Consumers Lose As Republicans PACK Courts With Corporate Judges
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Consumers Lose As Republicans PACK Courts With Corporate Judges

Barack Obama left office with more than a
hundred vacancies on the federal courts and Donald Trump and the new Republicans in the
Senate did not waste any time filling these seats. But who’s picking these judges and what do
they have to gain from these appointments? Joining me to answer that question is Farron
Cousins from the trial lawyer magazine. Farron, this, if you take a look at this case,
at this situation, I think 15 years ago on Ring of Fire, we started talking about the
idea that the Democrats were paying so much attention to social issues. You know, is this judge, is this judge good
on gender? Is the judge, is he good on civil rights? Is he good on social issues? And we ignored the fact that the people that
were being appointed were the best friends of corporate America, giving them virtually
everything. Trump has taken this to a whole new science,
hasn’t he? He has, and to be honest, I think it’s a little
unfair to give all the credit to Trump here. I think most of it is Mitch McConnell. This has been Mitch McConnell’s dream for,
for decades now. I mean, ever since the guy came into the Senate
back in the 80s and he found a, a useful person in, in Donald Trump because Trump, again,
he’s a guy who didn’t come from politics. He doesn’t know the judges out there. He doesn’t know who’s where. He doesn’t know the groups. So Mitch McConnell looked at this as a bit
of a blank slate. And so Mitch McConnell, through his friends
over at the Federalist Society, have just been pumping these judges to Donald Trump
saying, this is a good person. Here’s their qualifications. Here’s how they’re going to help business. Let’s go ahead and appoint them. McConnell says, look, I’m going to go back
to the Senate. I’ve got all my folks here ready to vote. We’ll get them fast tracked. You’re good to go. Okay, here’s, here’s what, what, here’s what
the Republicans figured out and they figured it out by the way that the Federalist Society
came together. They figured out it doesn’t make any difference
who the president is. It doesn’t make any difference. It doesn’t make any difference who, who’s
in Congress. All that matters is at the end of the day,
how is that law, how’s that congressional mandate interpreted. Executive order, take it away if we don’t
like it through the courts. Congressional, congressional action, take
it away if we don’t like it through the courts. So it took the Democrats forever to figure
that out, to figure that out. As a matter of fact. I don’t think they’re there yet. I don’t think they’re there, I really still
don’t think they understand this. As a matter of fact, you’ve got Trump who’s
made what, 45, 43, 45 appointments just to the appeals court. That’s not even talking about what he’s done
at the trial level. It’s been a disaster for consumers, you know. What, what is your take? Well, right now I think we’re at 25% of the
total makeup of the appellate court is now Trump/Mitch McConnell appointees, who again
are coming from these pro business groups. The Federalist Society is the one vetting
these people and picking these people and they’re getting their money from the Koch
brothers. They’re getting their money from all these
right wing foundations that are funded by businesses, and that’s why, and to be honest,
when we look back at some of the appointments Barack Obama put in there, as you said, yeah,
they’re great on social issues. They’re going to be the best civil rights
judges out there and they’re also going to rule with businesses 100% of the time. A train, a train wreck for consumers. Right. I can tell you even the Obama appointee, the
Clinton and Obama and, you know, yeah, there’s some great judges there. But if you look at, if you look at why we
evaluate judges, we ought to start thinking about how are they doing on consumer issues. Not whether they rule on whether a male and
female can use the same bathroom. I mean, I’m talking about kitchen table issues,
dining table issues that affect whether your child can go to school, whether you’re going
to have a job. These judges, whether they’re Democrat or
they’re Republican, are horrible on on, on, on consumer kinds of issues. Now let me, let me tell you something. Give me your idea of, of how this has shifted
so dramatically. How have the Republicans taken this and they’ve,
they’ve really made it work for them? I mean, how have they, how have they gotten
here? What was the difference between what they
did and what we saw with Obama? Well, what the Republicans did was they obviously
they had the perfect storm. You have the presidency and you have the Senate. House of Representatives doesn’t matter. Right. When it comes to the courts and because of
that, Mitch McConnell said, listen, we’ve got a big majority, we’re going to change
the blue slip rule, which means… Well talk about that. Right, the blue slip rule was where if the
judge was from your state and you being the Senator from there said, no, I don’t like
this judge. In the past, traditionally they would just
say, okay, well it’s your state. We won’t pick this person. We can hold it up. Right. You can do whatever you want to. Mitch McConnell said, nope, that doesn’t matter
anymore and because of that, they can now fast track these people. They don’t have to get approval from both
sides. They’ve got their big enough majority that
everybody can get an up and down vote and go in. 50 votes, not 60 votes. Right. Yeah. And because of that, we have seen this fast
tracking and it is because, as you said, Republicans know that the presidency is going to change
hands all the time. Senate will, House will, these are lifetime
appointments that will never change until that person retires, dies or gets impeached,
which has only happened a handful of times in history. Okay, quick reminder, Robert Bork, Scalia,
they were the heart of the entire federalism movement. They were the people that came out with this
nonsense called originalism. Yeah. Even though they like to say, yeah, this is
a good idea. We don’t see the Republican’s following originalism
at all, but, but here’s the point. They, they, there’s a guy that is Leonard
Leo is a name that comes up a lot. Leonard Leo is the guy that controls the appointments
through the Federalist Society. He controls virtually all the appointments
we’re seeing with Trump and in here, and the truth is until we’re able to get the Democrats
to understand the appointments matter even more than the Supreme court, even more than
the presidency, I think we’re going to be in the same boat. Well, and we’re looking at, I mean, just real
quick to throw a number out there, about 80 cases a year at the Supreme Court, 50,000
decided in these lower courts. So you tell me which one is more important. Yeah, 80 versus 50,000 I’m, I’m going with


