Constitution doesn’t give Pelosi power to change the rules: Tom Dupree
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Constitution doesn’t give Pelosi power to change the rules: Tom Dupree


  • Rocky Evans Jr

    Want to blow a snowflakes mind? Remind them if Trump is impeached in the house & not Senate, he can run 2 more times. The U.S. CONSTITUTION STATES that if a president is impeached by the House but not Convicted by the Senate, that person's first term is nullified and they are eligible to run for office two more times.

  • Over50 Adventures

    Donald Trump has NOT been impeached YET. Nancy Pelosi must send the Articles of Impeachment over to the Senate House to complete the execution of the impeachment. This has not been done yet. It's no different than a prosecutor obtaining a subpoena for an individual to attend court, and then not submitting/serving it to that person/accused. Then when you don't show up at court, the prosecutor attempts to obtain a bench warrant for a subpoena that the court nor you have received. Even though there is a subpoena and it has been obtained correctly, it has not yet been sent to the "court" (or the accused) thus it has not been properly executed. By the rules of Impeachment, Donald Trump is technically not impeached until such time the Articles of Impeachment are sent to the Senate House. Look it up, it's 100% true.

  • Himself Lee

    It is probably being held up because some of the instigators fear being exposed and investigated for their role in FISA, Ukraine, China, the purported whistleblowing, and other actions in order to advance their political agenda. Maybe even having lined their pockets and those of their progeny? Are they trying desperately to cover their tracks? Too late? Who knows. Just speculating here. I would check out all the 501c3 organizations they have a stake in though.

  • Kevin Coop

    The other side has already said there is nothing in the Constitution that says when if if Pelosi has to send it to the Senate. By the way, they read before they spoke. Unlike this guy "In my opinion".

    Trumpty Dumpty sat on his Great Wall!
    Trumpty Dumpty had a great fall!
    All the White House efforts and all Republican Congressmen,
    Couldn't put Trumpty Dumpty back up again!

  • Colton Robinson

    @FoxNews Can you please explain to us all how, what Pelosi is doing right now, by keeping the Articles of Impeachment in order to try to get Senate Republicans to go by her rules, is not exactly what Trump did with Ukraine and was thereby impeached?

  • Clark Williams

    Trump is not officially impeached until the paperwork and evidence is turned over to the senate. They just don't have the evidence. They called no fact witnesses, not one. They could have applied for a court order to make witnesses appear before them but chose not too.

  • Phil Carreon

    Pelosi is relieying on RINOs like Mitt Romney to get 20 republican senators to convict Trump. She is also making demands to the Senate that they will convict and oust Trump from office. So quick to go for impeachment, now wants to drag it out till the Senate satisfies her demand. Schumer chimed in as well demanding witnesses be called to testify. They only want this so they can attempt to bully out a statement that will assure Trump's conviction.

  • Jeremy Burkhart

    Is he being kicked out of office or no…yes…when do we find out and if pelosi is changing the rules why is noone doing anything about it…

  • Richard Eastman

    The House-voted Articles of Impeachment are supposed to go to the Chief Justice, who then convenes the trial and swears in under a special oath of special juror status of the 100 members of the Senate, who will function as jurors and not as legislators during the trial.

    Senate rules will not apply during the trial, the Chief Justice presiding over the entire proceeding from beginning to end.

    The Chief Justice will determine whether and how the jurors will or will not ask questions during the presentations of the House Prosecution and the House and White House Defence.

    The decision of how and when witnesses are called is not a question the Senate jury is entitled to make. This matter is to be brought to the Chief Justice by the prosecution and the defence on term set by the Chief Justice.

    The House that brought the Articles of Impeachment conducts the prosecution. The President brings his own counsel to his defence with such House Members involved as the President chooses.

    Senators will have no active part in either prosecution or defence. Their only job is to hear the arguments for and against each article of impeachment and to judge their weight and validity in meeting the grounds for removal of a president as stipulated in the Constitution of the United States.

    Like it or not, this is the law of the land.

  • Querious

    Pelosi keeps referring to the constitution, but she violates the spirit and the letter of it throughout this process. All the Dems care about is their own power.

  • miriam moore

    What would happen if we all just laughed Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, Hillary Rodham Clinton, Joe Biden, Obama out of office? Think about it, if you saw them on the street, just point at them and laugh at them as if they were wearing the wrong color…and they are wearing the wrong color. They are wearing purple in their treasonous hearts, the color of HRC'S resistance. Laugh at them. Then look them straight in the eye. These freaks of nature can't stand to laugh, be laughed at, or hear the sound of laughter. It is why they are censoring mems. It is why they can't make mems. Laugh at them. IN GOD WE TRUST.

  • RC Hobbyist Extreme

    Pelosi is thinking Obama is still in office. She is thinking that if the Senate just votes on it without looking at it, then they will find out how it works. When I heard that, I couldn't believe ANYONE could be THAT stupid. Then when they DID vote yes on Obamacare, I knew this government was crazy.

  • R Lionheart

    The democrats are meeting in secret working out ideas on how they might be able to guide the process so that the Senate will vote to convict. Do not be surprised if they try an add on. They might come up with more accusations and try to add another article making it a total of 3. Who knows what they might come up with?

  • The Mean Arena

    Why hasn't anyone ever brought up that Elizabeth Warren, who is running for President, who is one of the current President's political rivals, who has openly called for impeachment on many occasions is part of the Senate who will be a part of making the decision to finalize impeachment. How is this not a Conflict of Interest?

  • 0 0

    If I'm not mistaken , but by Pelosi delaying the trial , that would be political action to interfere with an election, more so a greater and obvious crime than what they would be accusing Trump for. Also by her doing that she would be obstructing Justice? These two issues would definitely carry a action to have her removed from office and should carry a criminal charge. Trump wasn't after Biden for political reasons but for criminal … Trump as President has an obligation to make sure that the U.S. don't get involved with countries engaged in criminal activities just like Biden was doing. Biden must be accountable for his crimes and that has nothing to do with politics .

  • 0 0

    I think that the Senate come Jan. 6th 2020 should hold the trial , and if the House don't file the articles that the Senate shall move forward and expunge the impeachment. Pelosi is NOT THE BOSS and her abuse of power is that clearly of a Dictator with the side kicks Schiff and Nadler, and that street scrub Maxine Waters.

  • bill tuqoise

    Dems just can't help themselves, they do the very thing they accuse others of doing. Obstruction and abuse of power fell from nancy's mouth right into her lap! Lol!

  • Michael Davidson

    People have to understand that Nancy Pelosi is a SOCIOPATH who's willing to tell ANY lie to gain and hold on to POWER. She couldn't care less about truth or upholding the Constitution. It's always extremely dangerous when a sociopath holds the reigns of power.

  • Hans Tan

    They are doing exactly what they accused the President is doing – went above the law!
    Change the rules when caught in the own dis demeanour .

  • hxhdfj ifzir st c

    They voted to impeach. If Nancy doesn't hand it over to Mitch, she is obstructing the Senate and that sounds like a crime that she should be impeached for, right? If we're going to make up crimes that don't exist, LET'S DO THIS.

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