Constitutional Scholars Say Trump Committed Several Impeachable Offenses | Hardball | MSNBC
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Constitutional Scholars Say Trump Committed Several Impeachable Offenses | Hardball | MSNBC


  • liam mt

    They were all Democrat Hacks only one was honest . He said I did not vote for Trump but I do not see any issue to Impeach a President .

  • Christopher Ryan

    Trump is a con man. Destroyed Marie Yovanovitch career and is now allowing war crimes to continually be committed (human beings being tied and shot multiple times). None of this would’ve happened had we followed the Muller Report and continued but the pressure in the kettle had to boil to this point. I sincerely hope that this dissolves with respect and dignity because I live in a MAGA neighborhood and yeah. You can see where this can head.

  • tonak1

    Dems Libs Socialists Communists are complete idiots trying to destroy this country. Constitutional scholars , more like paid hacks.

  • Audry Wise

    What's the matter with the Re thug li cans? Stalling won't help you! The facts are the facts! It doesn't matter what you sat it matters what you can prove!

  • Oba*** Man

    GOP Congress members were diverting the conversation to the experts making donations to president Obama and Hillary Clinton campaign.
    GOP have no respect for the u.s. constitution shame on these SOB'S

  • Andrew Migneault

    Considering the pre-video paid advertisements I can guarantee something that isn't in Trump's wallet! A Capital One card! I'm starting to consider Capital One Bank may be one of the creditors Trump scamed by leveraging bankruptcy laws to screw them out of loan repayments!!

  • David J

    If what Trump did isn't wrong, it means that nothing is wrong. If Trump isn't impeachable, then that means that no president will ever be impeachable, no matter what they do. And that will spell the end of our democracy, our Constitution, and our republic. It will be as if we never fought and won a war of independence against a King.

  • David J

    So why was Matt "I drive better when I'm drunk" Gaetz asking the professors questions about President Obama?!?!
    Gaetz: " So what did you think about Obama's tan suit professor?  Did you like it,  YES or NO?"

  • Oba*** Man

    This is the first time in America history a constitutional lawyers who are experts to give their opinions on Trump impeachment, are being questions about their donations to a democratic party.

  • Ro G

    You could bring in Einstein to explain why 2+2=4 and republicans would still be like, “wrong!”
    What a pathetic group of idiots. 👎

  • wordpressobsessed

    So exactly why are we supposed to believe Liberal Democrat law professors who admit they have donated to Democratic candidates, who obviously have no first hand knowledge of Trump's call to Zelensky other than the transcript that Trump released to the public? Even loyal MSNBC watchers should be wary of this narrative, shouldn't they? If not, you need mental help.

  • Donna McDonald

    Ms.Karlan came in with her gun out and load shoot bullet wasn't have it from the uneducation clueless GOP who are clueless about the rules and laws which they should already know or read before this hearing.

  • Sean M

    PHd's are often morons… as these examples prove.. they have devalued there elite educations. Cambridge is sad… Harvard is sad…Berkeley forget it.. Pay top dollar to be educated by a Moron. #Clinton2020… OH and 2.2 million subs 1200 views and 65 comments is pathetic.. a Kitten video does better and is also more informative. #Clinton2020

  • Tribegal

    The professor is an activist from way back. Just watched a 2006 video of here bashing white males.
    You can't make a case for overturning an election based on biased academics' OPINIONS.

  • Sean M

    The racist black senator actually took his 5 min to complain there where no black witnesses.
    GOOD LUCK … eat your own… remember you didn't vote for Mrs Harris because you are misogynistic and racist. BAD BAD #Racist #Democrats … NO black impeachment witnesses.
    (clearly you think blacks are not qualified) was the implication..and NO acceptance for a woman of color!!! LMFAO #Clinton2020

  • Sean M

    "Those are Putin's talking points!" without a single example of putin saying it…you say it.
    its your talking point.. you are the russian propaganda.

  • Sean M

    Cia .. hey .. corrupt Ukrainian asset email rudy.. and state publicly you have evidence Ukraine working was against trump.. Cia … hey .. now call them.. on all there phones… Cia.. now we will charge you. Sorry.. LOL
    Thanks for dirtying them up for #Clinton2020

  • Sean M

    MSNBC if you cant tell by the #'s here .. your YT view count and interaction.. that NOBODY cares… man i don't know what to tell you… post a cute kitten you will make more $. its not about the money… its about working for putin. you are the russian propaganda. YOU. #Clinton2020

  • B.J Cameron

    Msnbc, when Matt Gaetz asked all 4 witnesses to raise their HAND if they had any Evidence from the Schiff Hearing….. not one of these Professors of LAW raised their HAND. Professor Karlan is definitely mentally Deranged as some of her comments bordered on deep emotional delusions by association.

  • Gaetano Vindigni

    Voters must consider that the choice is between providing approval of DjT's excesses and his nascent dictatorship with our silence and inaction as "Rupublicans" want
    using the power of the Constitution to voice our disapproval through a process agreeing on articles of impeachment (if not conviction)
    as well as
    voting him and his servile enablers out of office on November 3, 2020.

    The Constitution, our Republic's foundation made relevant only by the will of the American people.

  • Che Cardona

    None of them had an answer to matt Gaetz question do the have any fact based from Schiff hearning
    Reply was priceless
    I rest my case all over your face
    Can anyone give a better answer than these so called scholars
    If so you should have been the one testifying lol

  • Eric O!

    Why are liberal progressives so alarmingly ugly. Literally near impossible to look at without needing to vomit like the words that come out of there mouths.
    These are disgusting people physically, mentally and spiritually.

  • John Falstaff

    Most who charge against Trump are ordinary Jews. Jewish constitutional scholars as Schiff, Nadler, Karlan or Feldman are steaming with hatred toward Donald Trump. They are worried because Trump is a person who somehow cannot be placed into their mold.

  • avibuilt z

    So opinions matter and facts don't a law professors opinion isn't more important the the people's opinions these are all democratic people who wants the president impeaches before any of this ever started .. an opinion isn't fact it's an opinion no facts no conviction … So sad MSNBC please be true and factual why these people are staying their opinions just for a show then fine. Great show

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