Corona Virus Spread to USA ?? new virus infection spreading around the world II Outbreak in China
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Corona Virus Spread to USA ?? new virus infection spreading around the world II Outbreak in China

new virus I started spreading over the
world really have you heard that a new virus start spreading all over the world okay welcome back to earth today and
let’s get survived subscribe recent news published in BBC a new york
times and many other world news about virus infection of coronavirus the
outbreak was reported from china two people are known to have died from
precipitory willingness which appeared in Wuhan City China in December 2009 T
in first week of January this year Japan’s health means to be said that
Chinese man in his thirties tested positive for the corona virus the man a
resident of Kanagawa Prefecture just how to Tokyo returned returned to Japan on
6th January after travel into Rohan the World Health Organization said that it
was highly likely that the virus had spread from a seafood market in Wuhan
that also sells live birds and other animals especially bets but Japan’s
health means to say that the patient had not visited any seafood markets in China
adding that it is possible that the patient had close contact with an
unknown patient with lung inflammation while in China detection of virus also
found in Thailand has per the latest news from 61 years old Chinese woman
travelling from one city China while the outbreak is centered in the central
Chinese city of Ohan there have been two cases in Thailand
and one in Japan Wuhan International Airport serves a
population of 19 million people but nearly 4,000 travel internationally per
day Singapore and Hong Kong have been screaming air passengers from Wuhan and
unitedly state authorities announced similar measures starting at three major
airports in San Francisco Los Angeles and New York
what is this virus it is viral respiratory tract infection and corona
viruses interact and sensitive to lipid of living beings why are they called as
corona viruses due to the appearance of solar corona has in the shown image
those Club shape of petal shape projections or plum lines look like
solar loops it can infect several animals amongst the six general corona
viruses contain alpha beta gamma delta of pinyon toro virus human corona virus
belong to alpha and beta corona virus such infection was a type of human
corona virus the envelope calculation of corona viruses is very difficulty in
fact they grow only on organ culture SARS coronavirus was first described in
an outbreak in southern China in 2002 this virus spread over several countries
in the world in Asia and North America and South America and Europe but more
than 90% of these cases were as far reported from China and Hong
there were at least almost 800 dates in this outbreak in 2002 to 2003 it has
been reported from 27 countries of the world including United State of America
Malaysia Indonesia Korea and etc but it has not yet been reported from India
will coronavirus be the next plague will it be spread to your country to find
answers let’s discuss about cholera virus danger zones in the next video
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