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Confederation – New Brunswick

Hello. And welcome to Early Morning Talks
with Joanne. Today we will be discussing a very important and popular topic:Confederation.
This topic has been debated by many politicians and today we will have two special guests
to share their opinions on confederation. we will announce the guests right after the break. Please welcome our first guest, Sir John. A. Macdonald! AM: Salutations. Joanne: So how are you, Mr. Macdonald? JAM: Please, call me John. *Over exaggerated wink* Alright then John, So what are your thoughts on confederation? JAM:Ah. I’m definitely fighting
FOR confederation *Reads off hand* Our economy would be stable, and tariffs and trade barriers
would be abolished. Joanne:So right now I hear you’re the chairman of the London Conference. JAM:Yes! The London Conference is still in session. At the moment, New Brunswick, Nova
Scotia, Upper and Lower Canada are apart of
the conference. Joanne:That’s very interesting! And if you don’t mind, I’d like to bring out your good friend, right after the break. Parveer:
I’ve got the wine. Areeshma: And I’ve got the cheese. Parveer: Come buy it for 50% off.
Joanne: Please welcome our next guest, Thomas D’arcy McGee! *Applause* -My hitta, my hitta.-
JAM: Oh my goodness! My best friend!!!!!111!1!11 McGee: Hello. Joanne: Hello. (You’ve put on
some weight) Joanne: So thank you both for coming! Mr. McGee! I hear you weren’t a part
of the London Conference! McGee: I know, it was very unfortunate! Although, I was a part
of the Charlottetown Conference. Which was the MAJOR leading factor towards the London
Conference. Joanne:Why is that? McGee: Well because the Charlottetown Conference was originally
to discuss the Maritime Union. The intercolonial railway was to connect the Maritime colonies
with the province of Canada! Joanne: Thank you for sharing. Now that we’ve heard from
these two gentlemen, we’ll be having somebody call in with a different opinion of confederation,
after the break! Parveer: Hair growth serum for your horses’ hair. It will make it longer
and shinier. Buy it at your local marketplace for only $5.99! It will surely keep your horse
happy! Joanne: Hi. And welcome back to the show! We currently have a special guest on
hold to ask of his opinion. Hi! Howe:Hello. Joanne: So Mr. Howe. I hear you have a very
interesting perspective on confederation. Would you like to share? Howe: I am definitely
opposed to confederation! If the colonies were to unite, Nova Scotia would not have
much say in the Federal Government. Individual colonies also would lose power if we joined
together! JAM: It actually can potentially make the economy stronger! We would be a country
independent from the British government. McGee: Your saying to confederation would not help
the economy but technically speaking, it would. The intercolonial railway will connect the
colonies Which would help trade, which obviously would help the economy. Joanne trying to sound
smart: ……… And help save money. McGee: I think, in my opinion, there are more PROS
to confederation than CONS. *Un-synchronized playing.* Azalea: Violin. Sharon:Alto Saxophone.
Azalea: The detailed violin and the real horse haired bow. Sharon: The textures and the real
gold and silver coat. Azalea: All this beautiful sound only at Bob’s Royal Music Academy. Sharon:
Go get ’em now, before they’re all out! Joanne: Would you two like to add on to anything before
we conclude the show? Why should New Brunswick take part in confederation? McGee: Well have
you not seen how much debt New Brunswick has been in? The only way to get out of that is
to become a union. The only way to prevent the Americans from coming and taking over
is if we become a confederation and become one whole country Joanne: I totally agree
with you. JAM: I totally agree too. Joanne: Well, thank you for coming. JAM: Thank you.
McGee: Thank you. Joanne: And now we’ll have Sarah McCartney interviewing random people
outside on the streets, on their thoughts of confederation. Sarah: Here we are, on the
streets of New Brunswick, asking people their opinion if New- If New Brunswick should be
apart of confederation. Here we’ve found Mr. Tilley. Lets go ask him his opinion. Mr. Tilley!
Mr. Tilley! Tilley: Oh hello! Sarah: Mr. Tilley, do you think Confederation should be apart
of New Brunswick? Tilley: Yes, I do think confederation should be apart of New Brunswick
because there are just SO. MANY. BENEFITS. There wouldn’t be any more Fenian raids and
there would be a conjoining railway from St. John to Montreal. Sarah: Thank you so much
for your input. Fenian #1: Brtain should never form a union with Ireland. All the British
are just gonna control us. Fenian #2: Yeah I totally agree. We should finish this by
finishing the people……. That started this. Random Fenian# 3: Yeah, same with me. Fenian#1:
Lets do this. Fenians: D’arcy McGee! *Headshot* *GRUNT* Sarah: Hi. This is Sarah McCartney
reporting life from outside D’arcy McGee’s house where he’s just been shot and killed
outside his doorstep. JAM: WHY’D YOU DIE?! DON’T DO THIS TO ME! *muffled sobs* DON’T
DIE ON ME!! DON’T DIEEEEeee. *insanely loud laughing* So many benefits! *ringtone plays*
*cough* *cough cough* *coUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH COUGH* ereahr ha. AZALEA. mY BEARD

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