Do Cyborgs Need Their Own Bill of Rights?
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Do Cyborgs Need Their Own Bill of Rights?

Equal Rights For Mutants. These are body hackers, who are electing to put implants into their bodys, and to add extra capibilities and enhancements. The first one is freedom from disassembly. The second one is freedom from morphology The third is the right to organic naturalization Fourth is the right of body sovereignty And the fifth is equal rights for mutants I do see it becoming something that will be in people’s awareness in the future. And its great that we have an organization working on rights and awareness right now. Whether you want to be a cyborg or not, the cyborg bill of rights protects everybody. Whether or not you think you need protection. We are throwing an event here today on what we are marking the first cyborg pride day. And to commemorate the first cyborg pride day as would be appropriate we are having the worlds first cyborg pride parade. “Equal rights for mutants” We don’t really know how many people are participating, in this cyborg movement, or that identify with cyborgs, this is really the very begining of it. When I first started five years ago, most people did not understand what it meant to be a cyborg. that I talked to, but now those people are identifying as cyborgs. They tell people they’re cyborgs. Group repeats “Resistance is Futile” Group chants “My body Not yours, My Data not yours” Chants continue: “My body Not yours, My Data not yours”


  • 4nchorage Pingu

    Rights for mutants, clones, cyborgs, and sapient abominations! Transhumanism is the real trans. We need more different perspective and conflict of opinions.

  • Devin Berry

    Not a big fan of cyborgs. If you lose an limb and need let's say a new eye and arm so you can support your self,understandable. But if you PURPOSELY replace your body parts,well that's just disgusting.

  • boricua is life

    Bill of rights for cyborg? People cant even have their basic rights. Without police telling you you dont….fck cyborgs….that's the silliest shit white people like to push…while denying blacks basic human rights….up yours with that bullshit

  • Ogre

    I swear, these lot are a bit too ahead of their time.
    …And probably snorted a metric ton of cocaine each.

    Gotta give props for creative costumes though.

  • Shirley Ford

    I've been a nice grandmother long enough. It may very well be time to start shoving a gun barrel up some asses and popping cap.

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