Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s Campaign for Universal Basic Income | The Daily Show
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Democratic Presidential Candidate Andrew Yang’s Campaign for Universal Basic Income | The Daily Show

There are now 15 Democrats running in the primary.
That’s so many people. Look at all those faces. Look at all of those faces! They’ve got enough people to start the world’s
worst soccer team. And because there are so many
Democrats running, many Democratic voters
are wondering, “How do I know
which one to choose?” Well, for Ronny Chieng,
the choice is clear. Here’s his report. The 2020 presidential campaign.
Like my afternoon poop, it’s not quite here yet,
but I can already feel it. Out of all the candidates, there’s only one
I can see myself in. I’m Andrew Yang, and I’m running for president
as a Democrat in 2020. CHIENG:
He’s a successful businessman, and I don’t know
if it’s the cut of his suits or the way he lights up a room, but there’s just something
about this guy that makes me want to vote
for him based on zero research. Okay, so, you’re Asian. You’re running for president. What else is there to know? Uh, my platform. Right. Uh, I thought
your platform was… being Asian. There are many,
many other Americans who care more
about my stance on the issues than, frankly, uh, you know,
what my race is. -Which is?
-Asian. Yes. And that’s all
we need to know here. Okay, let’s wrap this up. ♪ ♪ You know, uh, I think
we should discuss my platform. If you want to talk
about what you believe or whatever, go for it. I’m gonna edit all this out,
by the way. I believe that every
American adult at the age of 18 should get $1,000 a month
free and clear from the government
to do whatever they want. For working hard, right? Oh, for being a citizen
of this great country. CHIENG:
As his ads show, Yang is all about
universal basic income, the idea that the government should give everyone
a monthly check, even if they’re not working. You can’t just give people
free money. That’s the only reason
people work. If I was getting paid
without having to work… You can’t quit your job
on $12,000 a year. It would it make
so that Americans can transition as technology is eating away
many, many jobs. Artificial intelligence
is around the corner. Oh, my God.
Artificial intelligence? Robots? That’s your thing? -Yes.
-Dude, you are making it so hard to blindly vote
on identity politics right now. Projections are
that about 44% of American jobs are subject to automation. Self-driving cars and trucks
are going to displace -five million Americans
who drive for a living. -Shit. It’s going to displace hundreds
of thousands of bookkeepers, lawyers and on and on. CHIENG: According to Yang,
everyone but me should get ready
to be replaced. However, budget policy expert
Bob Greenstein doesn’t think that will happen. Robots are coming for some jobs, but they’re not going to replace
all the jobs or even most of the jobs. But are you
only defending robots because you’re a robot? No, I’m not a robot. Prove it. Which of these squares
has a stop sign? -Three of them.
-Yeah, point to the scares. This one, that one,
and this is the third. Very good. But I’m not sure
I just proved I’m not a robot. -What do you mean? -Well,
maybe you could develop a robot that could identify
the stop sign squares, too. What? So, Bob might not be human,
but he’s got to recognize that Yang’s universal
basic income is a winning idea. UBI is a beautiful idea. Thank you.
That’s all I needed to know. Well, it actually isn’t
all you need to know. The problem is
it’s a beautiful idea that’ll never really happen. Ronny, it costs
nearly $4 trillion a year. Why wouldn’t people vote
for that? Have you ever had someone wave
cash money in your face? -Not really.
-It feels like this. Can you feel that? I can feel the wind. That’s some cash wind. Where does the money
for the cash wind come from? But, Bob, it’s no fun
asking where this came from. Policies only really work
if they can happen. In the real world… CHIENG:
I don’t need to listen to Bob. All he cares about is reality. If this presidency
has taught us anything, it’s that reality
doesn’t matter anymore. Now we’re going to have
the space force because it’s a whole… CHIENG: So, if Andrew Yang
is gonna stand a chance in this election,
he’s gonna have to learn what really excites
today’s voters. If we had a value-added tax at
even half the European level, -we’d generate…
-You’re using all these numbers and all this nerd shit. Listen, there’s only one thing that wins elections
in America, okay? That’s fear and hate. That’s two things. Okay, again with the numbers. People are jobless, angry, and ready to blame
their problems on another race, and robots are the one race
it’s okay to hate. Yeah, well,
robots aren’t a race, for one. Good, deny their humanity.
That’s a great first step. The next time you campaign,
I want you to go out and say, “Robots are causing all the
robot crime in robot Chicago.” -There is no Robot Chicago.
-Doesn’t matter. We’re not talking about truth.
We’re talking about hate and fear and getting in power for Asian people and getting revenge
on every single person -who ever said we weren’t
good enough. -Yeah, I’m for… I’m for none of those things. Okay, good thing
I’m here to help you out. So, this is an ad we prepared
for your campaign. Andrew Yang knows America
is being invaded by robots. They’re sneaking
across the border, taking the jobs we love and imposing their same-sex
robot sharia law. Andrew Yang
will stop the robots -from banging your wife
-(whirring) and becoming
your son’s new dad. Yang 2020. You will not replace us. What do you think? It’s kind of the opposite of where we need to go. So you do not approve
this message? No, I do not approve
this message. You do not what?
Sorry, I missed that. Approve this message. And what-what
is your name again? I’m Andrew Yang. Yang 2020. (bleep) the robots. (bleep) them to hell. I’m Andrew Yang and I–
approve this message. (laughs) Ronny Chieng, everyone.


