Conservatives More Offended by Rainbow Flags Than Confederate Flags
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Conservatives More Offended by Rainbow Flags Than Confederate Flags

conservatives are more offended by
rainbow flags which are a pro equality bro pro-gay rights
pro LGBT rights flags than they are by Confederate flags this
is a poll by Public Policy Polling you remember that story from about a
month ago where two students were suspended in Washington state mind you were
wearing Confederate flag the school and the reason they were
wearing those flags is that another student had warned a gay pride flag to
school to celebrate LGBT History Month well Public Policy Polling did a poll love
conservatives this is a poll of conservative opinion in the US they ask do you think high school
students should be allowed to wear a confederate flag the school forty-three percent of
conservative said yes they should thirty-seven percent said know they
should not nineteen percent said they are not sure %uh the next question was do you think
high school students should be allowed to wear gay pride flag the school 20
eight-percent think they should which is 15 points lower then YES on
Confederate flags 57 percent say no they should not 15 percent not sure and then the the
follow-up is do you think it’s more appropriate for
high school students to wear Gay Pride flags or confederate flag the school nine
percent of conservatives said Gay Pride flags 38 percent said Confederate flags half there’s one sure this is just sickening
Louis because as you know the gay pride flag is a symbol love anti-discrimination is a symbol of the
quality and regardless of what argument you want
to make about the origins have the confederate flag today it is a dog whistle for a very specific
point of view and even if you argue that it isn’t a
racist per se it represents a country a nation based around slavery and it is used
today by hate groups it is used by racist groups the swastika
may have once been a symbol of peace Louis it is not representative of that today
and to pretend that is would be ignorant and the same applies to the confederate flag yeah I
agree and you know I think I think maybe I I would
want kids who choose to our to where the
confederate flag it to be able to do so because I know personally I just kinda like to
know who the idiots are and that’s a pretty good way to spot if he have well there’s no question that
it’s certainly a red flag because it is such a dog whistle like I said forget about saying conservatives are
racist right that’s not really that’s an oversimplification it doesn’t
really get us anywhere the salient point here is do you realize
ladies and gentleman that this poll shows us the average average conservative is more offended by homosexuality and treating gay people equally then they are by slavery that is
essentially what we can deduce from this poll and I what what this says is the it’s horrifying about about the
american conservative group right now yeah how it’s it’s it’s pretty bad David
were were in a pretty rough place


  • Trey Dee

    Is this supposed to be fucking SURPRISING?????  ITS NOT!
    They feel more comfortable with folk of like-minded ideologies…which should tell you a great deal about most of the white american conservatives! YES, BOTH THE WOMEN & MEN!

  • mathmexican4234

    Conservatives love to say what the confederate flag represents, like Southern pride, freedom from government, etc but you can't deny the facts of where it came from and who used it. Like I can make a flag with a swastika on it, and make claims that it's from eastern traditions and it's meaning, but in the western world it will be interpreted against it's past.

  • Wise Snake

    As clothing, they're both tacky/tasteless.
    …Unless a woman is wearing them. Women tend to possess the gift of looking good in any type of clothing. (Including the infamous trilby!) 😛

  • skimaskradio

    They should be allowed to wear both flags, either separately or at the same time.  The should even be allowed to wear the hilarious rainbow confederate flag.

  • Cenk vs Cenk

    well, liberals are more offended by a cross than they are the scene of a islamic terrorist bombing.  Sword of insanity cuts both ways David

  • Roonskii

    The "stars and bars" is a flag of treason. Most often, if you see this flag being flown it is a distress signal of child abuse, spousal rape, and rampant incest. The male of this household is not a friendly neighbor and is hypocritical of the welfare he receives.

  • BC Neil

    Why take an obvious poll.  Most conservatives would be fine and dandy with kids wearing a KKK hood to school.  Just not during tests, to prevent cheating.

  • Katie Burak

    I don't have a problem with this flag so long as people use it to show Southern pride. And yes it can be used for it. Saying everyone who likes it is a bigot is like saying all blacks are criminals. It's stereotyping and it's wrong. On the other hand, being offended by a flag meant to represent equality for the LGBTQ is ignorant and you should be ashamed of yourself. 

  • tdog4891

    This is a free country, and we have this thing called "Freedom of Speech",according to the Constitution of the United States,no matter whether somebody wears a Rainbow Flag or somebody wears a Confederate Flag that is their right to wear whatever they want.   

  • Dyvim Tvar

    The religious cons hate everything that doesn't conform to their totalitarian fantasies. Their book says the same thing about Adultery as it does gays, but those hypocrites ignore those verses because if the church treated adulterers the exact same as gays (like their book demands) at least half of their audience and preachers would be demonized.

