Donald Trump Hints At Defying Court, Edges Toward Constitutional Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC
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Donald Trump Hints At Defying Court, Edges Toward Constitutional Crisis | Rachel Maddow | MSNBC


  • Gabe T

    I like to do research and try and find data so I'm not being played by one side or the other. The thing that surprised me is how little news is actually reported on either side. I came across 2 sites that opened my eyes. One is and the other is
    These sites give a much more in depth view of our current world.

  • Michael Stiller

    People enjoy believing in gods, you just didn't know your God's name. Trump, whose going to stop him? It's not the DOJ job to stop him from doing anything.

  • sokii1000

    Trump is a spoil brat who is used to getting his way. He has never been held accountable for anything. So now that he is president do really expect his attitude to change?

  • Lloyd Holland

    And I would be willing to bet the cabin all voted against the decision and probably showed Trump on a secret text how he voted so he can stay his good buddy

  • Nick D

    Go ogle “executive power doesn’t mean much” at the Atlantic Monthly website for how the writings of the founding fathers and the constitution plainly express a sitting president can be indicted/prosecuted. Yup, it’s “viable & possible”. But I still believe it’s high time we make a full switch to Restorative Justice model. Retributive Justice is as oxymoronic as it sounds: the “eye for an eye that blinds everybody”.

  • Pam Timmins


  • Jay Boogie

    Once again Trump's up to his dirty lie's hoping to suppress voters by trying to manipulate people into believing the question if you are a U.S. citizen or not will be on the 2020 census this shows you what he really thinks about us because you got to be really gullible to believe everything Trump says is true without checking it yourself.
    I said it from the beginning Trump is trying to ruin this government from the inside out almost every department he has gotten involved with protocol has not been follow rules are broken investigations and people are being misled if I'm not mistaken this is short of a coup.

  • Paul Micks

    is it all the spped she takes that makes her blink so much and stare into the empty spaces of her mind?? Her gossip of what she thinks happen is not fact or news, it's made up. The reality is the Mueller investigation was a shimsham meant to distract the public away from their activities of the fake FISA application and Hillary's true activities and crimes..

  • My_key Gaucho

    why would you want to count non citizens,does this mean that if your latino you are not a citizen???does this mean most democrats are non citizens??? am from Africa and i can say this is mind blowing. It is obvious that this lady is a tool for politicians!

  • Dennis Harrell

    Since Trump moved into the White House he has spent more time playing golf and campaigning at taxpayer expense than doing his job, which is a good thing, because whenever Trump tries to "be president" It's always a horrible disaster.

  • Paul Bard

    I like what you are saying but please state your point then make it. It should not take an hour to make one point. It is called verbal Diarrhea.

  • Annabelle B

    Where is all of the outrage from all of those naysayers who complained about everything that Pres. Obama did; where is the yelling and screaming. Sorry, I can't hear the outrage.

  • gls600

    The census decision should have been unanimous. I'm very concerned about Alido, Thomas, Kavanaugh, and Gorsuch, four guys seemingly ready to approve a dictatorship when the president is a Republican.

  • Annabelle B

    It's not astonishing, it's Trump believing he can do anything he wants regardless of the legality; put all of them in jail. Done!

  • Hawkwinter01

    Let's suppose for a second, that Trump is defeated in 2020, despite help from Russian hackers. How confident are we now, that he will actually step down? I know the Constitution says he has to step down, that's a fundamental part of the USA, the peaceful transfer of power, but he's not stable, and I can see this happening.

  • Alex Muir

    How would you have an over count of white people if you ask the citizenship question? All of a sudden white people falsely submit extra questionnaires?

  • Alex Muir

    I'm really surprised that illegal aliens would ever do a census even without the citizenship question. Surely that risks an algorithm is created that checks your identity against a known citizenship database. Perhaps I don't know enough about us census forms.

  • Alex Muir

    How does the addition of the citizenship question result in less Democrats filling in the census? Surely democrats are citizens.

  • lillian ballard

    Have we forgotten that the Justice Dept has as much power and autoname as the other 2 branches of GOV. In other words, they can BRING IT ,TO TRUMP and win. Wish they would.?

  • Starzan Wieber

    It’s a good time in life! Look at this little boys set! Listen to this smallboys tone!?? It’s evil. You folks are not evil, you’ve just accepted a negative outlook! That’s a shame. I’ll pray for you all

  • Ben.K Mamosebo

    Rachel your analysis is splendidly elaborated..why are Americans timid in dealing with Trump..he doesn't respect your courts and legal what are Americans going to do about all this ? This circus drama is amateurish.

