Constitutional Silver (Junk Silver) Quarter Hunt – Big Bag of Silver Coins!

that’s a pretty dirty Silver Mat… we’ll
have to wash it soon but not right now because we’ve got another constitutional
or junk silver hunt to do today… Hey everybody its Rob with Rob finds treasure and I decided it was time to stock up on some quarters went ahead and picked up ninety dollars and seventy five face value or three hundred and sixty three silver quarters
from my silver dealer… now obviously I’ve paid a certain multiplier times face
value for these based on the silver spot price that being said I’m hoping because
I got it at a silver dealer and not a local coin shop that maybe I could find
some pretty decent semi key or key day quarters in there you never know but
more importantly or looking for a 30/70 I do not have one in my collection and
if we can find any of the airs and varieties for the double diet versus and
some of the proof strike reverses for some of the quarters first things first
though we’ve got to get them separated by decade then by year then by mint and
then the hunt will begin let me get them separated by decade first and bring it
back once we got that accomplished that is a beautiful sight that’s a beautiful
57 proof quarter all right we’ve got them stacked by decade we’ve got the
sixties here we’ve got the 50s here the 40’s here the 30s there and then we were
fortunate to get quite a bit of proof quarters in here as well 57 58 no 59 60
no 61 a couple of 62 63 and 64 and I’ll take those bad boys wasn’t expecting
those to be in the bag we also got one barber quarter
it’s a 1902 philadelphia pretty trashy as well as a 19
ix slq not that bad we got illegible date so I’ll take those bonuses for the
sake of time on this video I’m not going to check any of the 60s for any errors
and varieties and for the 50s I’m only going to be checking the 1950 DS and s’s
for the over mint marks the D over s or the s over D let me get those tubed up
these put aside and we’ll see how many 50s 1950 at least we have so I’ve gone
through the 50s and 60s and I know I told you I wouldn’t check for anything
other than the 1950 D / S or the 50s / D but I do want to make a point I didn’t
show the filming of it but from 1956 through 1964 some of the quarters were
accidentally struck with the proof reverse they can call that a type b
reverse and in some it’s a type A or type C reverse but I couldn’t resist
checking the reverses of all 1956 s through 1964 in 1957 on the Philadelphia
minted Porter there is a type b reverse what that means is it’s a proof strike
and it’s easiest to tell and I’ll grab another one to give you an idea here’s a
standard 1957 reverse you can see in states of america the ems are
practically touching each other and the tail feathers on the eagle are not well
struck matter of fact that’s how regular strike quarters were struck tail
feathers were not very bold and the e and the s in states were practically
touching with very little of a gap but on the proof quarters they made
significant better stamping and the e and the ants are separated and the tail
feathers have a much better bald clarity if you look at this one we clearly have
a gap between e and s and if I bring it down to the tail feathers you can
clearly see the amount of detail on this line right here how heavy that is struck
despite the coin being worn really well in poor shape you
clearly see the bottom arc of those tail feathers once again if I bring up a
standard one and put it under here it’s broken up it’s not heavily struck not a
very well struck coin at all as is typical of business strikes so
that being said I went on the PCGS website and I went ahead and grabbed
about 57 type B Reverse FS 901 regular strike with the proof reverse and when I
hover over the E and the S there’s a gap just like mine and when I go over the
tail feathers you can clearly see how thick that arc is at the base of the
tail feathers there’s other markers as well but the bottom line is I believe I
have found in 1957 type B reverse FS 901 regular strike basically a regular
business strike quarter with a proof reverse I’ll take it first what I have
found it’s not going to work very much in this condition because even in mint
state 67 423 dollars and mine is not in mint state whatsoever
and if we go back down here you’re looking at even an extremely fine $10
coin I don’t have a type B reverse 457 we’ll add it to the collection and now
move on to the 40s so the good news is I’ve got all the years covered from the
40s we’ve got a couple in 1940 all the way up to even some in 1949 now there’s
quite a few things to look for in here and I won’t cover them all but I will
definitely be looking for any 1940 Denver minted quarters as that is a semi
key date I’ll be checking for the 1942 Denver minted double die obverse the 43
P and the 43 s for some double die obverses
as well as any 1949 s minted in Philadelphia because that is also under
10 million I’ll also point out that 1942 s is a tougher date to find as well so
with that being said well I have you live let’s just see if I’m lucky enough
to have a 1940 with a denver mint we have a 1940’s I
got excited for a second still the 1940s is under 10 million minted it is a
little bit better of a date this is not in great shape by any stretch of the
imagination but it is a 1940’s and I’ll take it I thought for sure we’d have to
Philadelphia’s now that I still have you here let’s go ahead and check the 1949 s
