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Co:Writer Universal | Quick Demo

In its simplest form,
writing is recording. But the best
writing goes deeper. It comes from the human desire
to communicate, to take an idea and express it for
others to take in. What is Mona Lisa
thinking about? I remember the day, how
it affected my spirit. But for some people, the
words don’t come out right. There is a wall between
idea and expression. Grammar and spelling
get in the way. Word recall is a barrier. That’s where CoWriter comes in. CoWriter sharpens writing like
eyeglasses sharpen poor vision. They traveled 240,000
miles from Earth, and now CoWriter Universal
works on just about any device you write with. Write at school on a Chromebook. Neil Armstrong was– Pick your text backup
at home on your iPad, First person to
walk on the moon. It’s anytime, anywhere access. Let’s see how it works. Just think and start typing. Love this– CoWriter helps you along. CoWriter gives you
the words and phrases you’re searching
for as you type, even if your grammar and
spelling are way off. Painting. And with topic
dictionaries, you’ll be surprised at your ability
to write on complex subjects with challenging vocabulary. With four million topics
available, from Alexander Graham Bell to
Zygote, you’ll never have a school subject
that isn’t covered. The Mona Lisa– Take those topic
dictionaries and use CoWriter in applications
like Microsoft Word. Go to the web and
write an email. Websites, blogs,
and Google Doctor. The topic dictionaries
you create and the settings you
choose carry over when you pick up the next
device, and the next device at home, at school,
or on the road. So you can express your ideas
in writing anytime and anywhere. Learn more at Don

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