Coronavirus Lies
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Coronavirus Lies

We should praise the Chinese
government’s swift action during this crisis. No we shouldn’t. When China says
everything’s being taken care of and to not panic, that is precisely the time
that people need to take action into their own hands.
We’d be foolish to believe the infection figures that come out of the state media
from China. The cases are now in the high thousands which means that this disease
in fact this corona virus is more transmissible than SARS was look at a
timeline of what happened to see how slowly it’s been dealt with and how the
information was actively suppressed on December 8th the first case was reported
in Wuhan on December 30th the central government sent a team of experts to
Wuhan to investigate On January 1st the Chinese government arrested eight people
for talking about the virus the first priority was for the government to crack
down on rumors but the rumors that were being punished were the fact that the
virus existed and was a threat to actual people not the rumors telling people
that they would be cured if they drank garlic water
On January 11th the first death was reported on January 14th media who
reported on the cases in Wuhan were arrested by police and had their phones
and cameras searched for any information regarding the disease On January 18th
the Wuhan government held a 100 thousand person banquet where people all ate from
the same dishes three miles from where the virus was confirmed to have come
from this is two days after 49 cases had been made public On January 19th Chinese
officials stated that the disease wasn’t very infectious and that there is
nothing to worry about On January 21st the government held a
Chinese New Year celebration were multiple performers fell ill but the
state media regarded them as having great spirit because they didn’t stop
the performance On January 22nd the government asked people in Wuhan to wear
masks however the rules for mask wearing have just now become an official rule
they have to enforce it through fines because the populace has to be coerced
to follow the rules due to lack of education on January 23rd the city was
quarantined and no one was allowed to leave however
five million people had already left on the same day
Wuhan Airport had closed but before this it allowed people to board if they had
no symptoms like fever it’s important to know that scientists have been saying
that people may be able to spread the disease without showing symptoms yet
people were still allowed to board and leave Wuhan on January 27th the mayor of
Wuhan said he would step down now the central government is being lauded as
the only government in the world that could have dealt with this so swiftly
the mayor of Wuhan has been chastised hung out to dry and is the sole
responsible figure for this cover-up and the rest of China was now allowed to
hate him he was publicly shamed and is quoted in saying that he has to accept
full responsibility for what happened that’s the thing the government didn’t
care about the people or the spread of the virus but I’m not just talking about
the Wuhan or Hubei government I’m talking about the central government it
is now breaking news that the mayor of Wuhan said that Beijing and his rules
were partially responsible for this disaster the central government needed
to approve the release of sensitive information about the corona virus yet
he is the one that bears the brunt of this mistake On January 29th the
government continues to arrest people that speak out about the Wuhan
coronavirus watching state media and China pick and choose what information
is allowed to trickle out to the rest of the world is like watching someone
trying to drain an ocean with a drinking straw media on all levels from all
countries are now congratulating the Chinese government and its Swift efforts
to contain the virus all while ignoring how ended up so bad in the first place
people are making the assumption that because of China’s strong man leadership
in its ability to do everything without the hindrance of democratic processes is
the reason that it’s able to quarantine millions of people within hours and stop
the spread of the corona virus trust me this very system is the reason the virus
was allowed to spiral out of control to the level that we see now the central
leadership of China the CCP needs to retain control and legitimacy when you
have people dancing around the streets saying that they’re not scared and they
don’t need to wear masks and the government will protect them you know
the level of education and perceived severity on the ground in China however
when the cases started to get out of control the CCP had to start worrying
about who is going to catch hell for this and decided that someone
Ted had to roll do not think for one second that the hero status of the CCP
and how it’s dealing with this is well-deserved
the corrupt chain of command that China operates on is the very reason that the
rest of the world is gonna have to clean up this mess if you look at a flight map
you can actually see all the flights coming out of China this is a problem in
itself just because the Wuhan Airport was shut down we still have people
leaving from other airports in China to go to countries abroad the problem with
this is that the cases that the Chinese government is declaring are actually the
official state figures from state media and unfortunately because of checks and
balances and citations that helps influence all global news outlets who
have to report on those numbers and it helps downplay the pandemic the amount
of beds in the hospitals that were already in Wuhan is well enough to be
equipped to cover the cases that the Chinese government is declaring so why
they rushing to build a hospital within hours and then being lauded as the
heroes for doing so if it’s really not that bad
everyone’s also lauding the government for cracking down on Taobao shops which
is like Chinese eBay but this is yet again another situation where seven
people get nailed to the cross for an absolute insane amount of people trying
to make money off this tragedy and sell fake masks state media showing how all
of China is coming together to fight the virus and the strength of Chinese unity
through nationalism and government worship is going to solve this
catastrophe meanwhile the absolute ineptitude of the government has led to
witch hunting people from Hebei province and locals having to make their own
barricades on roads with signs up saying that no outsiders are allowed in the
absolute ineptitude of the government allowed five million people from the
city escape while they brag online about how they got out all while the
government fully knew that they were instructed to not allow people to leave
the absolute ineptitude of the government led them to start checking
people’s temperatures at the Wuhan Airport and allowing them to board if
they showed no symptoms despite already knowing that the incubation of the virus
was long and asymptomatic people could infect spread the virus this is why one
party leadership doesn’t work the government can never be held accountable
for anything when it is forced to show accountability who will blame a lower
power in this case the hue government the who big government is a part of the
CCP the officials report to Beijing and I
promise you that Beijing you about this who Bey was playing the
impossible game of hiding just enough and telling just enough but someone was
going to get in trouble either way just not the top it’s like
saying the guy that ran the outwits camps is responsible for everything and
the Nazi Party had absolutely nothing to do with it the language being used in
state media is bolstering confidence amongst Chinese people when they declare
how many people have died from the disease right next to it they also show
a number that showed how many people have recovered unfortunately they don’t
use the word recovered they use cured which implies that the Chinese
government has a cure to this virus and people shouldn’t have to worry about it
too much now the premier of China representing the entire government is
going around and giving everyone a good Jo a good thumbs up and says work hard
he is now the expert on virus transmission and everybody needs to get
together and be like you know we’re Chinese we’re gonna take this down it
reminds me of North Korea level propaganda it reminds me of Mao era
times when he would go inspect farms or steel plants despite having absolutely
no idea what he’s talking about and in foreign broadcasts in English from CG
Tian which is state media they just used the same gobbledygook garbage rattling
out CCP jargon and claiming that they have a handle on the situation when in
fact it’s clear that they don’t stick by President Xi Jinping family Tem arrived
on Monday in Wuhan to instruct on epidemic control and prevention efforts
against the virus he spoke through a walkie-talkie to an infected patient on
video screen and he met with and also encouraged frontline medical personnel
there was a brief lull where it looked like the Chinese government would allow
its citizens to communicate about this coronavirus a little bit more
transparently it really did seem that way and yet they’ve begun to censor
information again harass people that talk about it again
force doctors into silence while they slave away and deal with countless
patients if the capacity in Wuhan can fully accept this amount of patients why
are they rushing so quickly to build mega hospitals in just days if it’s not
that bad if there’s no reason to panic if we
deserve to be silenced and censored just to keep everyone calm then why is the
response so drastic I promise you the Chinese government is not telling the
truth and that is not fair to Chinese people or citizens of the entire world
the only way that these brave citizens in China and especially in the city of
Wuhan can actually get legitimate information out to the rest of the world
and tell us what’s really happening is if they use a VPN before we wrestle not
against flesh and blood but against principalities against powers against
the rulers of the darkness of this world against spiritual wickedness in high


