Conspiracy Theories Kill Gun Control Legislation
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Conspiracy Theories Kill Gun Control Legislation

today uh… we lost obviously on the
bill on background checks and part of a reasonably laws is because the republicans had this well i would say it’s a lunatic is
fiercely theory but it hasn’t it was uh… purposeful conspiracy theories
planted by the n_r_a_ in the republican party and it was planted that way so that it would be burrowed into
people’s heads so what they decided to do with these
decided to say to people even no there is no federal gun registry in this
bill that there was one having you know it
did in the old-line eleven trek the not nine eleven trickiest uh… issue not a lot was terrible iraq
is in the so the center of the place when nine eleven different unions iraq
edit because what iraq and i’m on the same sense logan ted cruisers masterfully national
average i don’t disagree on its face painlessly does not support for it but the part of justice picnics when you require background checks for private fire
transat the only way they fit that his threshold so this pending before the senate the next step would be the critics would say it was
the fact that we don’t know if you’re selling your firearm someone
else and as we don’t have fun ted cruises that clever la mush a workout alive that is in the
second but he’s not alone so here is uh… truck grassley who’s
supposed to be somewhat of a moderate among republicans
look have with meeting about moderate public in what i’d kill listen this flyer so it seems to me that there’s an
elaborate government november bazaar is okay arijit servers all of of copper mines and one thing about compromising offers a
matter of search-and-seizure for a minute or the regular romania the security of probably i was there so it’s a bit are there are others jul mansion who had an in reading from the n_r_a_ now he’s democrat from west virginia one of the ways to get elected is he
threw an obama buildup and they’re one of his that’s been shot it literally okay very pro gun rights a border
against thus all weapons ban burning sa high-capacity magazines benefits that
are and this is not even a universal back i think he sing luck man we have a really watered down bill can i
get some help iran with republican pat toomey inside the i_r_a_ send out the other
republicans tell a lie and mention it was so sick of it and i was surprised he said this he called about financial t_v_ as
lawyers what they’re telling members that are
legislation with an art form criminalize the private transfer of
farms right on the citizens we don’t even this bill does not go out
and touch passes on our contention presses elijah it is a light bulb everything i’m saying someone made a
mistake in making that quote i would hope they would correct that
because if they lose credibility they’ve lost everything in washington incredible uh… that last part was
played it if they lose credibility and watching
with that that would mean they’re in washington but what can i add credibility anyway so what’s in the book first of all
before the bell what is the current law so who’s right
who’s wrong the current law says the federal
government street is not allowed in his illegal you’ll go so what does the delta also says at that all got registry is illegal and indelible blames it it was already mentioned resident and in fact the scent of a government
official tried to do our national title dot my
district except in the added fifteen years in
prison and one of the n_r_a_ do the same we
don’t where what the truth is we paying these bills republic in and some democrats to be arb always in
our girls to do exactly what we tell them to do and we told them go out there analyzing about it it doesn’t matter what the bill says it
doesn’t matter what the law says go to your job which is to create crazy conspiracy
theory but again that’s in this country and the right wing lunatics in this
country will believe all my god even block industry i didn’t get them we
couldn’t lend yaoi immediately called it palestine revolution took place on the
issue that’s a catalytic said they appeal to so are they do they got idol i missed
anything they got their pain bitches can go out there like thirty here’s another compilation of
republicans do it i will not be voting for this and i
think it potentially could lead to a gun registry which are not poor doing and i think for good reason come
out against the two nd mentioned compromise as full of holes as
unworkable and that there’s uh… there’s been
something that might bring will lead to a national registry and of course most members of the
samples drawn registration they know what is happening historically withdrawn registration in america and
european to in the same there every american is extractors right uber
barrow one of the provision we expect that to
see in the bill based on what we saw in the judiciary committee
on which i said would allow the attorney general of the
united states to promulgate regulations that could lead to a national registry four guns remotely true and from time to hand it over the tracks
for st it could lead to ur gun registered are
registered echoed lied about a district by its lead in the nobody caught in the
gameplay exemplar and then was entitled registry then i
got a bunch of other notes and it worked and just that simple now the reality of it is doesn’t matter ninety one percent the country was in
favor of the background check anyway and stronger burden in this bill salt lake dietrich overall americans
that’s why i mean is he though those guys that i was describing
the game of michael dot as i said they’re not relevant there nine percent
of the country and by the way the republican party and
i think i’ve been using as a winning strategy now you just pissed off all the suburban
moms in the country all you get your right wing when it takes to vote for you
what how many times when they vote for you yuri have locked up all the army will
wipe out your anytime aggressive voter permits where body gets this and i voted against assault weapons ban
et cetera low borrow on a try to get those lunatics who believe a black helicopters
at harvard homes the bought vote for you they’re gonna vote for you there was a
republican time you moron they were a lot with it but it wasn’t
because of that so as the cold hard cash subit cold then there’s the called our
tax that matters and ari where are you putting run ads
against mccain dog dole or my reading killed outright out there is no i’m so
sorry i had already but they are like free all the way so that’s a conspiracy theory they use the knock down this bill but it was just
an excuse so they could vote their pocketbooks


