Donald Trump’s 6 Month Report Card: 991 Tweets, 836 Lies, 0 Legislative Accomplishments
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Donald Trump’s 6 Month Report Card: 991 Tweets, 836 Lies, 0 Legislative Accomplishments

Today marks the sixth month anniversary of
Donald Trump being sworn in as president of the United States. So six months into his first term, let’s take
a look at where he actually stands amongst other presidents that have served in this
capacity. Now, Trump has claimed on several different
occasions that he has accomplished more in his first six months than anyone else who
has ever held that office. First of all, completely not true, we discussed
that last week. But more importantly, not only has he accomplished
less than his predecessors, he’s spent more time on vacation during the first six months
than his predecessors, he has tweeted more than all of his predecessors, and he actually
has fewer major accomplishments than his predecessors. According to reports, Donald Trump, as of
the morning of Tuesday, July 20th, between January 20, 2017, has tweeted 991 times. Just a few short of 1,000 tweets since becoming
president of the United States. Now, that is important, because his surrogates,
Kellyanne Conway, Sean Spicer, all the people defending him on Fox News, say that we shouldn’t
scrutinize Donald Trump’s tweets. Well, when you’re tweeting out almost 1,000
times since taking office, and when you readily admit that it’s your best way to communicate
with the public … Yeah, we have to scrutinize those. He has not held a single Q&A press conference
since becoming president of the United States, one of only a handful of presidents in history
to ever do that. During his first six months, he has also not
had a single meeting whatsoever with Democrats from either the House or the Senate. Obama was meeting with Republicans on a weekly
basis at this point in his presidency. Donald Trump hasn’t spoken to a Democrat. One of the most interesting accounts though
is the fact that according to Washington Post, Donald Trump has lied 836 times since becoming
president. Some other fact checkers have that number
at about half that. The Washington Post, a little bit more reliable
on this particular issue. But that basically evens out to four and a
half lies every single day that Donald Trump is telling the public. Some of those are part of those 991 tweets
that he’s sent out. For example, when he accused President Obama
of a felony by saying that he wiretapped him at Trump Tower. No, on the legislative side, Donald Trump
doesn’t fare much better. He has signed 42 bills into law, which again,
last week we discussed what each and every one of those bills was. Not one of them was a legislative accomplishment
or a legislative priority for the president that he talked about during the campaign,
but he still claims that all of those count, even though most of them are procedural laws
that he has to sign, he doesn’t have a choice. But he has no accomplishments to his name. He hasn’t done anything, there’s no border
wall funding, thank God. His Muslim ban keeps getting struck down by
court after court. The Supreme Court upheld part of it, but not
the entire thing. He did place a justice. Again, whoever was president was going to
get to do that, because Republicans obstructed President Obama’s nominee for 11 and a half
months. So, from the numbers only, we can see that
Donald Trump not only is an abject failure, but a complete liar, and one of the laziest
people to ever hold office, because he spent 25% of his time at the golf course since becoming
president. He’s spent 21 out of 26 weekends at a Trump-owned
property on vacation, and all around has managed to offend just about every group of people
in this United States, including his fellow Republicans. So, that’s where we’re at six months in. Kind of makes you wonder what the next six
months are gonna hold. Hopefully, the next six months are gonna give
us some answers on the investigation by Robert Mueller, and maybe, just maybe, a little bit
more reason to go ahead and go forward with impeachment.


  • IronMandingo

    Dont forget when MSM finds out more Trump bullshit, he goes across seas for photo-ops until things "die down."

  • Dai Lee

    it would be great if POTUS Obama could file a lawsuit against this criminal monster for this lie and other lies he has spewed from his spincter for a mouth.

  • rouelibre1

    Come on! Do not wish impeachment upon him! Churchill called a stop on every assasination plot about Hitler because in the hands of the likes of Rommel, it would have been much tougher for the Allies. The same goes-on here. With Pence, the GOP agenda would pass. Instead, just wait for 2018 and go vote in massive numbers.

