Domestic Workers Rights Rally – Otilia
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Domestic Workers Rights Rally – Otilia

Otilia: Yeah, I think that they …
Speaker 3: Good afternoon to everyone and thank you for accompanying us on this march.
Okay. Otilia:
My name is Otilia. I’m from Bolivia. Otilia:
I’m a domestic worker. Otilia: Yeah, okay.
I came to this country with a diplomat. Otilia:
They treated me very badly. Otilia:
When I came to this country, they told me that I would have every opportunity here.
Otilia: But things didn’t happen that way. A lot of
things changed. Otilia:
Psychologically, I was treated very badly. Otilia:
Morally I was treated badly. Otilia:
Because I didn’t have communication with anyone. Otilia:
I couldn’t talk to anyone except through my daughter.
Otilia: And that was through the notes that I would
write. Otilia:
Because I couldn’t talk on the telephone or speak with anyone.
Otilia: It was very difficult, everything that I had
to go through. Otilia:
But thanks to Otilia:
[Southa Marilyn 00:01:51] helped me to get out of that house.
Otilia: Now, I’m better. I’m happier. And I’m treated much better by the people
that I’m working with now. Otilia:
The people I used to work with used to think that I couldn’t do anything to them because
they had diplomatic immunity and I couldn’t take them to court.
Otilia: In fact, we were able to get a little money
out of them, but compared to what they owed me for all of my work, we really weren’t able
to get them to pay very much. Otilia:
What I was able to obtain was that they were fired from their jobs.
Otilia: Multiple Speakers: Woo. (cheering)
Otilia: Now, I’m happy. I can stand with my head held
high. I don’t have to hold my head down like I used to when they humiliated me with their
treatment. Multiple Speakers: Woo. (cheering)
Otilia: Now that we’re all working together, I feel
even stronger. I know that there is strength in unity and I feel I can help a lot of other
people as well. Multiple Speakers: Woo. (cheering)
Otilia: Multiple Speakers: Woo. (cheering)
Thank you very much. If we all work together, we are stronger.

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  • fakefail

    fascist and dangerous liars ready to stomp on your freedom of speech. There is a video of them trying to have a man arrested for just spouting what he believes at one of their rallies. They said he assaulted them when in fact he was assaulted.

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