Constitution and its Salient Features Part 3
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Constitution and its Salient Features Part 3

What our directive principles of state policy
what is adult suffrage what is, why is Indian Constitution Quasi Federal?what is Judicial
Review? Hello Guys this is Jolly Tewari from Lawsikho, TodayWe are going to discuss about
salient features of Indian Constitution part threeWe already discussed about salient features
in part 1 and part 2 nowThis is the last part of those features So before starting our videoI
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more videos like thisSo let’s start. So what is directive? What are the directive principle
of state policy? Are these Enforceable in our Constitution like Fundamental Rights and
in which part it has been defined?Directive principles have been defined under part four
of the Indian Constitutionbut these are not enforceable now directive principles are mainly
instrument of instruction for executive and when Legislative and Executive make laws they
should keep in mind that at least they are beneficial like for welfare of State as standard
of living gets raised like equal pay for equal work,scientific development gets increased,
self Governance also like Panchayat,the people who organize panchayat, free legal aid, upliftment
of women and children, Oh, so what these are some example some like some things in the
mind of the framers of the constitution, so while making laws these things should be kept
in mind that is DPSP’sso these are DPS peas which are not enforceable, but for making
laws in future. These can be a simple help for executive and legislature now our Indian
Constitution is Quasi-federal, because it is unitary as well as federal, how it is unitary
as union list contains more matters than state list, in emergency centre beholds all power,
then main essence of Federal is that our Indian constitution is written and
is supreme, hence it is Quasi -federal, now what is Adult suffrageAdult suffrage is about
the person being above 18. Can who is having the right to vote subjected to some exceptions
like he is not the part of the country like he is non-resident or he has a criminal background
so this has been defined under 61st Amendment under Article 326 and even unsound or insane
person does not have Right to vote so this is Adult Suffrage, now we will come to independent
Judiciary how is Judiciary independent? Supreme court is watchdog of judiciary, If you want
to make Judiciary independent so you got to make your Judges independent,removal of judges
tenure of judges pointment of judges is independent of executive or legislature as judiciary is
guardian of Indian constitution have to make we have to see that our judges are not getting
bias or not under any pressureto give decisions, which is very important, which is theLike
very important for the country or for the people to protect our democracySo this was
a judiciary being independent now, let’s come to as an excellent feature which has been
defined in part 2 of Indian constitution, from Article 5-11 , like USA there is not
different citizenship in our country , there is single citizenship based on the phrase
Jus Sanguinis citizenship based on the parents , now Secular state means no biasness
for a particular religion, for this articles have also been provided , now ets come to
the salient features of Indian constitution fundamental duties defined in part 51 A , these
are not enforceable but these are the duties, as citizen we should follow them , like respect
the national freedom, protect the environment, maintain harmony and brotherhood so these
are some example of the duties which we should follow like not to throw rubbish on public
roads so a feel comes from within to protect our environment defined in partdefined in
partThis will help in keeping our country clean and protect . So let’s come to the last
salient feature of an Indian ConstitutionThat is judicial review of judicial review, If
anything wrong happens then judiciary has a upper hand to remove that law or to amend
it through Article 32 or 226, powers have been given to citizens, if some basic features
are getting infringed we can correct it, so guys here we wrap up with the salent features
part 3 So I hope you got these features very clear in your mind through our videoSo for
thanks for watching and keep Commenting and keep liking. Thank you and have a nice day!

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