  • Steve G

    You're right–it is an oversimplification, and it doesn't really get us anywhere.  But I'll say it anyway.  Conservatives are racist.  Not every single Conservative, but the movement today is absolutely obsessed with protecting "real Americans" (i.e. White people) from the creep of the lazy, undeserving welfare queens and thugs and Affirmative Action hires (i.e., non-White people).  They hate government because it forces its will upon the "states rights" crowd who desperately want to limit minority voting, keep anti-discrimination laws in play, cut any program that helps low-income housing, public education, police in poorer cities, etc.  They talk about "Southern heritage" when they wax poetically about the Confederate flag.  What do you think "Southern heritage" means to a Conservative?  Or to their hero Reagan, who began his presidential campaign in Philadelphia, Mississippi talking about "states rights"?  From the particular brand of insults leveled against Obama (and Holder and Susan Rice and Maxine Waters and Keith Ellison, let alone Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton) to comment after comment after comment ("If a bunch of lazy blacks can't vote, not my problem," I don't want to make blah people's lives better by giving them other people's money," "95% of black men in Washington are semi-criminal or entirely criminal," "this president has been shuckin' and jivin' all around"), to their demographic makeup–in what way are they not racist?  Ted Cruz said he wished there were 100 more Jess Helms's in the Senate today, and he is probably the most beloved lawmaker in the Conservative Movement. 

    It is possible that Conservatives hate change more than they hate black or gay people, and the Confederate Flag is something they have grown up with all their lives, and the rainbow flag is something new, and maybe they are reacting with fear to the unfamiliar.  Or maybe they just hate gay pride more than they care either way about most other identity issues.  But to not call the Conservative Movement a racist movement is the same as not calling them a pro-corporate, anti-union movement.  If you ignore it, you're not delivering the news accurately.  

  • BioCapsule

    They should be able to wear confederate flag or even nazi flag… it's the sign of douche-bags & if they choice to announce themselves as that, save us the trouble of finding out ourselves.

  • OrderedChaos010

    I would say not all conservatives are racists but all white racists vote conservative. Just like not all conservatives are stupid but stupid people are more likely to be conservative.

  • kurd55

    There are different levels of racism. Not every racist is at a "10." Only a KKK member is at a 10. That's why so many ignoramuses think they're not racist. They say to themselves, "Well, I'm against the KKK. Therefore, I don't have a racist bone in my body." So they can feel comfortable flying a racist flag or saying blacks are lazy. Because, hey, only KKK members can be racist.–RIGHT? Don't let these scumbag, "casual" racists get away with it, folks. Rehnquist, Scalia, and Uncle Thomas are ALL racists–PERIOD. It doesn't matter what position or class you're in–a racist is a racist is a racist

  • whyamimrpink78

    Right off the bat the video is asinine.  The flag should only represent gay pride because gays already have the same rights as everyone else.

  • Philosopher Prince

    I don't think about gay rights when I see a rainbow flag. I think about Richie Blackmore's Rainbow and wizards. I would not be offended, I would think that kid must have really awesome taste in music.

  • winterlandboy

    The confederate flag is as offensive and sickening as the Swastika.Both represent extreme right wing hate.There is no place for that piece of shit or the people who carry,wave,or wear it.

  • gyrate4

    The confederate rag is the single most un-American flag one could brandish.  It's a celebration of treachery.  The traitors who fired on US soldiers at Sumter created a war which killed more Americans than any other war.   Tea Baggers are neo-confederates, as are Ron and Rand Paul.   

  • Jeremy Higgins

    Historically, the confederate south was pro-slavery, but I don't think the average conservative makes that equation.

    I think that conservatives more typically equate the confederate motion as an act of freedom or rebellion against large government.

    Being more in favor of a confederate symbol than an LGBT symbol is nothing more than simple ignorance. They forget that the south was pro-slavery, and that LGBT is pro-equality.

  • JohnPaul Dixon

    Oh come on…it's such a pretty flag…just look at those bright colours.Seriously,Conservatives, lighten the fuck up.  😉

  • dogmeat jesus

    the confederate flag is not racist. it's the context the person puts it in. that logic is like saying if you wear an iran flag you hate America this is silly.

  • xXRockXLobsterXx

    The state flag of Mississippi still represents the Confederate flag on it not to mention it took Mississippi till the beginning of this year in 2013 to formally amend the 13th Amendment thereby officially abolishing slavery in the state…148 years after the 13th Amendment was ratified by the U.S. Constitution at the end of the Civil War.

  • Carlos Cisneros

    " I don't get all choked up about yellow ribbons and American flags. I consider them to be symbols, and I leave symbols to the symbol-minded " — George Carlin 

  • Derek Warren

    Lol! Should we be even the least bit surprised by their profound bigotry? You should have listened to a Conversation I had with a fellow Conservative who tried to convince me into believing the Westboro Baptist Church was a legitimate Christian organization. To say the least, it was a very "interesting" conversation. 