  • Patricia Manzi

    Moscow Mitch is serving his one-sided base. We are being dragged back to the 19th century by a "christian" based religious zealots. This will not end well. McConnell will be held accountable for trading against the public!

  • Alan Macphail

    Both the Republicans and the Pelosi Democrats are corporatists. That's why Pelosi wouldn't impeach until forced. They both have the same agenda.

  • The Write In President

    So I just got back to My Holiday Inn Express Room #322 where these Taco Bell Meals are so fucking Righteous!!! Now??? What is happening with the U.S. FLAG MSM News??? Shall I break it down for you??? Remember when the Military Attacked Turkey, and the President of Turkey asked the People to Rise up and put a STOP to it??? You can look up the Videos as it happened about a Year Ago… That was FREE MASON In the Turkish CORPORATION doing the will of the U.S. FLAG FREE MASON Roman Catholic Military……., and so Eerdowan {{{is talking to}}} Jesuit Zionist FREE MASON Mike Pence RIGHT NOW [whom is conveying] the message of {Our CEO of the United States} Military Religion GOVERNMENT to do [Double Talk] /* or Duality Speak if you like, and this is where FOX and CNN will say: The President of the UNITED STATES {of Americans} told The CEO of Turkey to STOP killing, but in truth they are telling him to kill even more Turkish and Syrian nonmason on that Borderland just as we nonmason Americans have been Walled In, and we are being murdered by U.N. Troops in U.S. and Mexican Military Uniforms of ICE and HOMELAND SECURITY for this fucking World Domination of these Pyramid People!!! So sure, it is all staged from the FREE MASON Demolay – Shriners – Jobs Daughters – Rainbow Girls – Eastern Star aka GOLEM RACKA in their Suits and Ties and Amazon Tranny Makeup Cosmetic $10,000.00 Dresses, and in all this, the 50 STATES FOR AMERICA do not see we are OCCUPIED by this FREE MASON INTERNATIONALIST WORLD POLICE U.S. FLAG of G4S C.O.P.S. and other Private Contracted Corporations of the Black Water types, and in this, you best just start pushing back and putting your STATES FLAGS on your State Police within your States CONSTITUTIONAL Boarders and kick all U.S. Patches, U.S. Agencies, and U.S. whatever out of YOU LOCAL Counties and them Cities within your Counties Boarders, or JADE HELM 15 Continuing Operations under TOTAL MEDIA BLACK OUT will take you down, throw you into the County Jails as Mental Wards for them RED FLAG LAWS of Trump and Obamas 21st Century FEDERAL Police Act, and you damn right I would rather just see the Brutality {out in the open} so we could shoot these Traitors to our 50 Sates CORPORATION FLAGS Dead Dead Dead!!! Never forget the News Job is to make you say: THE NEWS PEOPLE Will get to the bottom of it, so why worry about these FREE MASON Fucks??? You just keep doing that nonmasons…… Just let them FREE MASON Lodges OWN YOUR TOWNS!!!! The Commander~ [///|||\]

  • omega omega

    Isn't it possible to fire these judges and appoint new ones. Can't the lifetime appointment be changed , if the present situation is not functional.

