS, many dedicated to terrorists in the KKK, what's next? Monuments for the 9/11 hijackers? For McVeigh? (oh, yeah, the white nationalists actually do want statues for him, who they consider a hero not a terrorist!).

  • Melissa Denbo

    There are no statues of Stalin, all removed, no statues of Hitler, all removed and prohibited. The statue of Muhammad in New York was removed more than 20 years ago.

  • Big L Williams

    That's a lot of statues! I wonder how much they cost to make! We spend money when people really need help. And I guarantee people really needed help when these statues were made.

  • al spencer

    It's funny how the smartest people in the world supposedly don't know how to take down a racist statue in the middle of the night while nobody is watching.

  • al spencer

    The person responsible for all that chaos in Virginia is not smart enough to realize you don't advertise something like that.

  • al spencer

    If you call for a bunch of racist they are going to show up that was the place is perfect chance to arrest but maybe the police are a part of it.

  • zairmihna

    Give a VOICE to those who have NO CHOICE!! There are currently 46 million estimated people unjustly enslaved in the world today! Support anti-human trafficking legislation!!

  • patriotic conservative

    The only reason white supremacists are rallying around them is because some people got so offended by our own history that they had to take them down. If they just let the lee statue be, unjte the right would have never happened.

  • James Carter

    Put them where they belong on the Civil War Battlefields, where the dead lay. Or inside the museums alongside union statues and flags. and not where they stand for in your face defiant mind warfare and promoting division and oppression.

  • J.A. Bristol

    The war was NOT about slavery – secession was. Secession and the Civil War are two seperate issues. The confederate soldiers fought for their homes while most of the politicians fought for slavery. Shortly after Abrham Lincoln was elected, South Carolina seceeded and became the first state in the Confederacy on December 20th, 1860 while the last state to seceed pre-war was Louisiana on Janurary 26th of the following year. Three months later, Lincoln refused to hand over Fort Sumter, which was in Confederate territory. This refusal to withdraw U.S. Troops from a military installation was a clear message from the president that he still considered the fort and the territory it was in as United States ground. The Confederate government viewed this sustained military presence by a "foreign" government (they now saw the U.S as being a seperate country) as an act of military agression by the United States and thus a direct attack on what they believed was a constitutional entitlement to leave the union. In short, the state's belief in their right to secede propelled the first shot at Fort Sumter, thus starting the war on April 12th, 1861. Hence, the Civil War was about states rights. The only thing confederate soldiers were guilty of is having a deep rooted devotion to their states. I know it's difficult for some to understand today, but back then one's own state was more important than the country as a whole. Today most people think of themselves as just Americans, but back then people called themselves Virginians, South/North Carolinians, Marylanders, Pennsylvanians, etc. This is best exemplified when you consider how both armies were structured in the Civil War, regiments and brigades were often composed of soldiers from the same state like the 20th Maine and 1st Virginia. I'ts this pride in one's home which brought these soldiers to fight underneath the Confederate flag and It's absolutely disgraceful that politicians are dragging the names of these heroic men through the mud for the sake of reenforcing their own petty political narratives. The only "lost cause" in existence is trying to talk sense to these brainwashed finatics who have no understanding or respect for American history or even history as a whole! If this band of left-wing cultists think they're actually making a difference in this little fight of theirs to revise history and dement the minds of the American people, then they're even dumber than we knew! These extremists should search "confederate statues poll" on Google! Every single study has concluded that the majority of Americans are not buying their particular brand of trash! Even the leftists at CNN didn't try to hide what their polls found: 57 percent of Americans think the confederate flag is a symbol of southern heritage, only 33 percent think of it as racist! These far left wingers are NOT in the majority, no matter how hard they try to convince themselves and others to the contrary! Despite their best efforts, those men of the south that these statues commemorate will echo throughout time as great tacticians, devoted patriots and fearless leaders long after memory of the left wing figureheads and their false narratives has faded into non-existence. Those who served in the Civil War, on both sides, are great figures of American culture while these social "justice" warriors and politically "correct" (pfft! yeah, right!) extremists are not even foot notes!

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