ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s Constitution
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ConstitutionUK: Crowdsourcing the UK’s Constitution

Hello. Welcome to this website-LSE IPA’s Crowdsourcing
the United Kingdom Constitution. The reason we are doing this is simple- the United Kingdom
doesn’t have a Constitution. It has no formal rules and regulations governing how the place
is run and we want to change that. We want to change it with your help. We’re not relying
on teams of experts, we’re not relying on the usual Professors gathered in a room, determining
what it should be and then declaring it and this or that, soon to be ignored by paper.
We’re involving the British public in the question- “What should go in the Constitution?”.
We’re starting with a public meeting on 8th October. We’re having some people with first-hand
experience of what it is like to exercise power in Britain and experts too. But they’re
are not the main purpose of that event. It is to think hard with you about what the values
should be that underpin the Constitution that Britain should have. And then through this
website, which I hope you will now look at and browse and come back to enjoy, we’re are
going to work out through essays, interaction and votes with you as a voter, what should
be in that Constitution. Should we have a Monarch? What about the House of Lords? Worth
having? Or the judges? Should they be independent? This Human Rights Act should be strengthened,
repealed or left as it is- those kind of issues. And we’re also thinking about Scotland, Wales
and Northern Ireland. This isn’t just going to be just a London-based metropolitan project.
It’s not going to be that because its not ours, it’s yours. We’re going to end this
first phase of our project, with a “Constitutional Carnival” at LSE. We’re going to throw the
doors of LSE IPA open to the public to come debate, analyse and conclude what the Constitution
should have. A conclusion which will be made possible by these essays that we’re going
to do on this website over the next six months. So do have a browse, get involved, add your
opinion. If you’re able to, come along to LSE on 8th October, join us at the IPA in
writing the British Constitution.

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