Confusion over the Three Strikes legislation
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Confusion over the Three Strikes legislation

Following on from the clumsiness and
incompetence around the Three Strikes law repeal, the Prime Minister is trying to
tell New Zealanders that the prisons are being filled up with low-level offenders
that do not need to be there. The reality though is a very, very different. 98% of
prisoners in our jails, what are called category three or four offenders. Where
we’re talking about rapes, murders, and aggravated robberies. They also have on
average, in remand as prisoners, 46 prior convictions. These are not low-level
offenders they are serious repeat offenders who make New Zealand less safe
when they are not in prison. So the Government and the Prime Minister have a
very clear choice. They either need to build the new prison – the Waikeria
significant rebuild – or if they do not do that, they will soften the bail and the sentencing laws and ensure there are
more victims of crime on our streets. So the choice is really clear which one is
it: a new prison or New Zealanders less safe

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