• SulforaphaneMeUp

    So what was the disturbing language, Nigerize? I don't think a black president can successfully fight racism because every time he mentions anything having to do with race he gets a big pushback from the right. If all he did was fight racism in America, he wouldn't get anything done and he would be hated even more by the right that already thinks he is a reverse racist. Cornell West is nothing but a bigmouth and I don't think he is smart enough to think things through.

  • wrestlingbrain123

    Never let a tragedy go waste do you Liberals just despicable trying too divide races as usual you will succeed this time in destroys a piece of our history.

  • MrBubblescookie

    So if the confederacy had won blacks would have been slaves much longer and slavery would have spread to new states. Isn't that enough reason to take down that flag?

  • Jack Mayhem

    Instead of talking about the real issues and blaming the psycho who did the crime, People want to blame a flag. CNN is pushing for division and it's working. Leave the flag alone.

  • AWLZooM

    Regardless of the reason why this is an issue now, c'mon people. The Nazi flag comparison is pretty much the only one you need to justify removing the Confederate flag. It represents both treason and slavery. Sure it's rather silly for it to be focused in on now, but it still doesn't change the fact that the Confederate flag belongs in a museum, not proudly flying above a government building in the 21st century.


    you wont have a debate over the nazi flag because the zio nazis run the US….they wouldnt have it….black people dont mean shit to people in the us..and have no financial and political power…so you put them first and they put you last if at all……..leave the flag up…take down racism white supremacy……

  • David Gale

    Flags don't kill people; people kill people. A completely uneven platform when it comes to fighting more against a flag then against the guns that actually help criminals with mass execution within seconds. Get your priorities straight US.

  • Eero Haapala

    The pro-freedom North bitch-slapped the pro-slavery South in the Civil War 150 years ago, but many rural conservatives still haven't gotten over their defeat. The treasonous Confederate flag needs to be removed from the South Carolina Statehouse.

  • wofdigy

    maniac kills 9 and everything is to blame except the maniac…
    you friggin people ARE the problem! you people meaning,
    white, black, brown, blue, pink, purple etc.. 
    dear brother president that has done more for racism than racists could have ever dreamed of.
    divide and conquer.
    Nero fiddled, 0bama golfed!

  • Marie Ewwf

    "Cornel West: It's time to remove the Confederate flag" you racist Shoah liar too you

    Do know it is against the law to plagiarize what you heard what you said is a no no's

    You have insufficient evidence to prove that ancient Egyptian flag had anything dote

    On the truth just one single time dude you Black civil rights leaders are in for the doe

    Dough me once dough me twice you say that flag should be dismissed as the big foe

    Runs lose right inside your very own organizations even seti is found on all sides foes

    Of that flag how dare you re-constitute what that U.S. Constitution says fall to Jesse's

    The James Brothers and that South knew the British infantry came in like that clouds

    Of darkness are all you are go fly that 50-striped pit-viper of a flag all gone on the 4th

    Well it so soon disappeared well after that when the X in white to blue backgroundeth

    You worthless eater$ i$ all you think of with even that great U.$. $enator Lind$ey seth

    Standing right there next to that South Carolina Governor what business deals wideth

    Huh you people plant paradise into a museum and you say you have understandeths

    Not so the scripture says the pharaohs crossed themselves X you have no see tombs

    Well gee Anubis saw to it that 8 million dogs were magnified to be remembered limbs

  • Marie Ewwf

    Actually as a real matter of fact all of you whoremongers who agree with Senators did

    Slam Bashar al-Assad for what he did not do but it was John McCain and those habits

    Who sold guns was it to I.S.I.S. as there are variables of who they handed gun's topics

    Did you know Pete Santilli even admitted the shooter was under MKULTRA as pysops

    And this is just a continuation of the same policy of every single day you launch morals

    That neither collude with what happened nor speak the truth that you people love ISIS!

    End of story all caught even that rank Governor has a nerve opening her mouth curses


    X represents times this to times of that 13.000000000000000000000000000000000X~

    You want to play with the wind some time it says the light of Amun-Ra hates your F'sx

  • Freddyfrug

    Cornel West has no idea that battle flag is just one version of a Confederate flag and neither does anyone at CNN which is located in Atlanta which is the capital of Georgia whose official state flag (since 2003) is actually another version of a confederate flag. The first national flag of the confederacy (The Stars & Bars) is what the current state flag of Georgia looks like.Yet nobody in Georgia seems to realize that in 2003, they merely switched a well known version of a confederate flag with an obscure version of a confederate flag. Smart brother Cornel West probably doesn't even realize that Georgia was the state that had the highest number of black lynching victims in the 20th century and not Mississippi.

  • Basketball God

    It's interesting that this flag not only is racist but it also represents the followers wanting to be distanced from the US. Why the US allows the flag when it is against the US makes you wonder deeply. They let the KKK hang people and still have a group till this day so it does not surprise me. The president back in the day was quick to put the hit out on the black panthers though wasn't he? They got rid of the panthers and left the KKK perfectly alone. The message they have been sending for years is clear. They don't fuck with no one but their own kind. This is not speaking for all white people and it's really only aimed at the top percent who want to destroy our peace we have left. This is all about power and it's not personal. History shows that there is always someone that will try to rule over everyone at any expense.

