Constitution Day 2016
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Constitution Day 2016

Hi my name is Brian Miles Garibay and
im Leilani Kiss and we are social media interns. Today is September 16th which
means tomorrow is September 17th which is the United States Constitution Day we
decided to take the opportunity to ask our Titans about the Constitution some
got the answers correct and some got them wrong but the most important part
was what the Constitution really means to them How many stars that the so-called Betsy
Ross flag have on it 13 for the original 13 colonies. Where
did George Washington go to college? I don’t know Which amendment gave women the right
to vote? easy the 19 What day was the US Constitution signed?
was it July 4th 1776? What is the Bill of Rights? It is the first 10 amendments. Who was
the first president to live in the White House? John Adams. Which amendment gave
eighteen-year-olds the right to vote? the 20th close… 21st. What does the Constitution
mean to you? We all get freedom as Americans and that
there shouldn’t really be any one ruling body whether gender or race in America
and I think that’s great. What does the Constitution mean to you?
well for me it involves everything It involves me buying my car, the taxes I pay
you know property, school, so for me government is everything. Why is the
Constitution relevant to you? Well the Constitution basically describes our
like basic rights that we all have as humans and as people of America What does the Constitution mean to you? The Constitution means a lot to me, i mean i
was born in a foreign country and I grew up in a country where poverty was
rampant and coming into this country and getting opportunity to make something of myself
and grow mean a lot to me. What does the Constitution mean to you? The Constitution means a lot of things i
never really was a fan of politics or the government I thought it was really
boring but I as I’m growing up I really want to become I want to participate
more so I want to participate in the upcoming election and I think that now
is the time for me to actually learn what the Constitution has so i can make
a responsible decision

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