  • Doc Holliday

    So David thinks that the swastika can't be used by people who follow religions that use it? Hmmmm interesting… fucking hypocrite…

  • theFEMAcampESCAPEE

    for all of you rebel flag haters that stood for the pledge back in school, how do you think the people of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Nicaragua, Iraq, and others view the flag that you pledged your allegiance to? how do you think they view the people that are pledging their allegiance to this flag? what do the child slaves in Morocco think when they are sourcing your Hersheys chocolate? how about the peasants making your iphones, or harvesting your coffee beans in central and south America?

    if you show somebody in Egypt a rebel flag, they may not recognize it. show them an American flag or a picture of Obama and their blood starts boiling. actually, the rebel flag might get their blood boiling too. its also red, white, and blue with stars on it, after all. might look a little too familiar.

    other than that, all of you clueless hypocrites can eat shit. maybe you can even convince yourself it tastes good if I tell you the turds came from a democratic congressman and his $10,000 labradoodle.

  • 00Billy

    have to treat the confederate flag the same as the stars and stripes.  pretend your an indian.
    Nothing to be proud of… Confederate at least serves as a reminder.  
    Nazi symbol was Egyptian originally? 
    We need to grow up.  n word c word  certain flags, or even ideas about anti-zionism.  hehe. 
    political correctness is a joke. 
    Its just people with an agenda trying to label us

  • sn3192

    absolutely unsurprising
    what is surprising is how unaffected by modernity this mentality has stayed, i wonder what makes it so durable despite all the pressures

  • jerico641

    Those kids were brave to wear gay pride/equality shirts to a public school; I give them a lot of props for that; I know that, even though I agree with them, I probably would've been too scared to wear one to my public high school, which was located in a small Central Florida city.

  • yootoob1958

    What did liberals do that was so offensive to Conservatives and the Republican Party?
    I'll tell you what they did. Liberals got women the right to vote.
    Liberals got African-Americans the right to vote.
    Liberals created Social Security and lifted millions of elderly people out of poverty.
    Liberals ended segregation.
    Liberals passed the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act.
    Liberals created Medicare.
    Liberals passed the Clean Air Act, the Clean Water Act.  
    What did Conservatives do?
    They opposed them on every one of those things, every one.
    So when you try to hurl that label at my feet, ‘Liberal,’
    as if it were something to be ashamed of, something dirty,
    something to run away from, it won't work, because I will pick up that label and I will wear it as a badge of honor.

  • Meade Skelton

    There is nothing wrong with it. It has nothing to do with slavery. its the Cross of St Andrew. The rainbow flag is nothing wrong either. Although personally, I disagree with homosexuality.

  • SpringCactus

    If people were smart and did their research, there is nothing wrong with the confederate flag, no relation to slavery in what it stands for. Rainbow flags? Stands for telling people who don't care if you're gay "hey I'm gay please give me attention".

  • BOXXER543

    Gays are against the Bible which a lot of us Americans are Christian and the crow in the Confederate battle flag was a criss of a follower of Jesus Christ so I think I should be able to fly and wear my Confederate shirts/flag and truly this America gays should be able to wear there flag I hate homosexuality but we all have our first amendment right so tadah I also think Confederate aswell

  • Mr.agent 47

    That's an interesting poll. Kinda weird thing with kids just wearing flags to school in the first place though.

  • Joe Covel

    that was bold saying anyone who wears the confederate flag is an idiot I believe that the war between the north and south was about the north bullying the south and the south sticking up for itself also good or bad it is history we need to remember

  • I Would Prefer Not To

    So let me get this straight. It's somehow shocking that normal people wouldn't care too much for a flag that represents sodomy and hedonism, but may or may not think kindly towards another flag that represents rebellion against government tyranny. Hmm …

  • Tony Wright

    This is ridiculous if it weren’t for the Civil War we would not have our nation as we have it today we would still be a plural nation we went from a plural nation to a singular nation if there was no segregation in the south had stayed in the union slavery and segregation would’ve lasted much longer than it did. And the north and south would continue to be divided as they were back then in fact we would have way more division if there was no Civil War sometimes you have to be divided and go through hard tragedies, in order to stay you know that. End it may have represented a nation based on slavery but it was the Democrats that were fighting for slavery not the Carmen people of the south. Dinesh to DSouza points this out. The left test to use every tactic it can to get rid of our historical symbols the confederate flag represents southern rebellion that First lead to northern victory which then led to a stronger United States. So therefore it was because of both the Union and Confederate soldiers that made this nation much stronger than it was before despite the fact that the south wanted to secede. In fact not every southerner that was a soldier for the confederate army was fighting for slavery. Democrats who were Confederate soldiers were fighting for slavery so it for slavery for them. But for non-democratic soldiers that fought for the Confederacy they were fighting over the issue of secession against the northern soldiers. They were afraid that they were going to be wage or economic slaves a free blacks and abolitionist Yankees.

  • Peter Michael

    6 colors in the rainbow flag
    Those who dont support it will be outcast, demonized, etc.

    That reminds me of something….

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