• Liam A

    I hope that this proxy war kicks off soon. Russia and China just want oil. They’ve no interest in freeing Venezuelans from tyranny unlike the US. The US deserves the spoils after their inevitable victory. Screw Putin and the rest of those commies! God bless the USA!

  • Carrie Hatzlhoffer

    Ever consider invading France because people are protesting their Gov and the Gov has cracked down on them. Omar is correct about Isreal and Venezuela. Sorry America your in the wrong.

  • Garage Rescue

    Funny how Omar blames America for the problems in Venezuela when it’s today’s democratic ideology pushing to enact The same change that led Venezuela to there current situation. Can you say hypocritical. I think many of these Democrats like Bernie Sanders should move and live in their paradise which has become Venezuela.

  • Diep Le

    There was an attempted coup in Venezuela and it took place on the 30/04/219, however one is denying it, the world public opinion is not going to buy it. Thus for a permanent peace to be restored in Venezuela, it is essentially important that US needs to withdraw its support for the illegally self-declared "interim president" Mr Guaido, the US knows or should have known it. Mr Maduro is not a dangerous president to the US. Mr Maduro has always demonstrated to be respectful and attentive to all of the US threats, warnings and cautions in regards to his ways of confronting against MR Guaido, the illegally self-declared "interim president". The presence of Russia, China and others' forces in Venezuela are purely and uniquely for defending this DEMOCRATICALLY and legitimately elected President Mr Maduro.

  • Mike Vang

    As long as your orange president still in power why don't you just stay with china and russian. Whatever they want and do just follow. As we know it, china and russian don't want to do anything with the manduro regime

  • My Opinion

    Didn't Trump campaign on no more US military intervention? That the US should spend money on Americans in America to actually build crumbling infrastructure? Am I missing something? Why is it that all US presidents have a doctrine of overthrowing presidents that have done nothing to the US?

  • Big Rig Rich


    The Venezuelan people voted themselves in to Socialism a decade ago.

    Thus, they are responsible for their own situation.

    I support President Trump in most issues, but not on this one.

    The People of Venezuela got themselves in to this mess, they need to get themselves out of it.


  • Paj Pob Tsuas

    Venezuela cannot be another Syria, Iraq, Yemen and etc. Venezuela people must take their country back to the people not the Rothschild.

  • Marcos Chavero

    * I love how Trump specifically said he was elected when it's a well-known fact in the entire world knows that he swore himself in with no elections held* nd guido has almost Zero support.

  • December 886

    We can't go in, even if we should we will just be demonized and said to be trying to take their oil… we should just sit in Colombia and give aid to Venezuelans escaping.

  • tunex A

    Mr. Anchor and guest should mind their speech. The congressman said the truth, why with hold the billions of $ which would have helped alleviate the suffering of the people, this is Venezuela's money and not America's. Maduro has ran the country poorly no doubt, he has been sick in the head no doubt, the way forward is to negotiate a change. The people of Venezuela deserve a better life and not sanctions, how can they support Guido when the foreign supporters of Guido are the one plaguing them with untold hardship, such they've never witnessed. Maduro has to think deep to change his economic model, corruption needs to be fought with vigor, the people shouldn't suffer, Maduro needs to see that his people are suffering. Guido is just not fit for the job, he is a US puppet.

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