  • David Walker

    yeah.. I bet you had a whole other news story to go with.. ppppppbbbbblffffffffffflllllllllllllltttttttttttttt Fraud News

  • logic rules

    How come Alex jones is banned but rachel and her conspiracy theories aren't? Well at least her ratings are way down

  • adstanra

    I wonder what Rachel thinks is her biggest mistake? Revealing Trumps 30 million dollar tax payment, or Russian collusion hoax.

  • G's Adventures 63

    Everything is a Constitutional crisis, Wow! How about when they talk about 2nd amendment rights intrusions? No talk of crisis than? Or masked antifa thugs beating people when trying to Express Their 1st Amendment rights. No crisis than either?? I think your "Newspinion" reports are a crisis to listen to.

  • Roxane Reddy

    Everbody should watch France24, titled Top Psychiatrist; Trump 'Mental Impairment ' Poses Danger to World. November 2017.

  • Oliver Phippen

    ZERO ignored the law of drugs
    and the left and MSM applauded
    So if the DON ignores the law on immigration
    the people will applaud ???

  • The Canada First Party

    NOT A CLUE: President Trump SLAMS Obama and Biden The Anti Trumpers have the lowest IQ's on Youtube

  • lennieboy60

    Where the are the constitutionalists – republicans, Hannity, Carlson, Pirro, Kilmeade, Ingraham, Watters, Gutfield, Levin, Coulter and Doocy? Why aren't they banging on the doors of the Whitehouse demanding an explanation from Trump? If Obama had done this, we would not here end of it.

  • C J

    Jody Hunt – a former aide to the tool jeff Sessions. Yeah, there’s another stellar human. By the way, so is Steven Miller. Must be a real snake pit. Seems the new name for the DOJ should be the “injustice dept”. The motto: Where truth is murdered. Corruption throughout. The funny thing is how jethro sessions wasn’t rotten enough for rumpy. That’s got to tell you something.

  • ASM _

    Lol Trump has caused Maddow to age 20 years since ‘16. One more term and she’ll die of old age. Hail Trump!!!!!

  • Pakababy

    I wish the entire country would have rallied in the streets on July 4th in protest of this madman. Not a good time to apathetic. Even though I personally feel like the tactic is to wear us down with constant shocking news.

  • Jame Franco

    He will upset your every little Victory because he can.If you think, he cant do anything now,you are wrong.Whatever the situation is, at this point is life or death for him.Add that internal insanity to his already Criminal behaviour and he is unstoppable.But he can be defeated.Someone just has to make the decision, enough, I will start playing his game

  • Tommy Thompson

    Here we go again…..Another "Constitutional Crisis." Since when have liberals cared so much about what the Constitution says when history proves over and over they're the ones who try to change and defy it?

  • Shawn Corbin

    Richard Mansow is lying, again. The citizenship question has appeared on ALL census forms up until Obama deleted the question in 2010. The question is very much a part of the census questions and belongs in place.

  • The Traveler

    This should be the scariest thing you have heard .. the AG's office is taking instructions from the President !! Wow !!

  • Travis Moore

    Thank God that Donald Trump stood up and became president! No matter what the left tries, and they're trying hard, they will not be able to stop this positive force that is now in motion. Thank God!

  • HaleysComet81

    The Democrats are pathetic. At least Justin Amash has balls. Pelosi should resign the speakership; she is enabling this criminal. DO YOUR JOB CONGRESSIONAL DEMS!

  • Political Toast

    Re: In William Barr, Trump got what he always wanted his own Roy "I'm so dirty" Cohn as the Attorney General.

  • Dan Martin

    Remember when this dumb lady said trump couldnt pronounce qatar.. well according to their prime minister… Trump is correct, maddow is dumb

  • Terrance Moore

    I am so tired of waking up every morning and the first thoughts I have are "oh my Lord, Trump is still in the White House… what is he going to do today… God please help us…"

  • Linda Dustin

    Cows fart, Rach wants to rid the world of the evil bovine, Rachael does not fart so Rachacel is ok, she will never be an old fart.

  • Dacian Draco

    SLANDER against a sitting president by a major political party is not a constitutional crisis? How about actually interfering with an ongoing election by wiretapping a candidate based on fabricated evidence? Or using the entire left wing media machine to lie and fabricate stories to impeach a president based on false allegations FOR 3 YEARS!? Sound familiar? Is that not a crisis you f*cking hypocrites? The left has created a bubble of drummed up fantasies about trump to hide their own degeneracy. Last time I checked a president has every authority to secure borders, put the interest of US citizens first, and enforce constitutional amendments such as free speech and gun ownership. The real criminals here are the ones who are relentlessly trying to uproot the very foundation upon which this nation was built on and tie the hands of someone who was lawfully elected to do his job. Build that wall. Trump 2020. Democrats have lost their mind and flirting with full on communism at this point.

