Dans le monde de Harry Potter à Universal Studios Hollywood
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Dans le monde de Harry Potter à Universal Studios Hollywood

Six years later, I’m back to my favourite theme park: Universal Studios Hollywood. Why Universal Studios Hollywood
is my favourite theme park? When I was a kid, I received a postcard from my uncle
who was on vacation in the United States. In fact, I didn’t receive it by post, he brought it to me
in person. There was no stamp on the postcard and he didn’t remember my address. This postcard really made me dream
when I was a kid because it was holographic, there was the DeLorean from Back to the Future,
a dinosaur… not sure it’s the one from Jurassic Park, but a dinosaur and a lot of things on this postcard
made me dream. And when I was a kid my parents couldn’t
afford to take me to the United States and to Universal Studios. When a few years later, a very long time
later, in 2010, I came for the first time to a Universal theme park, it was here:
at Universal Studios Hollywood. I visited the park for the first time I attended Halloween Horror Nights for the first time and I was in a state of intense excitement. So that’s why Universal Studios Hollywood
is my favourite theme park. I take you to the best places
to have fun around the world. Subscribe to join the adventure. Only one destination: fun! My goal today at Universal Studios Hollywood,
is to test and discover all the attractions that didn’t exist when I came here last time,
and there’s a lot of them. This entire land, the Wizarding World of Harry Potter,
didn’t exist at all last time I came here and it’s really impressive. I want to start my day
with a butterbeer. I don’t remember the taste it has, but I believe
it’s different from what you can taste at Harry Potter Studio in London. Yes, it’s good! It’s good, I like it! I like it! Cheers to Kara-Kara who is a fan of Harry Potter. And if we went to visit Hogwarts or Poudlard in French,
you can choose. In any case, let’s go. I’ve already tested this attraction
at Universal Studios Florida and I remember that I was
very very very impressed. I’m very excited to do it again here
at Universal Studios Hollywood. I’m the corridors of Poudlard… Hogwarts I mean. I’m alone and I’m scared because I took the Single Rider line
and in fact there is nobody. Will I stay here locked up all night? It’s going to be a hoot! I think I need a drink to recover
from my emotions. It was very very very impressive. Even though I’ve already done this attraction
at Universal Studios Florida, doing it again here reminded me how awesome it is. It’s technologically awesome.
It’s a mix of film and real things. You are in a car that turns in all directions.
You are really immersed in the universe of Harry Potter. If you’re a fan of the Harry Potter universe – and even if
you are not a fan – it’s really incredible. Frankly I think it is one of the most
impressive attractions I’ve done so far. It’s really… As Tovo said last time when we were
in Florida: “It’s the future” What if I went for a flight on the Hippogriff? Wow, it goes down! That’s all? Is it my wand? Did I choose the wand
or did the wand choose me? Leviosa! Finally I think the wands are not for me. I’ve been watching the kids playing
with their magic wands in front of the storefronts and I said to myself, “Wow, they’re really in it.” But the thing is, it really works. If you do the right moves and cast the right spells,
there are interactions with the showcases. Yes, I swear! Apparently when you buy a
magic wand you have a map that indicates all the places like this
where you can use your magic wand. These are the spells and the gestures
you have to do with the magic wand and the spells that must be triggered to
have the interactions in the showcases. I could eat in the restaurant “Three Broomsticks”
inspired by Harry Potter but to eat Fish & Chips
or Shepherd’s Pies… I live in London and all that is a bit of my daily life
so it’s not very exotic for me. The Fish & Chips restaurant from Harry Potter
didn’t excite me too much but I really fancy a good burger
from Krusty Burger. It’s good! That Krusty Burger was not too bad. It was a burger
with brioche bread and a secret sauce and I liked it. Here at Universal Studios Hollywood,
there are two floors: on the top floor there are the Tram Studio, The Simpsons
and Harry Potter attractions and the shows and after a long escalator that
takes you to the bottom floor you can find the attractions of Transformers,
the Mummy’s ride and the Jurassic Park ride. The Jurassic Park ride was one
my favourite attractions, unfortunately it’s closed because
next year at the same place they will open a brand new ride
inspired by Jurassic World. Would that mean that I will have to
come back here next year? Perhaps! Why not. I already have a picture with Optimus Prime and
BumbleBee, but I haven’t got a photo with Megatron. It’s 1:30pm and I think
it’s now or never. It’s time to rediscover
the attraction of Transformers. I loved it the last time I did it and
I’m very excited to do it again today. This Transformers attraction was great. Like many attractions here
at Universal Studios Hollywood, it uses 3D glasses technology. You are in a car that moves in all directions
and there is a film projected on a giant screen and it’s very immersive. I realize just now that here
at Universal Studios Hollywood there are not necessarily a lot of
old-fashioned roller coasters. Instead there are a lot of attractions with
immersive movies with 3D glasses. It’s the film industry. But after all,
we are in Hollywood, right? Precisely, as we are talking about old-fashioned
roller coasters, real roller coasters, I’m now going to ride the one inspired
by Revenge of the Mummy movie. I remember it’s very nice and
very intense too. I had forgotten that halfway the roller coaster
stops and starts going all the way backwards. I feel a little bit like I’m going
to puke my burger right now. T-SHIRT AVAILABLE on fabds.com/shop Wow! That’s really the showcase of my dreams. This is a Back to the Future showcase There are signed Marty McFly’s sneakers
from Back to the Future 2. There is a signed hoverboard, the
Mr. Fusion signed by the whole team and there is even a mini DeLorean
signed by the whole team as well. If I could I would take the entire
showcase and put it in my suitcase. One day they will be mine! Oh yes,
one day they will be mine! I hope you liked this new adventure
at Universal Studios Hollywood. I see you soon for a new video. Only one destination: fun!


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