  • Holly B

    Trump tweets instead of holding press conferences because, for all of his bragging about what a great business man he is, The doofus can NOT think on his feet. He's s joke. He's a buffoon. He's a FAKE president.

  • 4D bullshit Patroll

    What's wrong with tweets when Q&A press conterences are just a msm platform for relevance? He said he'd ignore them. Speaking of fake news, what's woth all the other shit dribbling from this guys mouth? He just said Trump spends 25% of his time at the golf course. In a previous clip he said Trump played golf 37 times since becoming POTUS (in 6 months). That's once every 5 days, not 25% of the time. He said Trump lies 4 times a day. That can only mean that if Trump doesn't confess to the false allegations about Russian collusion it's a lie to Libtards. And what about the $12 billion drop in the national debt as opposed to the trillions Obama flushed down the toilet? Is there anything coming from this guys mouth that isn't utter shit? Does he back it up with evidence or just say it was fact checked and we should trust him?

  • Devin Best


  • Aza Smith

    He's the class clown if he doubled as the school bully: horses around for attention and threatens to beat up anybody who doesn't horse around with him (including the teacher), bringing down the class's grade point average with him.

  • Leslie Barber

    you would think that if you are being accused of Russia collusion then you would stay away from anyone who has ties with Russia, not dumb ass trump he thinks putin is his friend and confindon, what a nut job trump is!!!

  • David S.

    Trump is pure evil and a threat to the entire world. We better wake up real soon and do something about it or else this planet is going to be destroyed by this deranged piece of shit.

  • justmyopinion TV

    Nobody is listening to you! You can point out the lies, find the irregularity but nobody is listening. Democrats are snizzling cowards and Republicans are mean yellow belly cowards. 40% of the population says even if the Russians helped him win the elections they will still agree with everything he is doing. Take away their healthcare, clean environment, good water, education, marginalize 13-20% of the population, give away the countryside to Russia…they don't long as a black man is not president and black and brown people are not succeeding.
    How dare a black person buy a nice house, have a good job and drive a nice car…that cannot happen in my america. We have to stop this right now..even if it means electing a man who will strip them of everything..they are ok with it because black and brown people will be stripped as well.

  • The bitch in the Corner

    Every time he holds a press conference he ends up looking like the idiot he is, so naturally his staff don't want him to get in front of the cameras to spew out his word salad speeches . Plus I think he makes sane Americans nauseous .

  • M.Bahati Kuumba

    Wow! Thanks for the stats. One correction, though…Trump(ed) did speak on the phone with Senator Schumer (D – NY) for advice about firing former FBI Director, James Comey. Of course, he didn't take that advice.

  • Sam Russell

    You can't really say that he's tweeted more than his predecessors, when for many of them electricity was something you got from rubbing cats.
    He's tweeted more than some of them.

  • Pall Aaarrgghh!

    The "man" (Drumpf) cannot help but lie. He is the living embodiment of a lie. He is sad, pathetic, and useless and he knows it. I hope it tears him up inside to know how completely worthless he is.

  • 7rob27

    Wait a minute. 991 Tweets and 836 Lies? That means there are Trump Tweets who aren't lies. I'm almost impressed. But then again … those Tweets who aren't lies are most likely just "covfefe".

  • rasmie

    It's amazing when the person responsible for running the most powerful country in the world does less work than a college student

  • icylinful

    Trump has more accomplishments than obama ever did in his 8 year period…Take a look at all the laws passed under him…This is obviously fake news purpetrated by far left media colluding with Democratic establishment..!!

  • linda from ga

    Miss priss ,born with a gold spoon in her mouth-Ivanka is an advisor ! She should advise her sugar daddy Trump to resign! Trump is disgusting!

  • Learned Hand

    What's the point of him even being in the White House? According to his record, he might as well be living in his mother's basement like the rest of his neck-beard fans.

  • Anthony Mcqueen

    6 months of NOTHING but a international embarrassment and made america more irrelevant on the world stage.