  • Kasey

    I dont give a fuck if im an american, which i am. I dont think anyone has the right to dictate weather or not I have a gun of any kind. And I especially dont want my name of some government list. Im not a gun enthusiast. I hate guns. But people can get guns weather there are background checks and registrations or not. I want to be able to shoot an ass hole if they threaten me with a gun.

  • Amehdion

    lol, yes the big bad NRA solely and completely cock-blocked legislation that 91% of Americans were fighting for. It couldn't be that about half of Americans own firearms, and you just didn't have the support in the first place… Please spare me.

  • home3363308

    I'm glad i live in a state where they dont care or want to know how many guns are in the state. They dont even keep records of guns sold by dealers. They are trting loosen the laws to make things safer.

  • nslsmith

    If the government keeps no records of firearms owned by particular individuals, how would the bill be enforced? Without enforceability, a bill is broken and shouldn't be passed. Why is anyone upset??

  • InfectedByEli

    No, you're not missing anything, the background checks would be for the people and not the guns. But the gun nuts don't want to argue that, because they can't. So they set up a huge strawman argument about a gun registry, that will never exist, in order to appeal to people's paranoia, and constitutional concerns.

    And they act like it was put up for a public vote and failed, where in reality the only people voting were the 'bought and paid for' politicians.

    The system stinks. wolf-pac dot com

  • jbonethug99

    the 911 trick? cmon man! you can do better than that cant you? people like you should just move to Australia! ask them how gun control is working over there~! none of these bs gun laws would stop any gun crime because all gun laws do is target law abiding citizens! HAVE WE FORGOTTEN THAT CRIMINALS DO NOT FOLLOW THE LAW? OR ARE WE JUST THAT STUPID! LOOK AT CHICAGO! STRICT GUN REGULATIONS AND THEY WERE DUBBED THE MURDER CAP OF THE USA IN 2012! I C Y IM NO LONGER SUBBED TO TYT! BIG BROS BITCHES~!

  • jbonethug99

    They tamper with the likes/dislikes! they used to appeal to me, not sure why but after watching all the vids of them praising obamas sorry ass i disliked! they are nothing more than a youtube anderson cooper! they are pro gov agenda and have no knowledge of why we have the second amendment right to have guns for protection!

  • elvis633

    TYT stop being retarded. You know the government logs a big chunk of our private conversations as well as various aspects of our online lives. If background checks were required for private transfers between all citizens, the vast majority of guns would eventually pass through the system. If you wouldn't trust the government to execute someone why would you trust them with every bit of information about almost all of Americas gun owners?

  • MeNoLikeyGoogle+

    Universal background checks does not mean national registration? These young jerks are so FULL OF SHIT.

  • bagofrice

    These debates are a waste of time. If gun control workes the way it is intended there would be less violent crimes in places with MORE gun control… This is not the case. Are there less 'gun' crimes? Sure, but isn't the purpose to stop VIOLENT crimes? If you stop all 'gun' crimes but then other forms of violent crimes take their place [because criminals will commit crimes with or without guns] what have you really done? Well I would argue that you've limited the non-criminals from self-defense.

  • BigSwede7403

    You know, i like TYT and i find myself most often agreeing with Cenk in pretty much everything. How ever this whole "The goverment can´t do a national registry, it´s illegal, double illegal" thing… Yeah… spying on your own citizens is illegal too. What was that about mass surveilance that recently went down? Yeah, didn´t seem to bother the goverment.

  • Vlad the Patriot

    Thats right uve guessed it. and im guessing that ure a gun grabbing lliberal who thinks hes an American but doesnt value our constitution that this country was built upon. and watchin cnn

  • GrassFedMeats

    good answer. They'll try to outlaw armor piercing rounds, which is nearly all high powered rifle rounds. If you can't take the guns, take the bullets, which happen to be easier to make than the guns. #facepalm

  • Devon Bay

    don't be surprised these people are commies. they get so mad that we are not going to give up guns. we are not registering shit. fuck cenk and the rest

  • marbaramerika

    Just using a single incident to demonize all gunowners and the 2nd amendment as a based argument for GUN CONTROL!

