Democrats Introduce Legislation To Force Trump To “Act Like A President”

A group of Democrats in the House of Representatives
have introduced a piece of legislation that will force Donald Trump to act like a president. Now this particular piece of legislation was
actually introduced on July 19, 2017, and it’s asking for several very specific things,
and here they are. They want Donald Trump to release his tax
returns. They want him to place his private business
assets in a blind trust or to completely divest from them, to donate to the United States
treasury any personal profit he has made from foreign patronage of hotels in which he has
an ownership interest, refrain from taking any action that results in taxpayer money
being spent on goods or services from businesses in which he owns, seek Congressional consent
for any and all emoluments he has received, refrain from using Twitter inappropriately,
support the First Amendment and stop referring to the news as fake news, promote democracy,
freedom of the press and so on and so forth. Basically, what they’re trying to do with
this piece of legislation that unfortunately, is probably not going to go far, but it’s
a nice start, it’s a fun thing. What they want him to do is act like every
other president before him. Not necessarily some of the bad ones, but
just do the usual regular things that a president does before you start doing policy. Get off of Twitter. Stop golfing every other day. I mean 42 days so far this man has spent at
his own golf courses. He’s spent even more time than that at Trump-owned
properties, and we, the taxpayers, are paying for that. And he, the president, is reaping the profits
from it. They just want it to stop. They’re not trying to impeach him with this. They’re trying to get him to act like a responsible
grownup that actually wants and understands the importance of the job that he ran to get. He won the presidency, unfortunately, thanks
to the electoral college. He didn’t win the popular vote, but he got
the electoral college, which is the only vote the Constitution actually calls for, so he
won. So act like you give a damn about it. That’s what this legislation is all about. Get off Twitter, stop insulting people, stop
insulting the media, ignore them like a responsible, mature grownup. But, Donald Trump’s mental capacity doesn’t
allow him to do that. There is no way that even if this legislation
were passed into law, Donald Trump would do any of these things because he lacks the mental
prowess to understand that he needs to do these things. Furthermore, he’s the kind of affluenza-afflicted
person who, if he’s told to do these things, would then literally do the opposite, because
nobody tells Donny what to do. That’s why he’s unfit to serve, and that’s
what this piece of legislation is trying to highlight. Every single thing listed in this piece of
legislation that the Democrats are attempting to force the president to do are things that
presidents before him have also done, with the exception of Nixon, who also did not release
his full tax returns, and we all know how that administration ended. Let’s just hope that the Trump administration
ends the same way.

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