  • Karen Piotte

    I'm so glad someone is keeping tabs on this travesty! I'm living it but still can't believe this is happening! It must be stopped! Seems no one has the courage! His bloody supporters are another matter! Racist slobs.

  • Deborah Liggins

    Trump is on the verge of a mental breakdown. He knows nothing about being president of the United States. All Trump knows is try and destroy PRESIDENT BARRACK OBAMA. I have never seen a new president so insanely jealous of a prior president. Trump the idiot is going to fire everyone in his administration per orders from his boss "PUTIN"

  • R. McBride

    Anyone else noticing there is a discernible decline in the numbers of Trumpsters showing up to defend their Dear Leader?

  • Dr. Hugh Bumazz

    💩trump stop whining and crying about those of us that don't like you, and think you are the Worst loser in America. Confucius says," Man who piss in wing, wing piss back"!

  • G o.

    O accomplishments what a record. Top WORST president of the usa, somebody has to keep that title looser. He doesn't care about been president he never did? 4 wasted years gone………….

  • David Edwards

    The GOP emblem is an elephant, an animal known for it's memory.
    Ironic that Trump is now President, the opposite of an elephant.
    All his tweeting is so hard, thats why he needs all the holidays.

  • Earl A. Birkett

    if the election were held tomorrow Trump would be lucky to get 40%. Why is anyone tolerating this jackass?

  • Peace Monger

    Democrats: "Russia, Russia, Russia" Republicans: "Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi". Let's just talk about Trumps accomplishments….well, we can at least talk about all the promises he made!!!

  • Linda K

    I really think he thought he'd have minions running around doing absolutely everything, and all he'd have to do is sit at his desk looking all important and sign things which other people have done all the leg work on. He doesn't know run things, he only takes credit for others' ideas & hard work. How many times have his businesses gone bankrupt. He only knows how to run cons.

  • Truth Void

    supreme court??????? hahahahaha bitches Trump 2020 hahahahahahahaha mark my words, hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

  • Black Dynamite

    Im black and let me tell you nobody cares how much he tweets. Americans care about jobs and putting food on the table and the safety of one's family.

    Trump has signed 42 bills into law, most of which shrinks government, empower small business owners, creating good jobs, cut red tape, help our veterans, (of which i am) increasing our energy independence, and help keeping us safe with the border stuff.

    What are you complaining about?

  • jay H

    You shut your mouth you're just mad because we are winning so damn much look at all the things we won so far like the um the and a yeah you just jealous Because we have won so much so much


    The bigoted inbreeds that follow him don't care, as long as he can roll back progress for non caucasians in every way; they are happy.

  • The Hypnotoad

    In order to lead a nation,one has to care about the needs of the populace. I doubt Trump has cared about anything except where his next buck was coming from.

  • harry johnson

    The good news for Trump is he is now in the Guinness Book Of Records for most lies by a president in 6 months. Congrats Donnie.

  • Conald can Exit Stage Down

    Tweeting out his a$$, what a crass loud mouthed, mean spirited, vile, despicable and vindictive evil BULLY..

  • Sondra Kaplan

    Trump must go! No thinking person could otherwise. Hope we survive his presidency….perhaps we need to get our candidates for intelligence and emotional well being….don't think trump would have passed any evaluating instruments if there had been any. See money does care who has it and it does nothing for one who needs to be presidential. Failure and loser comes to mind. You can add your own adjectives.

  • San Diego

    Drumpf POTUS Student Report Card:

    Leadership… F
    Accomplishments… F
    Appointments… F
    Patriotism to America… double FF
    Drain the Swamp… double FF
    Honesty… double FF
    Citizenship… F (does not play well with others)

  • William Ridge Sr.

    donny's six month report card: He made it to his 200th day, not much else. Same as his 100th day, just more golf. Don't expect much more.

  • Jennifer Ferris

    Well from what i know the first 7 presidents only had 1 q & a session in their 1st month, for obvious reasons

  • MS Bonz


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