[Confederation College] At Graduation: Where are International Students Going? (ENG Subs)
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[Confederation College] At Graduation: Where are International Students Going? (ENG Subs)

I’m from India From Russia Vietnam South Korea From China Vietnam From Milan, Italy I’m from East Africa, Uganda. Film Production Aerospace Manufacturing Engineering Technologist Culinary Business Marketing Human Resource Management I would really highly recommend Confederation
College and the quality if somebody wanted to study here. I like the college for constant support. The teachers, they’re really dedicated,
And the International Office is really nice. We learned from the lab classes, operating
the machines, using the tools, and doing the projects. Those are very practical skills
and knowledge. Thunder Bay is a great city. There are numerous lakes around the city. The outdoor adventure sports which we don’t
usually find in any other places like say Toronto.
So physically I like that the best. Peacefulness. Because where I come from, is
Ho Chi Minh City, which is one of the busiest and hectic cities in Vietnam. The weather? It’s cold. I mean I had to adjust to it but I ended up liking it. I wanna get a job in Thunder Bay. I got a position as a professor a the college
which is a part-time professor. Then I also got an engineering job at a company
called Welmet. So I’m gonna be a mechanical designer over there. I will start as an intern, pretty soon actually.
Next Monday. -I’ll be going back for school.
-Nice. Here in Canada? Yes, in Canada.
Back at Confederation College.

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