  • Aexis Rai

    I have a sense of humor, but clearly they thought this was a better way to spend (waste) Yang's time than actually getting serious about any of the relevant issues, and it shows.

  • Ryguy Glory

    Oof this absolutely sucks, when he said 4 trillion dollars I cringed, it’s 1.9 trillion and Yang did the MATH to pay for it. I’m kinda torn between this is a joke/smear campaign

  • Hyphu

    Honestly it looks douchey but in reality you have to look for the truth in this skit. I think it was a clever way to show Andrew's push for the UBI and presidency.

  • Melody Thomas

    I am curious why should people just get money, and what makes it different from Welfare besides everyone would get it. If this becomes true that money will be coming from somewhere please believe those working would end up paying for it some way or another. NOTHING IS FOR FREE.

  • Wilberta Berry

    First and foremost any platform the candidates have would have to have Congressional approval. Congress makes the laws and holds the PURSE. All of the candidates can promise anything but they can't give anyone sh!t without Congressional approval. Also POTUS do not created job. No POTUS has ever created jobs. Basic Civics President proposes, Congress disposes.

  • Ganzo Papido

    The problem with the left is they seem to have lost the ability to laugh at themselves, which is a cornerstone of the American culture. Everything is offensive to them, everything is dead serious. THIS IS A FUCKING COMEDY SKIT. Just look at all these hate comments and the dislike rate, you know they're but a bunch of brain dead zombies that can't comprehend humor. We as Americans who value our own cultures can't let this leftist extremism garbage corrupt our spirits and our way of life. And That's why we need Trump in 2020 so he can KAG!

  • underballbutter

    Yang's UBI is a Trojan Horse that is funded by looting the social safety net by 80% and a regressive tax and furthers wealth inequality.

    He's not for a Living wage for full-time workers, Higher Education and Healthcare as a Human Right, student and medical debt cancellation, or a Federal Jobs Guarentee.

  • John Dau

    YANG for U.S. PRESIDENT 2020 M.A.T.H. Moving Forward Towards Solutions. this skit was just to poke a little fun at his candidacy… If you've done research, its truly funny. Lighten up people and just VOTE for YANG !!!!

  • Donnie Raveling

    "Going to edit this out", not a good thing to say in my opinion. It makes him saying being Asian is the most important. All of USA is a melting pot of diversity.

  • Marcus Mitchell

    A layer of the onion of LGBTQ+:

    I can't say how real that video was(never have watched the Jerry Springer show before), but it does happen often! I was screaming as it was on! HOW CAN YOU VOTE FOR THAT?!

    Here's more evidence:


  • George Bourlos

    Rony Chieng is the funniest sidekick in american tv… the other bit he did in his special with the man stopping a metro-train with his fingers had me laughing for 10 minutes…

  • Angela Anna

    He's promising $1,000 per person and he's promising to tell us all about the aliens if he makes office. Now I think that is bribery for votes.

  • Angela Anna

    At three minutes he asks which of these squares. But I paused it and I'm telling you they are more like rectangles. Longer going up and down and just a little bit shorter going from side to side.

  • Red Fred

    I’d know nothing of Yang if not for Noah and his team. I had family over and I was the only person who even knew his name when watching the debate. Some folks took this interview too serious but I like the platform he is running on. Thanks Daily.

  • shocknot

    It’s capitalism, if the robots come and take our jobs then so be it we can’t just give people money for no reason that is socialism, it’s gonna ruin the country just like FDR did

  • empress yi

    first time I watched this, i was super angry at the way they treated yang, but second time re-watching it, I realized it was all just a joke…. ronny chieng is actually funny, but his humor can be offensive to people watching him for the first time…

  • GoProEverything

    wow, why are so many people so butthurt about this? It is supposed to be funny, not a serious interview. The serious one was done with trevor…

  • rainyseason

    If the $1000 monthly income thing did pass it would help me out a ton as I've been unemployed for 6+ months and can't look for a job as I'm moving in a couple weeks so I'll get hired and dip.

  • Think Harder Politics

    I like Trevor and Ronny, but this is close to insulting—could Trevor and Ronny consider doing another interview with Andrew Yang? The new one Trevor made is great and funny but not enough—having an interview and let Yang explain his policies would be fantastic!

