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LEGISLATION BY KALEE BROWNAPRIL President Trump has been very outspoken about
his stance on abortion. Last year, he even claimed that women who have abortions should
face some sort of legal punishment. He has also publicly spoke out against Planned Parenthood,
specifically opposing their abortion services. During a Republican presidential debate, Trump
recognized that Planned Parenthood �helps millions and millions of women� who turn
to the organization for services like breast and cervical-cancer screenings. However, he
also explained that he would gladly defund it because it performs abortions, something
he clearly doesn�t support. One of the first steps President Trump actually
took on his first day in the Oval Office was to sign a ban on federal money going to international
organizations that perform or simply provide information about abortion services. Yesterday,
Trump�s ban came into fruition as he signed legislation cutting off federal funding to
Planned Parenthood and other organizations offering abortion services. What Does Trump�s Anti-Abortion Law Mean? Don�t worry, women are not being completely
banned from having abortions in the U.S., but this law is certainly cause for concern
for those of us that are pro-choice. However, this new law will certainly provide some barriers
for women in need of abortion services or healthcare in general. �Despite repeated promises that he would
protect and invest in women�s health, President Trump has once again shown that his words
carry little weight,� argued Heidi Williamson, the senior policy analyst for the Women�s
Health and Rights Program at the Center for American Progress. �Trump�s actions are
creating very real and damaging consequences for millions of women and their families,
inflicting direct harm on already vulnerable communities.� Towards the end of Obama�s term, he passed
a rule that prevented state and local governments from withholding federal funding for family
planning services regarding contraception, sexually transmitted infections, pregnancy,
breast and cervical cancer, and abortions. Unfortunately, the Trump administration�s
new law nullifies and essentially reverses the previous actions taken by Obama. Ironically, it was Vice President Mike Pence
who cast the tie-breaking vote in the Senate, who hasn�t exactly been shy in sharing his
views on abortion. �A society can be judged by how it deals with its most vulnerable,
the aged, the infirm, the disabled, and the unborn. I believe it with all my heart,�
Pence said at one of the debates. �And I couldn�t be more proud to be standing with
a pro-life candidate in Donald Trump.� Of course, one of the largest organizations
that�s affected by this new law is Planned Parenthood. The majority of the federal funding
Planned Parenthood actually receives supports preventative health care, birth control, pregnancy
tests, and other women�s health services. In fact, only 3% of the services the organization
provides are abortions. President Trump actually proposed that Planned
Parenthood could keep its funding if it stopped providing abortion services. Thankfully, the
organization didn�t accept his conservative deal, stating that the organization would
never do such a thing. To be clear, we�re not advocating women
should use birth control, nor are we ignorant of some of the corruption within Planned Parenthood
(read more about that here and here). I actually wrote an article on the dangers of using birth
control, which you can read about here. However, that doesn�t mean that women shouldn�t
be entitled to make their own decisions about their body. People are allowed to take pharmaceuticals,
eat whatever they want, and subject their bodies to toxins and other harmful substances.
We all have free will to do whatever we want to our own bodies. Although I believe your
body is your temple and that you should treat it with care, at the end of the day, it�s
ultimately just that: Your body. Your Body, Your Choice? The U.S. healthcare system doesn�t fund
abortions anyways, with the exception of rape, incest, or to save a woman�s life. This
doesn�t seem entirely fair to me, as I don�t think healthcare should be determined by the
amount of money we have saved in our bank accounts. What so many people who are anti-abortion
seem to forget is that if it�s not your body, it�s not your decision to make. Who
are we to judge women if they want to have an abortion? Likewise, we shouldn�t judge
women if they choose not to have abortions, either. So many women are shamed into or out
of having abortions by other people, it can be easy to forget that the decision shouldn�t
be made at the societal level, but rather at the individual, soul level. We shouldn�t judge any human being, regardless
of the decisions they make and actions they take. We are all on our own journey, there
isn�t �one right path� for us all to take during what we call �the human experience.� Even if you yourself don�t support abortion
or you don�t think you�d ever have one, that doesn�t give you the right to tell
others how to think or what to do. Part of the beauty in this world is understanding
why we all have such different opinions. We all endure different experiences and hold
different truths, leading us to have completely opposing belief systems. We live in a dualistic world, and so society
takes these polarizing views on subjects like abortion, claiming that they�re either pro-
or anti- certain topics, creating even more separatism. By claiming to be anti-abortion,
you�re perpetuating a certain belief system, which could ultimately prevent you from learning
from and connecting with others. Of course, abortion isn�t a subject to take
lightly, and it�s not as �black and white� as being for or against it. The physical,
emotional, and energetic repercussions of having an abortion can be incredibly difficult.
Abortions can lead to the manifestation of other physical ailments and can cause tons
of emotional and energetic blockages for women (and even men), particularly regarding the
sacral chakra. At a soul level, I believe we choose our most
difficult experiences in order to learn and grow from them. Given the difficulty surrounding
the before and aftermath of abortions, why would anyone want to make that experience
even more difficult for them? We shouldn�t shame people for the decisions they make,
regardless of how we feel about them. The world is our greatest mirror, as we are all
reflections of one another. Remember that next time you�re arguing with someone or
judging someone for their actions or beliefs!


  • Mark Powell

    Why should I have to pay for anyone's abortion or health issues. More liberal social garbage. Thank You, Donald Trump and Mike Pence.

  • carribeanforce

    good move but remember trump we are judged by God just as you will be.He can forgive so dont jump the gun too suddenly.

  • Mrs. G.

    Saving the babies from this torturing way of killing off that which is in a women's womb is murder and should rightfully be stopped…thank you President Trump for all you have done on this issue …may Our God Almighty continue to bless you and your family and Vice President Pence and his family. We appreciate you fighting the good fight!!

  • MsPrettypinkpanther8

    He signed a bill that defends the LIVES of the MOST INNOCENT HUMAN BEINGS? GOOD! That's the BEST thing he's done so far! Second best would be to ban delusional men and women from using the restrooms that do NOT match their birth sex and real gender!

  • MsPrettypinkpanther8

    Abortion providers and health care providers are NOT one in the same. You CANNOT consider yourself a dr/health care provider and support abortion.


    I thought this channel supported TRUMP and Christian beliefs. WE all listened to a lecture that could have come from Hillary's camp. I was subscribed, now I'm not!!!

  • napoleon smith

    oh, you are in favor of abortion? Let me cut your head off. How do you feel now??? better??? FOR THOSE OF US NOT IN FAVOR OF ABORTION, YEAH!!! "Unfortunately he recinded obamas federal moneys….???" are you a nazi kkk people of color democrat? what a dumbass to side with the democrat globalist people of color kkk party. I thought you were a conservative. goodbye nazi

  • Lotusrk123

    Well, Trump Breaking News Network just showed they are biased news. I'm UN-subscribing! Thank YOU, Mr. President and Mr. vice President!

  • Pink Onyx


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