to see if we have any from Philadelphia Denver Denver and I believe that’s a
Philadelphia Mint and it is so a better date 1949 Philly and a better date 1940s
not too bad to kick us off in the 40s now let me get the 42 s and the 43 s
separated to see if we have those years with the mint marks that are doubled
died obverses so unfortunately on the 442 DS that I had none with a double
dial burst surprisingly I did have 340 two S’s now why this is not a semi key
date it is under 20 million minted and an extremely fine condition they’re
about 10 bucks apiece these are not an extremely fine condition but still is
good seeing some better dates in your purchases will add another rolls and
move on to the 43 so no double die averse for the 43 peas or the esses good
news is we did have 3 s’s to look at and 5 piece to look at and we even scored a
43 d in terrible shape but 16 million minted so not much in the
40s the rest of these are just going to go into roles because there’s not much
to look for and the condition is not that great but we do the handful of 30s
to go through and I’m missing a 37 d for my book so I’m hoping ones in there so
we’ve got a greatest sorbet of the 30s Washington quarter started in
1932 we actually have a 32 in here none were minted in 33 that’s why there’s
zero and you wouldn’t expect to have one we’ve got some 34 35 36 37 38 and 39 s
there’s a lot of good semi key dates in here as well so obviously the question
of the day is I haven’t even looked at the back of this one but this is a 1932
it would be something else to get a 32d RS that’s a key date in the Washington
series no midmark is a very common 1932 even though it’s under 10 million minted
still doesn’t hold much value at all this is on the high grades and this is
not he’s there a mint mark we couldn’t get lucky standard 30 to
Philadelphia moving on to 1934 there are some doubled dye varieties I’ll be
looking for no key dates or semi key dates
neither 435 now we get to 36 we’re looking for anything with the mint mark
the D is a semi key and even an EF 40 it’s like over 50 bucks now I don’t
think we’ll have anything in the f40 condition but I’ll definitely take a D
or an S which is a lot better of a date as well so while I have you here we’ll
do it live see if we have any 36 D or s’s likely not but we’ll look together
anyway you’re more left had to do a double-take on that one and final one
and as expected no semi key dates in there but that’s how it goes when you do
a junk silver purchase you’re not really expecting a score every time although we
have scored sometimes for 1937 is a great double to die our switch will be
checking on the Philadelphia Mint but again we’re looking for a mint mark
DRS those are more valuable and we have a 37’s right here
unbelievable 37 s 1.6 million minted and we’ve got one this coin in EF 40
conditions about a $35 coin of course this is not EF condition but it’s a 10
to 15 dollar coin in this condition all day and I’ll take it that’s a good score
we’ll check those in a minute for their double dive now I’ve kept my red book
out here and I have a link in the video description below to help you look for
things but I wanted to make sure that I didn’t give any bad information on which
mints had doubled eyes which ones are semi key or key dates so I wanted to
have it handy for me now we’re going to 1938 we only have one over here and the
star of the 38th year would either be an S or attended to even a pea
they’re both a lot better days but we want an S hopefully this is a 38 s but
we already know it’s a better date regardless so it’s a 38 P 38 P and EF 40
condition is $15 in the red book that’s not EF 40 but it’s not terrible either
so we’ll take it in 1939 we’ve got a couple things to look for obviously be
nice to score at 39 s even a D but at least if we have one with the MIT mark
that make me really happy let’s take a look at these 1939 Philly of course of course with the graffiti
scratches is a Denver Mint and 1939 Denver is a better date but that one’s
terrible two more left and that’s another Denver and that’s another Denver either way we
did get three of the four 39s we’re a better date and I’ll take it now let me
check my 34 s for the double dive versus see if I got any as well as my 37 s if I
find something with those I’ll bring it back in otherwise we’ll see you at the
wrap-up well unfortunately we did not find any double dies in the remaining
thirties years and you know it’s really a bummer if we found that 1937 s and I
set it at the start I’m missing one quarter in my quarter book and it’s a
30/70 harder to get the 37 s than it is the 37 D and I just can’t seem to find
it we’ve got them all every year that we need except for the 37 D and once again
I’m trumped the good news is we added a lot more quarters to the stack and we
did get a 37 s we did find a 38 P as well as 339 DS if I recall correctly yes
all better dates and then the find of the hunt
other than the 37 s would have to be this 1957 type be proof reverse
Washington quarter hopefully you enjoyed this constitutional silver search it was
all quarters this time I had a lot of fun would have been nice to add the
missing element to the folder but just makes me want to go back out and get
some more quarters if you did enjoy it I’d appreciate a thumbs up and as always
everyone happy hunting and thanks for watching guess I failed to mention that I’ll also
be adding the proofs that we scored to my role of quarter proofs

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