  • Karl Guven

    Daily show has been in the pocket of the leftist elite for awhile now. They are no friend to the likes of Yang. Mainstream media can try to turn yang into a joke and an after thought all they want, the American people are alot smarter than the media think. We see through all this bullshit. Shit like this is why I haven’t watched the show since Trevor took over. I don’t trust anything that comes out of Trevors mouth, or any content on the show. The moral authority and trust that Stewart built over decades was trashed within the first year after he left. Plus, it’s not funny. Shame.

  • purr -maw- ee

    People are taking this way too serious, this is a comedy show, of course it would be full of satire, they always make fun of people.🙄🙄

  • Step Stacker

    In Lou of all the Chinese born Australians that have been found taking bribes from the Chinese government this poor fellow does not have a chance. Of course unless the voters never find out about what China is doing to overthrow democracy in Australia

  • Shadow Fall

    The technological singularity
    AI will solve problems we don't even comprehend. People can laugh and think things are all good.
    I'm voting #Yang2020 for the younger generations. You guys will need someone that will build a platform for something a lot of people cant even grasp.

    The singularity is inevitable and not necessarily a bad thing. Look it up for yourselves.

    And look at examples of the neural net progress in the last year with things like AlphaStar or OpenAI5.

    Yes, they are only better than 99% of the people. So 1% of humans are still relevant. After 2, 12, 20, 100 hours is that 1% still holding up?
    Yang's using examples of things that everyone can understand. This isn't some Conspiracy theory. Tech has been saying and proving it for years.
    The best/worst example most people would of heard of is: Skynet.

  • Marcus Watson

    Lol at all the yang stans upset that the daily show is doing what the daily show does every time they do these weird side interviews with presidential candidates and billionaires. Just look at the Bill gates thing a few days ago😂 it’s a ducking comedy news show. Yang made his points and this guy made all of his jokes and shit. So what😂Donald trump gets more shit and weird press then anyone. Granted he deserves it. But it doesn’t negatively affect his support really. In fact it helped win him the election. 😂any press is good press as long it’s not something awful. He went on the daily show and had a few jokes made at his expense. Took them like a man and got some points through. Also somewhat funny video. Win win

  • Yan Qin

    I don't 100% agree with Andrew Young, but US needs to provide opportunities for people to be capable of taking more knowledge and skilled based jobs instead of bringing back labor based jobs that are either outsourced already or can be automated.

  • Nestor Pelayo

    I’m a Yang supporter and honest,y this was one of the best/funniest videos featuring Yang. It not only made people laugh but flooded traffic to the website and throughout the internet in order to know more about Andrew Yang.

  • Mr. Loaf

    I get doing an interview in a comedic way and I think that's a great way to get people interested in politics but come, you weren't even trying in this one. You let yang talk about one policy and you didn't even let him explain all it's benefits and defend it from the problem that You raised.

  • Mr. Loaf

    I thought the video was funny but for someone who has no information about Yang's policies and his platform this video would be a terrible way to get information on Andrew Yang.

  • Son Akira

    Relax guys, Andrew and Ronny are buddies. They probably didn't want Ronny to show his favouritism.
    Here's a video of them:

  • Wwe Fanatic

    God bless the president of the United States of America Mr Donald j Trump in the name of Jesus Christ.🇺🇸🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

  • Brandon Neff

    This was hilarious.

    I support Yang, he’s our best shot at heading towards a Star Trek future instead of the Hunger Games

  • Nate Cutler

    3:36 As an asian I'm upset that Ronnie Chang did not correct this man's math that UBI would cost nearly $4 trillion.

    327.2 million (US population) x .76 (percent over 18 years old) x 12,000 (yearly payment) = 2.984 trillion, which is not nearly 4 trillion.

  • Dylanduhz

    This satire is designed to emphasize and highlight Yang’s political ideology.. It’s like playing a ridiculous over the top devil’s advocate in order to make Yang’s ideas shine. These bits can be frustrating though when you just want to hear the candidate speak lol
    Btw I’m 110% YANG GANG
    He’s the best thing for America right now, Plz DNC don’t fuck this up for us 😭

  • Noble Obodum

    I loved this! People are missing the fact that it’s just a huge joke. The Daily Show does parody pieces like this with people all the time. I would love for Yang to come on for a real interview though, he seems like a great guy with good ideas.

  • Markus Merry

    I’m safe keeping my job because I’m a robotics technician unless they find a way to program robots to fix robots…….

  • Chad MacDonald

    Funny. I wanted to vote for Andrew Yang with ZERO knowledge of his platforms. Then I found out his views and doubled down, and now write YouTube comments telling people to vote Yang 2020.

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