Constitution Says Congress, Not William Barr, Can Determine If Trump Obstructed Justice

So Attorney General, William Barr told us
yesterday that no, he is definitely not going to release the full unredacted Mueller report,
but he will release a redacted report very soon. I’m not good enough, but I guess it’s something,
right. But here’s the thing, and this is what several
former members of the justice department have actually been out there saying recently, and
that is bar already jumped the gun and overstepped his authority by immediately clearing Donald
Trump of obstruction of justice according to them, that wasn’t bars decision to make
actually, even though Mueller kicked it over to them. In fact, that decision, according to the US
constitution should reside within Congress, specifically the House of Representatives. And the reasoning is because the House of
Representatives has the sole authority to begin impeachment proceedings. And if the president did commit obstruction
of justice, that would absolutely be something that would be an impeachable offense. But because they have that power in the house,
they should not only have access to the full unredacted Mueller report, but bar should
have never said a word about the obstruction of justice to begin with. Congress can, and I’m convinced eventually
we’ll get their hands on the unredacted Mueller report because the constitution calls for
that. Yeah. If they chose to go this route, here’s the
way it could happen. They could begin impeachment hearings and
then as part of the evidentiary phase, they could, especially because it’s something so
important, get their hands on the untied your entire unredacted Mueller report. Then they could go through it. Look at the things that a Mueller said was
obstruction of justice, determine if intent was there. Because if there was no intent, then there
was no obstruction. But if they find the intent, then they can
move forward with impeachment, which would unfortunately be a completely meaningless
effort by House Democrats because the Senate Republicans will never vote to convict and
remove. So that is how the Democrats in the house
could get their hands on the full unredacted Mueller report. But unfortunately it’s not going to change
the outcome. And that’s what’s so disappointing about this. Not Saying, oh, we can’t get Trump out of
office. No, it’s that we can’t get the full unredacted
Mueller report and have it actually mean anything at this point. The public has made up their minds and unfortunately
for Trump, most of them actually still think it shows that he committed some of crime. May Not be collusion, but it could be obstruction
of justice. It could be a financial crime. It could be a plethora of things. Since Mueller had full scope to go after whatever
he found, even if it wasn’t related to collusion, something that the victory lappers seem to
be forgetting. Mueller was given broad scope to go beyond
just collusion, but they said no. It was started because of collusion. May have started it, but that wasn’t a limited
focus of Robert Mueller. He was allowed and given permission and instructions
to go after anything that he thought may have been a potential criminal activity on behalf
of anyone that he comes across in the course of the investigation. That’s why we need to see it. I’ll take their word that collusion didn’t
happen. That’s fine. Even if it did, you never going to be able
to prove it and it’s really not going to be something that would even result in his impeachment. But if you found financial crimes in there,
something at a state level where he couldn’t be pardoned, we’re impeachment, doesn’t matter,
and you can just kick it over to a state prosecutor to throw him in jail. Yeah. Those are the kinds of things that we need
because those are going to be the only ones that have any real power, any federal crime
committed, and this guy is going to be pardoned faster than Richard Nixon. That’s why we need the report and Congress
does have the authority to get it. The question is, are they actually going to
use their constitutional power to make it happen? Guess we’ll have to wait
and see.

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