  • kcanan1982

    The vacancies were not filled in the last administration because they were blocked by McConnell and the Republicans so they could put in who they wanted and stack the courts in their favor!!!!! Its been rigged for repubs and the elite!!!! I really thought this show was different but tell the WHOLE story!!!!

  • Teresa Barrett

    He is useful for his senator in charge, phony evangelicals, kkk, senior people scared and selfish about Generation x, z & y getting any social security or healthcare period. Senator Warren, Mayer Pete are prepared and willing to end this fight. Biden, Klobashar are only interested in the safe the familiar the status quo. Not good enough.

  • Kenrick Eason

    To be honest if you give one party too much power, an unbalanced shift will cost too much fractions between private citizens and public servants.. Moscow Mitch and President Trump is doing nothing but hurting American Consumers to a point you will unintentionally hurt corporations cause the Consumers will not spend their money with companies who will openly screw them over without consequences.. Some Politicians and Some Companies only see money without thinking about the backlash of what will happen if too many laws favor them.. That's why we always need a balance so everything stay equal and down the middle for everyone..

  • Karal Guidubaldi

    Just wanted you to know that the ad that followed your review was promoting the Federalists‚Äô agenda! The power of Special Interests at work! Insidious…

  • American G.D.A.

    So Basically, Obama Fucked the American People!
    I should have known!
    What did I expect from a "Wealthy Democrat"!
    That would make Obama
    Just barely a Republiclan!
    No Difference!

  • Angel Light

    Trump is not oblivious to this situation, they are all part of the same corruption and that's exactly what Trump's intentions are, which is why he's always trying to rely on his Supreme court justices to get him out of his illegal activities and crimes.

  • Angel Light

    This was all planned folks, they wanted to pave the way for Trump and other corrupt and rich criminals, so they could break the law and get away with it. Our rule of law and government has been hijacked by these mafiosos.

  • Eagle Eye

    Look up Andrenachrome.

    All the Major Bankers, Corrupt Corporations, Hollywood elites and Elitist Politicians are addicted to this drug.
    It’s more powerful and more addictive than Heroin.

  • ajs1031

    How our courts work:
    A female acquaintance of mine had a central AC unit installed. The contractor installed it incorrectly. Instead of draining to the outside, the ac unit drained directly towards her home, resulting in 40,000 dollars worth of water damage.
    She took the contractor to court. She brought with her an affidavit from the manufacturer, including the manual for correct installation of the unit. She brought affidavit's from three other contractors all stating that the contractor had installed the unit incorrectly.
    The judge decided that, somehow, all of this was "not enough evidence that he had installed it incorrectly", and she lost her case.

  • Lew Rodd

    The US is obviously being run by the mob, putting judges who are open to letting political criminals get away with breaking the law and looking favourably on the people who got them their jobs is corruption plain and simple.  We laugh at banana republics but the biggest banana republic of them all is so confident it's greased all the wheels and got all the judges in their pocket they are giving the rest of the world the finger, they will take some bringing down and the American people are not up to the task.

  • Juliett A

    This is the legacy of Pelosi and the other corporate democrats. We need 6 year term limits on EVERYTHING from senators to federal judges to mayors to school boards.

  • clemont williams

    Congrats republicans and corporate dems, consumers are going to get screwed in the courts for the next decade. Big business is going to win every case where consumer interests are at issue. The small print in contracts is going to get smaller. Employees are going to have fewer rights against employers. It's going to be harder to organize a union. Why anyone who isn't already a billionaire would push this agenda is hard to understand since they are going to get screwed along with just about everyone else.

  • Mark Chippendale

    Even as an old British guy, I understood this growing problem in America since before Obama's Supreme Court nominee got blocked. As was said, the courts are the ultimate arbiters of American democracy – not the President, nor even the Government! The Democrats have been dropping and fumbling this crucial ball for over a decade!

  • Bill Sanders

    There needs a time limit on that requires an up or down senate vote on all presidemtal appoints. Say no more than sixty working days.

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