  • Stephanie F

    Make God true and EVERY MAN 🙏 A LIAR. Why is China jailing their people who speak out about the truth of this virus for 7 years if China was being transparent?!!! God bless 🙏

  • Jesus is King

    In 2003 they had the same coronavirus outbreak in Hunan. Over 750 fatalities, so why is everyone acting like this is a new thing? I find it HIGHLY suspicious that it just happens to be hunan again. I feel as if there is something else at work behind all of this, something coded/ hidden.

  • Duke and us

    The seven days Mr Duke was in the hospital they daily tried to give him all the vaccines with no luck. He told them he'd had them all. Today at his appt they're still asking. Because of his shoulder break he acquired multiple clots in his lungs. Soooo, a flu shot will fix that, right. They didn't even write the one medication he does essentially need for a couple of months. So…life…maybe, vaccines absolutely…. He's doing much better. God bless our friend!

  • flowers in springtime

    the company that produces dettol here in the uk has an anti bacterial spray and wipes, when you look at the back it says it cures himan coronavirus, maybe they should contact the chinese government

  • Miss Piggy

    Wuhan medics smuggled the real numbers out. More than 100.000 infected. The lady in Germany spread it before she got sick. So it is infectious in the 7-14 days that it takes to get sick. They destroyed roads so nobody can leave Wuhan and they lock people up in their houses with huge steal bars.

    In this one you see the steal bars.

    This one you see how bad it really is and how they break up roads, drive in the army in large amounts, etc.

    Take preparations and stay save. God bless you and your families. Love and peace to all..

  • K9Koulla

    Chinese goverment officials and scientists man made virus. I agree Chinese President Xi Jinping should take the blame. He doesn't care about the safety of his people. He loathes Chinese Christianity preaching Jesus not man. He puts them in prison. I remembered watching documentaries when Chinese people lost their homes due to the 2008 Beijing Olympics. I was horrified and saddened that these people have nowhere to live due to the corrupt court system. I pray for the people. I've had it with all mainstream media including RT when China is a different country. It is not. They're all the same with their propaganda. Xi Jinping is not God. Never will be. Whatever happens to my body. I learn to fear God not this world. I stand by with Jesus. God bless you all.

  • don Quixote

    Some very astute observer realized that in this fallen world the official institutions are doing the exact opposite of what their declared aims are: government enslave and dehumanize, justice punish and further enslave, medicine profit from a veritable sickness industry, media lie and entertain, scientific establishment deceive and confuse, education system brainwash and attempt to erase any sense of the grace and truth of God.

    Habitually I remain skeptic of the mass media propaganda, theatrics, hysterics and pushed in your face "experts" views and predictions.

    This is not a naturally occurring pandemic, but like influenza, aids, ebola, H1N1 and so many more, coronavirus displays all signs of evil at work and I pray it will fail just like the ebola scam few years back.


    My rock is Jesus Christ and I fear nothing of this Earth !

  • rephilip56

    I had a fever for 9 and a half months , ( starting in October 2017 ) usually hovering around 102.5 . Lost 65 lbs and spent most of the time on my back. The whole time I was being probed catscanned ,3 separate biopsies and just about died before things turned the other way. Not once did anyone think I had something like this. No disease control people spoke to me.That speaks volumes. When there is a patent they can figure things out pretty quick. This whole thing is obviously nefarious and contrived. I pray for the return of Jesus. May these demons responsible for this madness meet him directly if they crawl out from under their rocks.

  • Drones For God's Glory

    Thanks for this spot on video my dear brother in Christ Jesus…may we hold fast to His promises, even so come our King come…

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