• Kevin Dondrea

    I voted the video down because it isn't informative. I've been trying to find a picture from all sides and including the ends of the connectors. I haven't found one yet that is easily view-able for us old folks with failing vision.

  • thetravellor

    Its misleading crap, the headphone jack has a picture of a microphone, yet the dock only sounds sound out – not sound in. DO NOT BUY THIS CRAP.

  • WhoCares

    Once external monitor is connected, if you want to keep laptop closed, and initiate the boot – YOU CAN'T… because this dock does not have a button to start the boot… has no buttons period… so weird… why do I need 4k supporting dock, when I hook up all monitors I want, and then I have to open laptop to start the darn OS.. .so dumb

  • Borko Djurovic

    I have 3 Dell U2417H monitors connected to my PC. I want to replace that PC with new Dell XPS laptop. What about third monitor? Will it run at 60Hz or only 30Hz like 4K display?

  • Jason Garcia

    What type of engineering driven organization would put together a video like this without including the full interface connection through the laptop…? I mean the USB-C connection to the laptop is completely omitted! It gives the impression that the video developers intentionally left it out to deceive and confuse customers.

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