  • Ivan Smith

    Trump makes a constitutional crisis what do we do? Don't look at them maybe their will not see us! No we see you! What was that I can't hear you!

  • CM M

    Rachel you and  all the  media people report  time and  time  again the  criminal activities  of  Draft Dodger(5 times  coward) and wanna be  dictator Trump. The  whining  continues  but  nothing  positive  is  done. The criminal orginanization  Repugnant-cans  certainly   do not  want to  interrupt  their  cash  cow The Dumbocrats  are too  weak  to  seriously take  control  soo   America  continues  to  be in the  toilet.  The  respect for America  by the  civilized world  is  shown to be  now  non  existant  Heaven  forbid  that this  clown  takes  you into a  war  that  will  certainly  land on  American soil  as  there  would  be  reluctance  from  former allies  to lend  any  assistance as  long  as  Tramp is  you  leader. Your debt via Tramp is  now  borderline bankruptcy  and  getting  deeper  with  the  clown prince spending. With  American's obsession  with  guns  I am  surprised  that someone  has  not  done  the  country  a  serious  service  by  taking   him  out permanently. No  president  deserves  it  more!

  • Baccanaso

    Still trying to milk the "MUH RUSSIANS" conspiracy theories, huh?
    You could have gotten him on other things yet you chose this weird hill to die on. It's pretty funny, actually.

  • ElPocho DelMundo

    These issues become beyond the ability and/ or attention span of the American people to follow. But if the average American was compelled to understand what's going on here, they'd swat the Pig out of office. His total ignoring the court's position, his putting career justice attorneys at logger heads with the judges, he deserves to be punted to the moon. He should be shunned, not only out of America, but out of the human race.

  • Eufemia Bersamin

    Donald Trump … The king of Liars , Bullies , Sexual Predators … HE IS SELLING , DEALING YOUR COUNTRY FOR HIS OWN GAIN …!!! DEMOCRATS , REPUBLICANS , AMERICANS … , WAKE UP !!! … BEFORE IT'S. TOO LATE !!!!!!!

  • hunkydude322

    hey you all don't be surprised if Trump wins the election again , he playing the immigration card to its fullest, so don't be surprised if he wins again.

  • hunkydude322

    I could be wrong but I think TRump may win again cause he's tough on immigration that alone may pull him over the top, hey , just saying we'll see.

  • Hub Giles

    I, Donald J. Trump, am the supreme leader of the USA. Judges, voters and congress will do what I tweet and the major media is fake. I am the smartest person on earth and the world will soon do what I tweet.

  • ChannelMerch Don't Leave Cash on the Table

    Todays' Show; Sofi, a 3 Year old girl had to make a choice; Sofi's Choice — "The Media is Playing a Game with the Public" !!!

  • Shae M

    I got told I had to find some Rachel Maddow and learn who she is or else my “lesbian card will be taken and burned.”

  • Svengali Falls

    it is so awesome to see the Loyalty of MSNBC followers. it really takes a strong person to continue supporting a company that has lost its credibility relevance and appeal to most Americans. you can't accuse these guys have not going down with the ship.

  • James Thomas

    I believe that we the citizens can change the rules of the game. Stop contributing to any political party. Stop supporting the candidates from either party. Support independent candidates in all races especially where there are severe partisan candidates, ensuring an even approach to solving the nations problems. If they don't live up to expectations vote them out. If there are no majority parties in congress or Senate then the leader of each body is likely to be an independent to do the work of the people & not beholden to any caucus. The leader of each body is obligated to bring issues to the floor if significant elected officials support it. No more Moscow Mitch's or old boy/girl network Pelosi obstructing the will of the people.

  • James Thomas

    There is no viable king without self-serving Pretorians around him. No leader can function without willing accomplices. They carry out his orders & he repays them by supporting their agenda (it is evident how the GOP & Christian Right operate). The unrivaled power of this president is with willing accomplice in congress, Senate & the Supreme Court (the lower courts don't matter, they can rule away against Trump but when he has the Supreme Court is in his pocket he is secure).They just over ruled 3 lower courts on Trump diverting funds for his wall for funds appropriated by congress for defense, effectively cutting the legs out from under Congress. There rulings on Gerrymandering along partisan lines to keep Republicans in power. Gutting the civil rights Acts, & Citizens United are all examples how a determined group of partisans can hijack our government & courts. My fears is soon we will have a dynastic dictator in Trump. It will cost blood & treasure to save are democracy if we the people are lackadaisical. Prevention is ALWAYS better than the cure.

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