Do Most Addicts And Alcoholics Recover? | How Families Play A Key Role In Addiction Recovery
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Do Most Addicts And Alcoholics Recover? | How Families Play A Key Role In Addiction Recovery

(heartfelt music) – Do addicts recover? Of course they do. You know, addiction actually
has a high recovery rate in the grand scheme of things, despite people saying it doesn’t. Providing they go to the
right type of treatment, they surrender to the process, they become humble and they learn how to live a life that is better than a life they
had with drugs and alcohol. And people that don’t recover most often don’t because they are in the
program for the wrong reasons. They go to rehab for the wrong reasons. They go for somebody else or they think they’re that
heavy drinker or drug user that can just stop on their own willpower, and they self-destruct. So, the question shouldn’t
be, do people recover? The question should be, what are the repercussions
if we don’t try and help. There’s a big treatment
debate right now of, before we used to say if
somebody went to rehab and it didn’t work, we would blame the
addict or the alcoholic. And there’s this move now
to blame everybody but. I disagree completely. I mean, if I have cancer
and the oncologist tells me I need this, that and the
other and I don’t do it, do we blame the oncologist
or do we blame me? What I’ve noticed in relapse
is that addicts and alcoholics who don’t follow directions
and don’t surrender and they think that their
problem is drugs and alcohol, and if the just quit, they’ll be fine and can be social users, that’s the biggest problem I see, and families think the same thing. You know, it’s interesting, I had owned a treatment
center at one time in my life, and we had a lot of AMAs,
against medical advices, for a blip on the radar. And that’s where the
intervention business came in to correct it, ’cause we had to tie the two together. And I had asked my
executive director, I says, I want you to go back this year, I want you tell me why
every single person left. And without me saying a word, he came back and he said, you know, I looked at our 38 AMAs, and every single one of ’em, the family pulled ’em out or
the family let ’em back home or the family had something to do with it. And I’ll never forget that. So I started processing every AMA that I’ve had while in treatment centers, and inevitably it comes back to that. Like when a family calls me up and says, well, they’ve been to
14 treatment centers. And, well, where do
they go when they left? Home, home, home and home again, or a condo we pay for, a house we pay for. They’re enabled again.

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