Democrats Sponsor Legislation To Help Banks Hide Racial Discrimination
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Democrats Sponsor Legislation To Help Banks Hide Racial Discrimination

The greatest enemy to the United States’ Democratic
Party is the Democratic Party itself. These people who are running the Democratic
Party, who are representing the Democratic Party in the House and the Senate just can’t
seem to help themselves from throwing what should be a sure thing election. Specifically in this case, the 2018 midterms. According to a news story in Huffington Post,
Senator Tim Kaine, who was also the vice presidential candidate on Hillary Clinton’s ticket, has
sponsored a piece of legislation that’s going to prevent the Consumer Financial Protection
Bureau from being able to keep track of racial discrimination within the banking industry
and the housing industry. Tim Kaine, along with a dozen democrats in
the Senate, which means that this piece of legislation, which is gonna be debated next
week, will pass, doesn’t think that the CFPB should be keeping track of banks who charge
black people more than they charge white people for the same apartment. They don’t think that charging a higher interest
rate to people of color is a bad thing, I guess. They don’t want us to know about that. They don’t want us to know about these dirty
deceitful practices that take place within the banking industry. Tim Kaine, the 2016 democratic vice presidential
candidate, sponsored this piece of legislation. And a total of 12, at least, democrats in
the Senate have signed onto it, saying, “We agree with this. We support this. We’re okay with racial discrimination in the
banking industry and we don’t want the CFPB to study it or to look at it or report it.” That’s not how you win elections. Right now, democrats have a double digit lead
in generic ballots for the midterms across the country. And you want to piss it away because you want
to protect the big banks that are funding your campaigns? This story, without a doubt, shows us what
the democrats really care about. You know, this party that might be a little
too moderate on banking issues, but don’t worry, they’re super great on social issues,
right? Well, no. That talking point just got blown out of the
water here, too, because they’re perfectly fine with racial discrimination as long as
it’s the banks doing it because the banks fund their campaigns. Everything has been a lie, everything. Tim Kaine is a corporatist. He is not a democrat. These other democrats that have signed on,
corporatists. That’s why you lost 2016. That’s why you’re probably gonna lose 2018
now. And yes, these stories do need to be talked
about. We can’t just bury them and pretend they don’t
exist because we want democrats to win. That’s not how this works. This is about accountability. This is about telling the democratic party,
“No. You’re going to stop. You’re going to change. You’re going to be better. You’re going to be what you used to be,” because
right now, with people like Tim Kaine in the Senate, the Democratic Party is nothing more
than republican lite.


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  • Ailani Batrony

    We need more Democrats like Bernie Sanders, because the current corporation Dems are just as disgusting as the Republicans…BOTH of these parties to a do-over, and we need more third party politicians.

  • Robo Tech

    I think, or at least I hope, that both the Republican Party and the Democratic Party will be replaced by better parties.

  • David Timmer

    Both parties can no longer be trusted. They don't care about anyone but themselves, and it's time for new political parties to step in and change things.

  • M D

    I've had enough with the Democratic Party. If you're not a progressive, then you're not getting my vote. We need more than just two parties.

  • D'Yae Lion

    This bill seems redundant with Mulvaney running office. I can't seem to imagine him pursuing banks over this.

  • crash bandicoot

    I'm telling you we're getting screwed from the left and the right we genuinely need more political parties in ones they genuinely care we have so few that genuinely care about us it's ridiculous Bernie Sanders his son a couple of the women that are in there but besides that for the most part A lot of these politicians or bought out and shams

  • Valerie Leverett

    I've saying a while that the current democratic party is worthless, the majority are too old and haven't adapted to a progrssive movement. The only democrat that goes hard for her party is Elizabeth Warren. I'm so tried of Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi and Dianne Feinstein is 85 years old it's time for them retire. Those old senior citizens need to give politics and go somewhere and play bridge, gin rummy or some other routine and have themselves a bloody mary and call it a day. Seriously though, we have to turn the democratic party back to the direction Obama was leading us. I have hope for the future democrats the younger generation will rule.

  • John Kesich

    A link to the bill at would have been nice. Some of us might want to know who else is supporting it.

    Also when is Cousins finally going to admit that anyone who cares about decency and fairness should be supporting the Green Party? It's fine to admit that Democrats are just kinder, gentler Republicans, but what we desperately need is a way forward. The only answer to the good cop / bad cop fraud the duopoly is playing is a viable third party. Why isn't Cousins talking about the Greens?

    PS I have contributed to several progressives running as Democrats, but should they win, I will not contribute to them again as long as they prop up that corrupt party.

  • Grsaekar

    As a Libertarian, i call for all of my Progressive friends to DUMP the Democratic Party. Create your own Progressive party! You won't get anywhere with Progressive polices in the Democratic party. I learned something similar when i was in the Republican party, Republicans rejected Libertarianism so us Libertarians created our own partys. The Democratic and Republican partys are both piles of shit, if Libertarians and Progressives unite, we can get our own elected while getting the corporate shills out of office.