  • Keith Caarver

    This poor bastard, Cornel West is pathetic. God doesn't give two hoots about a flag and those who believe in God don't either. This guy? Again, pathetic.

  • UsedCondomCollector

    I am a black man from North Carolina and these are my concerns!

    1. When is the rally scheduled to start working on black on black crime? That concerns me!

    2. When will we start working on black men taking care of their own children so we can reduce the welfare percentages?

    3. When will we work on doing something about young black girls and older women getting pregnant w/o a husband, 73% of black kids are born to unwed moms, some still in high school?

    4. When are my people going to get jobs so they can take care of their own households, so far, lots of recovery talk and NO JOBS!

    5. When will major U.S. cities like Baltimore, Detroit, Chicago, New York do something reduce their dropout rates and actually teach these kids for the money they take out of tax payer's pockets.

    6. When will black parents get serious about education for their kids and teaching them self control and how not to take someone else's stuff, carjack people's cars, rob, steal, and kill at a ridiculous high rate? I would love to see one car jacking from a man who was white on tv, tired of seeing the police drag black guys away for doing this stupid stuff.

    7. When will the black church stop being used for left wing purposes? When will they stand for the Bible and the things it says rather than for what left wing liberals want. Everyone attending a black church can read Romans chapter one talking about homosexuality. When will we stop defying God and voting for Satan.

    8. The highest percentage rate of babies being aborted are black and no one seems to care. Martha Singers genocide of the black race is happening with the blessing of black women and men. When will we rally to stop this?

    9. When will we rally to get our percentage rate of welfare recipients down rather than having the highest percentage in the nation?

    10. When will start snitching, acting like civilized people, and report crime to the police, particularly when we know who murdered someone?

    11. This could go on for a long time, I think you get the point……so just one more!

    100. When will we rally to remove the Confederate Battle Flag from the lawn of the S.C. State Government? This is serious majoring in the minors if it doesn't fix any of the thing above it and it won't.

    When the next black guy robs, rapes, or kills another white man or woman what will you rally about then? Personally I am tired of our out of control young people, black and white!
    When will we do something about them, gun control is not the answer, people control is.

  • Confederate Fire


  • texas rebel

    Oh, I'm a good old rebel,
    Now thats just what I am,
    And for this yankee nation,
    I do no give a damn.
    I'm glad I fought a ganner,
    I only wish we won.
    I aint asked any pardon for anything I've done.

    I hates the yankee nation and eveything they do.
    I hates the declaration of independence, too.
    I hates the glorious union, just dripping with our blood.
    I hates the striped banner, and fitted all I could

    I road with Robert E. Lee,
    For three years, thereabout.
    Got wounded in four places,
    And I starved at point lookout.
    I caught the Romatism
    Campin' in the snow.
    But I killed a chance of Yankees
    And I'd like to kill some more.

    3 hundred thousand Yankees
    Is stiff in southern dust.
    We got 3 hundred thousand
    Before they conquered us
    They died of Southern Fever
    And southern steel and shot
    I wish there were 3 million
    Instead of what we got.
    I can't pick up my musket
    And fight 'um down no more
    But I ain't gonna love 'um
    Now that is certain sure
    And I don't want no pardon
    For what I was and am
    I won't be reconstruted
    And I do not give a damn

    Oh, I'm a good old rebel,
    Now thats just what I am,
    And for this yankee nation,
    I do no give a damn.
    I'm glad I fought a ganner,
    I only wish we won.
    I aint asked any pardon for anything I've done.
    I aint asked any pardon for anything I've done.

  • meowkris

    Reading some of these comments, it's very clear that ignorance runs deep. Certain people are so lost and don't even know it.

  • Sexi Mexi


  • CyberThug1080i

    Can anyone tell me why these state still fly flags based on the Confederate battle flag?Mississippi, Georgia, Arkansas, Alabama, Florida….?

  • brad maguire

    took me a while to see thru Mr West's bullshit, but he should know, Martin Luther King stood with the Confederate flag because it does not represent pro-slavery, but rather rebellion against the tyranny of over taxation by the north, who also owned slaves btw, look it up, the first shots at fort sumtner were shot because it was the location where the slave owning white supremacist Lincoln was garnering 80% of the taxes for the entire nation from the south, then look up Lincoln's comments on blacks and how they are the inferior race, then look up Sherman's March, and you tell me with a straight face and no hesitation that Mr west is not full of shit. he's a Communist, and if you don't know about communism/leninism/bolshevism/communitarianism, I suggest you look up what happens to cultures who had and have that system of government implimented, tens of millions of deaths, the Gulag, and revoking of any freedom that most people in America take for granted. the identification of race and class struggle was put on the front lines of social consciousness by racists, and genocide advocates, and unfortunately people believe the likes told by these people because they say a lot of nice things even though they don't give two shits about anyone other than the sychophants, cronyists, and people who share a similar bloodline. West is a phoney you can believe the lies, like I did for too long, or you can realize they don't give two shits about you and would sell out the entire population of the world if it could save their own necks.

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