    Google: Gun-ban Chicago: Nearly 15,000 murders since 1990
    Google: Chicago Public School Students Shot This School Year Highest Since 2008
    Google: 25 Years Murder Free in Gun Town USA
    Google: As Gun Sales soar, Crime Plummets; but Americans still think its up

    2nd amendment win in the end, bitches!

    USA! USA! USA!

  • Khalil Reid

    It doesn't work in those cities because people sneak them into those places from places that don't have strict gun control.

  • megadeth22885

    yeah right.. mexican drug cartels would just smuggle them over our unprotected border and sell the guns eric holder gave them, to criminals.. oh wait, those guns are already popping up in chicago

  • 96buells2t

    We already have background checks in this country when you purchase a gun. What was this supposed to do? Really, really, really background check?

  • 96buells2t

    The commentator stated that it's already against the law to make a gun registration list. Since we know the Obama administration's history with not following the law, the detractors are not too far fetched.

  • Sam Buffington

    If us "Right-Wing Gunnuts" were as crazy as anti-gun people say we are, this guy, Obama and Pierce Morgan woulda been killed a very long time ago….

  • GeorgeBonez

    OH FUCK! Not this TYT shit again! I killed this vid at 0:01 my new liberal propaganda vid kill time! Damn I am getting good! I would have ROCKED at that old game show–> "Name that tune"!

  • festdir

    Oh Bullshit. It failed because it was introduced with a gun ban (AWB). It's fairly difficult to try to argue that a gun control policy isn't intended to move toward gun bans, when introduced with a gun ban…particularly when the AWB was put forth by a Senator that is on record as supporting confiscating every gun in the USA.
    I am a Dem. I am sitting out this upcoming election b/c of this nonsense.

  • Fleece Johnson

    The entire purpose of background checks is to later set up a registry. That isn't a "theory", its a fucking fact.  Don't believe me? New York is already doing it, many people were told that they would only have background checks. Then New York set up a registry so they would later know where to go and confiscate (steal) peoples firearms with newly banned features. 

  • Jake Burgeron

    The government keeps your phone record and emails ILLEGALLY. Really? You think if GIVEN the ability to create a gun registry, they will follow THAT legality?! O.K., keep drinking the Kool Aid.

  • diego tong

    I hate how people use the term "assault weapon" when there is no such thing as a "assault weapon" only semi automatic rifles (1 round per trigger pull) and fully automatic rifles (multiple rounds per trigger pull) which is a ASSAULT RIFLE!!!!! the term "assault weapon" is a made up word by liberals who don't know what there talking about >:(     

  • ken1139

    Just stop it already. 91% of Americans agree on UBC? Really? Over 74% of NRA members want expanded background checks? Really?    91% of Americans will never agree on anything. When the NRA conducted an accurate poll of their own members, the truth was 4%, not 74%, in agreement with UBC. Retelling the lie over and over will not make it true. Senators reacted to a deluge of calls from constituents (for once). The call volume was overwhelming, and impossible to ignore. Besides, the USA is NOT a democracy; it is a republic! A republic is not ruled by the tyranny of the majority. A republic is ruled by LAW, and the LAW along with the rights of the minority are respected. Many, many Americans like the Second Amendment just the way it is (after all, it is the LAW, and I believe the overwhelming majority agree, but it is at the very least a very large portion of the people). Still, you are correct on one thing; somebody did jump the shark on this one – it just wasn't the NRA. I used to like TYT, but this ongoing attempt a overt deception trashes their credibility. It's become difficult to listen to them on any subject now. TYT jumped the shark. Obama and the Democrats jumped the shark. And, that's a shame, because the American people really needed just representation after 8 years of NeoCon madness. Like most Americans, I'm done with the Democrats, too. No more Republicrats; no more Demublicans. Too many lies. Too many broken promises. Just restore a fair tax structure. Restore the US Constitution and the rule of law. Stop attacking freedom; we'll accept the risks. You are vastly more likely to be killed by bees than "assault rifles"! Bees! Does that lend proper perspective? Focus on the real problems (economics), and stop with the propaganda and fear mongering already!

  • zorbas malaka

    2nd amendment abolishionists are very alive & well in this country. We will NEVER give one Inch of ground to these QUISLING-TRAITORS. Every concession made in the past was NEVER enough for them……they will want more & more rights stripped in increments from us until the 2nd A is nulified.
    This bonehead demonizes the NRA's money influence when the International Bankers (who control the media) spends 1,000's of times more money to try and Brainwash the populace to submit to the beginning steps of the 2A dismantlement.

