Critical Time Intervention Case management model designed to
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Critical Time Intervention Case management model designed to

Critical time intervention or CTI supports
vulnerable people during times of transition in their lives.
CTI can help an individual with severe mental illness to find stability. It
can help someone with a history of homelessness to settle into a home life. It can help a
person returning from prison to establish a healthy role in their community. Life changes
can be difficult for anyone and even good changes can present challenges yet the most
vulnerable often works through the cracks. CTI workers stick with people trough thick
and thin providing practical and emotional support during these critical periods. But
it’s also about the future. Everyone needs a foundation to thrive. CTI helps an individual
built a long-lasting network of support based on their strengths and needs. The network
is drawn from friends, family professionals and others who can provide encouragement and
a sense of belonging. Once the network is in place CTI workers monitor the situation,
mediate conflict and help make changes when needed. Once the network is running smoothly
it facilitates community involvement and helps people pursue their interests and aspirations.
CTI is a cost-effective evidence based practice. It is ranked top tier by US Congressional
standards. The model is used throughout the country and around the world

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