  • Bryan Boyle

    Progressives are the true dems now. The DNC/DCCC/GOP have been taken over by Wall St./Military Industrial Complex.

  • Ed Weber

    We are the party for the people No more I gust When the Right went off the road they drug the Dem are now the the Republicans of the 60's

  • Cheryl Adams

    And Blacks 96%of the time vote for these pitiful weak corrupt and coward mother fuckers. When will Blacks realize how much they're taken for granted. I never liked Kane' s dirty ASS which is partly to blame for corrupt Clinton's loss. They're all a piece of shit. Fuck UM all.

  • MidScream1

    ohh Farron you're such a fighter for racial equality… it's a shame you're a bald white male who is part of the problem… If only you were a minority transginger woman…

  • Get Me Out of Here

    Out with corporate Democrats! There’s only a dime’s difference with them and Republicans. Start with Joe Manchin then work back from there.

  • Ntwadumela MATA

    No surprise Democrats are a lot of times the lesser of two evil. This government was set up for whites and their allies. Not black people.

  • Pietro Bailey

    Corporations pay republicans to vote on bad legislation and they pay democrats not to vote at all… In case anyone was wondering what the difference was. Democracy is an illusion. The government is a swamp of deep corruption, everyone knows this, yet somehow it just keeps getting worse.

  • Jesus E.

    Democrats and Republicans, they’re all the same. Might as well merge both parties. On the surface they’re at war with each other but behind closed doors they agree on everything. Both parties are funded by the NRA and corporations.

  • william carter

    When will we us the blacks be able to trust white folks in any capacity of life WHEN ??? Because i want to believe your words but your deeds are nothing but treacherous and continued treachery ..Is it all of you hard to say but its dam sure many of you and your continued treachery ..

  • TheScholar74

    Watch. In a few years when this episode has been forgotten they're gonna try and blame this on President Ivanka Trump.

  • candace Skeen

    I think that both parties are screwed not only because of this story… this so-called President has changed the face of America and I believe from that our processes will and have changed for the better!

  • steve coley

    Imagine.Mystics with the most uplifting, beautiful dreams. Filled with hope, faith, belief and joy, leading America. Instead of alien Nazi vampire pigs who dream of big empty numbers absent of light, warmth, love and meaning. And whose big numbers "in reality" are a measurement of the alien Nazi vampire pigs progress in sucking the joy out of life and devouring the planet. This ignorance is intelligence …to joy sucking vampires.

  • snipervictim

    Why is this news ? This is Democratic party and white people 101 nothing new here and the joke is on white people blacks know who you are and see your bullshit. There is no use to be well not since the 60s and even then we as in blacks had to pay a high price just to not sit on the back of the bus.

  • elizabeth givens

    Why are you talking Dems when in order for ANY bill to pass, they need GOP support. Something is off with what you are saying. Why are you not talking about the GOP too? Interesting….

  • Acts Kingjames

    I've often wondering why black people say "slavery never ended" it's things like this that are oppressing them. America is Godless and almighty God will deal harshly with the way we treat each other. America needs to REPENT!

  • californication751

    Yup. It's always been true that if there's one thing the parties do agree on, it's how they feel about Black people. Thank you for addressing this issue, and calling out the hypocrisy.

  • RHgProDuktionZ

    This is EXACTLY why I left being a democrat, because of garbage like this. It just goes to show that the leaders of the dem party are just as corrupt as the republican party. I've always said to myself both parties are equal in three words: hate, hypocrisy, and bias, and this here further proves that. Already fed up with the DNC, considering they're just corporate sellouts, now you have the DCCC and this? I'd say its about time we get some REAL democrats in.

    Many thanks for getting this out, Farron.

  • Clavell Coleman

    That's all the Trump supporters care about is that he he believes just like they do and that's it that's all


    Did these democratic fucks not realize who kept that pedophile Roy Moore from being elected? Black people are key to this midterm and yet here we are. You know what this country truly needs? A serious and strong third party made of the people and by the fucking people for the got damn people. No corporate money and no slimy lobbyists. I think the climate is right for this because these other two parties are both money hungry and blind to what’s going on and willfully so.

  • Lo Kee

    It took you a while Farron, but I'm glad you are finally seeing the light about the Dems. They aren't progressive and they don't want progressives. #movementforapeoplesparty

  • Phil Brittin

    we have degenerated into a One Party System of Totalitarian Control, under the Guise of Still being a 'Democratic Society'…..Wake the Fuck Up, the DEMS are Not your 'friends', they are Whores Sociopathic For Money and Power….just like the NAZI Republicans and the Forbes 500 plan for Enslavement for All…Profits for the Few….Death For You

  • billy the dead

    Boo sellout democrats it's just sad if what our politics have become where they hide the fact there just as racist as most republicans. Get informed get others informed go register and vote on mass

  • Biscuit

    I am never calling myself a democrat till we have a completely brand new progressive congress, and i will vote this way as well

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