  • Henry Lu

    Ted Cruz's father is a communist escapee from Cuba and when you think about that it more than justifies for why he is so opposed to gun control.  It is really annoying to see TYTurds take cheap hits at people by brushing them off as "conspiracy nuts"

  • Excalibur01

    The fact is that despite background check laws already in effect when you buy a gun at a gun store, criminals will always either steal guns, buy them off the black market, etc. Creating more laws that needlessly complicate an already complicated system of checks for guns is pointless.

  • brian wilson

    Gun control is a ladder towards fascism. The average person is 9 times more likely to be shot by a cop then a felon. Stop gun control stop fascism.

  • Gary Evans

    So now Cenk, you TRUST the Gov't to abide by this proposed gun bill and not keep a registry and prosecute everyone in gov't found complicit in violating this or any law which would include the Pres. of the US. Remember F & F, IRS, Benghazi LIES and Crimes, Perjury before Congress, etc.,etc. And, anyone who disagrees with you is a "LIAR," right !  Who's doing the lying? Also, you also evidently don't believe in abiding by the Constitution (or just the parts you like) ?

  • sjwilson1079

    Actually you guys are wrong on this, the government knowing where all guns are is the first step, why would they want national background checks?? To know who owns guns and where they are, and I'm quite liberal on issues like entitlement programs and against corporate welfare, but this, not with the language of bills that have been passed that in effect has given our government extreme power in the name of "the war on terror" No way

  • Ed Wo

    WOW, what a steaming pile of crap. Try studying the subject Cenk you Socialist pig. Fact is ALL background checks for firearms are held for no less than 30 days. By law ALL documents held by the Federal Government for 30 days or more are automatically backed up and archived. On EVERY background check the model and serial number for that fire arm are submitted to the BATF. Every firearm purchaser that has ever had a background done is in their data base, all the information has been saved.

  • Kyle Burroughs

    Cenk really drives home that conspiracy theory has merit and he does his best to give all those who want to take away your rights something to think about.  Cenk illustrates how the Republican party still exists by playing sound bites of concerned politicians who finally stand up for Americans.  I ask this: Cenk, what do you have to gain by passing such a plan?  Why are you so mad and think that you lost because another imposition wasnt adopted?  I would like to know how being an American as it was and has always been is losing?

  • pichum4st3r

    It is a fact that registries lead to confiscations. Look what happened in Australia and the UK. There are background checks anyway. Every time I go to the local gunshop and buy a gun they do a background check with the FBI to make sure I'm not a criminal. Republicans and Democrats are going to screw this up.

  • Grizzly907LA News, Politics and opinion.

    Gun registration, gun confiscation, and then genocide happens. Its happened in Nazi Germany, Soviet Russia, Cambodia, Cuba, China on and on and on.

  • theboris420

    Ban Hammers NOW they are used more than guns to kill people . If you don't call for a Ban on Hammers you are a racist and a baby killer . 


      Question for the group please, but first off understand – I get my news from many sources to establish a clear distinguishable point of view from many different places.  This seems to be the most logical way to reference, validate, and review new ideas and news online. This is the first time I commented on this "Young Turks" channel; but first a small bit about my self before my question.

      The issues I state here will probably have you confused on my political stance; I really do not fit in anywhere.  When I am asked if I am a Demo or Repub I reply with “I am American” – I feel both parties are actually the same cloaked in the “illusion of choice” to purposely mislead people.  I feel issues typically are designed to divide us as a group to have us fighting ourselves instead of the massive “monopoly” on government by special interest groups, corporations, and the “Elite” – otherwise known as the 2 party system.  So after saying that a few short points on issues to reflect how I view certain subjects: i am also 30 years of age …

    Environment – we are destroying it and no one cares (WHY …! not)

    Abortion – women’s choice end of story

    States rights – let the states decide about legalizing drugs, guns, and other controversial subjects

    Gay Rights – equal rights, why do we judge, still do not understand this

    Religious freedom – do NOT persecute people for the beliefs, enough said

    Guns – I have a concealed carry permit, and own many, many guns including military weapons (I am a registered sharp shooter in my state, 99.3% on my shooting test)

    Spending and foreign affairs – stupid spending needs to stop and we should take care of America before all others, there are too many poor, homeless, disabled, veterans, and sick to worry about other countries

    Question to the group – ‘Why do we still support the 2 main political parties when “Bush and Obama” support the same laws and ideals”.

