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Universal Prosperity
It presents its Creation and Production IF YOU BELIEVE IT, YOU BELIEVE IT –
ACTIVE LAW ATTRACTION Activate the Magnetic Energy of the Powerful Law of Attracting Money, Opulence, Wealth, Well-Being and Opportunities … To Energize the Law of Attraction in Positive
You Have to Tune in to It. With The Seven Angels Who Rule
The Law Of Attraction. Vibrates in Positive, in Tuning with the Abundance of the Universe and Attracts Your Life The Best. To activate the law of attraction in positive you have to tune with it. We Prepare Forty-Five Powerful Affirmations … To Exercise Daily With the Sacred Numerical Code …. I invite you to join us in activating this powerful
energy of the Law of Attraction …. Well-Being,
Success in Business and Blessings.
No Struggle, Of course. Attracting To You This Magnetic Energy
of Money in Opulence, Well-Being,
Success in Business and Blessings.
Without struggle, naturally Exercising Continuous Repetition of Forty-Five Times. I Am The Law Of Attraction. This Is The Secret To Living A Life Of Prosperity For You…. To Tune in to the Energy of the Loving Angels of The Law of Attraction. The Sacred Code Number 87949,
channeled by José Gabriel Agesta. Method and Powerful Affirmations Created by Universal Prosperity For You. You are going to Attract the Special
Graces of These Seven Spirits, … They Will Enormously Facilitate Your Manifestation Power, So You Can Reach Your Goals. The Quota you will offer is the
Intention to Stay Positive. The Angels are: IMAEL, ORAEL, SANIEL,
URAEL, MINAEL, SOMAEL AND ARSIEL. Prepare to Activate the Magnetic Energy of Attraction of Money in Abundance, Well-Being, Success and Blessings. Leave aside all worry, all anxiety,
Activate positive Now Make Three Deep Breaths.
Inhale and Exhale through the Nose. Take Your Time, Do not Hurry,
Focus on the Greatness of the Universe. While You Perform Deep Breathing
and Quieting Your Mind
Feel … With immense faith ….
The Greatness and Wonders of God, The Love that surrounds you, Joy, Wellness, Deserving and Gratitude. Vibrates in Tune with the Angels Powerful
Power of Attraction Law… These Emotions will help you to tune into the Abundance of the Universe. Lord Almighty God, I Put Your Hands in
This exercise … To Activate Magnetic Energy of Attraction
of Money in Abundance, … Welfare, Opulence, Opportunities,
Success and Blessings. Through your Servants, The Loving Angels of the Law of Attraction,Flowing In My Life Now …. In Perfect Peace. It’s done. I thank You Father. Amen. POWERFUL STATEMENTS AND SACRED CODE 87949 With All the Power of My Active Intent the
Magnetic Energy of the Angels of the Law of Attraction,
Bringing to My Life the Abundance of God. 87949. 2-I am the Master of My life, I am the Creator of my Reality and I can manifest in myself. Life what you Desire. 87949 3- My Potential is Unlimited. 87949 4- I acknowledge that I am a Capable Being-Will-Drive Law of Attraction. 87949 5 – To My Good and My Likes. 87949 6- I have the ability to focus on what I want. 87949 7- I think often in what I want, Never in his Absence or in Its opposite. 87949 8- I always think about what I want and enjoy mental images. 87949 9- I’m sorry, I enjoy it, because. I know they are Real. 87949 10- I am Conscious that Reality Is formed first in the mind. 87949 11- I am the Creator of My Unlimited Prosperity. 87949 12- I am the Master of my Life. 87949 13- I am the Creator of Me Reality. 87949 14- I can manifest in my Life what you Desire. 87949 15- As is above is down and as is below is up. 87949 16- This is an Excellent Opportunity for Direct my thoughts. To my highest good. 87949 17- I Have Control, For I Am the Master
Of My mind and with her I create my Reality. 87949 18- I am a Mighty Magnet for Money, Well-Being and the Abundance of Every Good Thing. 87949 19- Everything I Wish Is Manifest, Because
My focus is clear and powerful.
87949 20- The Universe guides and inspires me
For my Greatest Good. 87949 21- The Universe Brings Me Wonderful Experiences. 87949 22- Fill my Life with Bliss, Happiness and Abundance. 87949 23- The Universe Satisfy my Desires and Objectives in life. 87949 24- I feel confident and confident that the Divine always supports me. 87949 25- I understand the Importance of Action to Achieve My Purposes. 87949 26 – Enjoying Enormously Because That Represents the Direct Way Towards my Desires. 87949 27- This is the Unexpected Action that Brings My Desires. 87949 28- I Am Guided to What I Want and What I want to be guided to my by the powerful Law of Attraction. 87949 29- I Enjoy This Wonderful Process Of the Manifestation. 87949 30- Enjoy creating my life and I feel immense gratitude. 87949 31- I am directed by the Divine. 87949 32- I am a Deliberate Creator And I do it with Joy. 87949 33- Now I Know That I Am Worthy of Everything Good and Thank you. 87949 34- I allow All Good to be Manifest in My World Now. 87949 35- Now I understand that the Universe
Says Yes to All I Think. 87949 36- The Universe Says Yes, … in all That in which I focus my attention. 87949 37- The Universe Says Yes to All That Expresses with Words and Emotions. 87949 38. In Me is the Eye of the Universe.
I am the Law of Attraction.
87949 39- I think only the good and the pure,
The Magical and the Miraculous.
87949 40- Think Positive and Trainer and
I focus on it only. 87949 41- Expressing a Profound Gratitude For all the wonderful things That is in my life. 87949 42- I Feel Grateful for All Things Wonderful Coming to Me. 87949 43- Appreciate All Good and I’m Happy. 87949 44- I’m Here to Create, Enjoy, I’m the Creator of my own life. 87949 45- Always Ascending and Progressing, Bliss in Bliss, Glory in my Destiny. My destiny is to be happy. 87949. My God, I thank you for sending me to the Loving Angels of the Law of Attraction, to instruct me in the Flow of Attraction, Goods, Money and Bring the Beautiful
Gifts, That You Have Prepared for Me. Thank you God for Coming to Me,
Strengthening me in everyone
My business….. Thank you, Angels.Come to Me and Vibrate Here and Now with me I am currently living in Abundance of Wealth, Money and
Goods Received from All Parties, … In Perfect Peace, with Joy and Gratitude. Under Grace and Perfectly, For My Good and All Humanity. Amen. I want to thank all of the Friends of Universal Prosperity for This opportunity To Activate Together the Magnetic Energy
of the Money Attraction, Welfare, Success and Blessings … For Your Lives.
Through the Loving Angels of Attraction … In the certainty that this exercise Powerful Affirmations and the Holy Code will bless their lives, Just as he blessed mine. I thank you for signing up To the Channel, Rate, Comment and Share this Video. Thus, many more Persons can be attained by this Blessing. Lord, God the Father Almighty, I give Your Hands this Exercise. In the certainty that will activate the
Blessed Channels of Abundance of Money, … Joy, Love, Welfare and Opportunities,Perfect Peace, .. To each and every one of you, may this blessing come to you. With Faith and Conviction
Exercise These Affirmations, … Under grace and Perfect Way. It’s done. Thanks, Dad. Amen. THANKS YOU


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