      If you look at the actual policies and didn’t attach a president to the laws or ideals you wouldn’t even KNOW who is the Republican or the Democrat. – Does anyone agree with me or what is your perspective …Obama just expanded upon laws that Bush signed into law.  The patriot act is the biggest piece of shit law I have ever seen in my life; and the continuing and expanding on it by Obama and his scandals lead to nothing better by his administration; just look at the NSA / Homeland Security.

      The limiting of choice is exactly that; we are told to vote “Red’ or “Blue” but what if I want “Yellow” or “Brown” – the 2 party system has no real choice other than more wars, debt, freedom restriction, divison, and far too much governmental over reach …does anyone else see this happening right in front of us. -xBURNx

  • mosipd

    The second I hear "more guns equals more gun crime" I know that person hasn't done their homework. While there will always be a small number of deaths involving guns where no crime has taken place, the same can be said for any accident involving a fatality. People die all the time due to accidents on the job site, at the home, in their car, etc. However in pretty much every other instance you will find that a crime has taken place. Crime is the cause of gun violence and gun deaths, not the guns themselves. There are many motivating factors to crime, not the least of which includes poverty and lack of education. There are plenty of countries around the world with high rates of gun ownership and very low rates of gun crime. Maybe we should look at solving the underlying factors which lead to crime first instead of blaming the amount of guns in our society. Surely if other countries can do it right so can we.

  • Curtis Smale

    What exactly is wrong with gun registry in the first place? The closest thing I could find is this article on the NRA website:

    From what I can tell, their ONLY reasonable fears are confiscation and private data release. Now, if confiscation was limited ONLY to those that use firearms in crimes we have no problem with that aspect. As for private data release, it sounds by the argument that the data was held by gun sellers as opposed to the government. In either case, there are laws against the public release of private information (like home address) within institutions such as the medical field (patient confidentiality they call it) and others. So this is ALSO not an issue.

    If anything, I can only see benefits to gun registry. Cops have a better idea of what weaponry is likely to be involved in situations where the person's identity is known, so there are less surprises resulting in death. Punishments for illegal firearms can be carried out a lot easier and with greater effect. It forces people to be more responsible with them since it would be both shameful and potentially illegal for their weapon to be in someone else's hands if used to take life. And many more examples.

    Ultimately, I fail to see why it requires a license to drive a car (and a minimum age) but you can buy a gun at the local market, sometimes without even a background check. Guns are MEANT to kill people, cars are not. At least regulate them the same, if not more restricted on guns.

  • George Smarsh

    Any data that passes through the system is going to be saved in a database. When a background check is done, you don't think the information will be logged?

  • silver addict

    Gun control is all bs.. I think everyone should carry for safety, no more armed robbery, physical attacks, and on and on and on.. the pro, out weighs the cons by far.. and everyone knows this. People kill not guns… same thing with knives , bats exc. Get over it

  • JudasBenPesach

    Remember peeps, the young Turks were the same people who took the guns away from the Armenians and murdered them. Cenk and his ilk name their show after a group that committed genocide.

  • Happy Thoughts

    Look at all these gun hoarding fucking morons calling TYT gun grabbers when no one has even proposed that we confiscate any gun. Fuck all you conservative robots. We didn't even try to take your guns and you cried wolf. You are all fearful fucking idiots who believe nonsense conspiracies that the NRA pulled out of their ass. Universal background checks was proposed alone and they scared you idiots enough to give guns to criminals. Great job. God I hate the sorry state of politics in this God forsaken right wing hell hole.

  • Jason Quinones

    What I find most intriguing about this group is that even with clear evidence they cant accept a majority of Americans disagreeing with the point of view they hold on this subject. That's why it must be a "conspiracy", because otherwise it would just mean they might be wrong and THAT is unacceptable.

  • Snowdonkie

    We will never give an inch Cenk. Because you who does not believe in the right to self defense will take a mile.

  • Larry Mattera

    Cenk, the state's had that law and they were caught making a list of gun owners, you disgusting left wing loser.

  • Sanitys Void

    Hey Idiot, if you would produce the videos of the heavy armored and armed kids going into the schools, Sandyhook to now and prove these shootings are even real there would not be any conspiracy theories. Personally think the news, the left and the anti gunners are full of shit too. You want gun control? Prove the shooting are real. If there was nothing funny going on you could not have all the you tubers finding all these funny things going on. Sure some of them are debunked but sure as hell not all of it.

  • Sanitys Void

    All Federal Gun control is a usurpation of Stare power under the 10th Amendment. Since Usurpations already exist it affirms the Second Amendment right there.

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