• Enigmas Of The Universe

    Imagine, if you will, this is hell (not so hard to do really if you look around in the world today and see what happens and what we are doing to eachother). So imagine, if you will, this is hell and a place of learning, and our true home is far far away from here ! Maybe we are advanced ethereal "alien" beings who comes here to learn and advance. When we die we leave our physical vessel and goes back to our original state. Maybe we are beings from far far away who have developed the technology to become embedded inside a human body, which is of course dna manipulated to the purpose.

  • Battery9876

    I wonder what he thinks about the idea that the universe in a simulation. There is even a Nobel Prize in physics that thinks that.

  • Kathy Gillis

    How did your life change after your NDE? Are you still a working doctor? relationships…life quest? Did you suffer depression like many NDE's.?

  • Don Mackie

    I find atheists astonishing. There's tons of evidence that there is life after death yet they desperately cling to the notion that NDEs are chemically/electrically generated experiences of fanciful fiction. To me, atheists are souls who are, for lack of a better term, asleep

  • Evening TV

    It is frustrating and difficult for those of us who have had NDE's to make sense of what happened so I am grateful for someone like Dr. Alexander who has done such a fantastic job of articulating the phenomenon and getting people to listen and provide much needed validation. You have inspired me to finally tell my own story of my own NDE 15 years ago and how that impacted my reaction to losing my 20 year old son a few months ago.

  • Havi Wisdom

    Were herd this story one too many times. Deep within his coma he realizes that he is being sue for malpractice for falsifying medical records. He probably will not be able to practice as a doctor anymore and needed a way to make money, so he uses his credential as a doctor to advertise and promotes his books for monetary gains. He talks about proof Heaven but never once references the Bible. He only references meditation which is a pagan religion pratice originated from hinduism and buddist. These religions whorship demi gods, not the God of abraham isaac and jacob mentioned in the Bible. Why does't he give out his book for free???

  • Anna Nicholson

    was just reading the book proof of heaven got almost to page 150 and Jesus wasn't his experience. I have an understanding or awareness that time space etc do not contain God. you left out the truth of salvation in an otherwise excellent intelligent clear communication of experiences.

  • Hermann Steinrucks

    I will say, I dont know if it was meant for everyone to have their eyes opened. If that were the case, we might all just commit ritual suicide. Its important, that only a few people believe this, so the world remains a difficult place of power, greed, violence and hatred. Only that way will the few be able to decide if they want to be good or not.

  • Havi Wisdom

    The vast global population does not need a book written by this man about proof of Heaven, Gods word is enough to know such. This man should be teaching his nde in reference to the Holy, Living Word of God testified by his chosen prophets thousand of years ago in the Holy Bible. eben alexander book is pure false and meaningless and it is very obvious he is only interested in selling his book. His books are not even worth my time to burn for warmth!! Come on people do not be deceived for it is written, "these are times of great deceptions". May God have mercy on us and bless us all away from such false people and may he bless those false people towards His true words. Amen.

  • Gary L. Wimmer

    Dr. Alexander did not have a dream. What he experienced is truth. I've also had a NDE (near-death experience) and they are real. You do not have to believe in something for it to work and be real or valid. Gravity, for example, does not require anyone's belief or lack thereof to work. Only when a person can see through his or her biases, can that person even begin to understand the true and Infinite Nature of God. And Infinite means beyond petty human biases. What we see in this life is but a drop in the ocean of our infinite existence, and to grasp that concept is to begin to break free of limitations and biases.

  • byss biscit

    that do not make it ture. its just sumthing he had heard. or see it writeing. and that was the 1st thing pop in his head. like mmm how he so smart with words. u people belive anything u hear. aww he so smart.

  • Allan

    The ever present skeptic in me has to ask, isn't it possible that he had dying brain hallucinations? I know he talks about his neocortex shutting down. Isn't it possible that he had these visions/hallucinations when his brain was shutting down, when his neocortex was shutting down but still active?

  • Antonio LoMedico

    Dr Eben is a very courageous  soul……speak up  of the truth !! I had a near death experience !!!

  • Pure Energy

    Eben Alexander–have you read the book "Hands of Light" written by the NASA physicist Barbara Brennan? She says we are holograms, too, multidimensional energy beings that can heal ourselves right now by releasing the stresses of our lives. Since we are totally 100% energy/love waves constantly resonating into frequencies called these bodies, this is how we do that. Frequencies are what happens with observance/intent/thoughts.

    So I call these waves God's brain waves. I don't think Barbara does and I haven't heard of quantum physics saying this, but I have been trying to tell others there is no such thing as death since my near death experience as a child. How simply can anyone say this, but that reality here consists completely of waves of consciousness, otherwise we would not be conscious and neither would anything else. It takes consciousness to grow and love. So since reality is waves, then how does solidity happen? 1st Consciousness intends to be here, and as this intent concentrates, these God waves bunch up into frequencies called solidity. Everyone must agree that everything everywhere consists of frequencies, right? So the big question is– how do frequencies become solidity? Images ! Holograms ! We are actually holograms–so dense and so condensed and tight that we don't see the light that we are. But it is here within us–the kingdom of God within us.
    I have also read the book "The Quantum World" by the physicist Ford. He wrote that quarks MAGICALLY burst forth spinning as 3 points of light forming what are called protons and electrons. That is 3 for protons, 3 for neutrons, and 1 for the electron. Each atom is spinning 7 points of light !!! And people are completely full of atoms !!!! This is how we are light or spirits. Solidity is an illusion.

    Barbara Brennan sees us as holograms. She has learned how to help others heal themselves by seeing where their stress lies within their bodies. This is the essence of dis-ease. Since we are 100% energy/light/love, then holding back this energy, not letting it flow causes blockages in this energy. These blockages are what are called cancer, tumors, etc.  So what holds back this perfect energy that we already are is our thoughts/feelings. We are holding back love. We are currents of energy always flowing from our source, always connected to this God. This flow is love. When we hold back love we are like electrical wires with pinches and kinks–the electricity bunches up into fire or shorts, which blow circuits and fuses, etc.
    It's the simplest thing of all which we have all been taught all along. Protons are positive charges and electrons are negative charges. we are electricity itself. There is not a drop of solidity within anything. As physics says, we/our atoms rotate, vibrate, oscillate and spin. That makes God an electromagnetic eternal energy being, too !!!!! And we are mini gods. Has to be this way.
    Isn't it the bible that says we are created in the image of God? We are images just like God proven by quantum physics ! YEA ! So that makes God holographic energy as far as we know.
    In my 20's earth time I used to pray for others. I wished the best for all concerned because I had read the book "Healers and the Healing Process" by Meek. Because of these books, I felt huge amounts of energy flow into me and out of me. I have felt many energy beings walk into me, fly through me, lie next to me. I have felt tubes of energy flow into me. I have healed myself super fast with my thoughts/images. And others, too. I believe that these flows of energy were the thoughts of others coming to me. I had really learned to become open, even though I was still very anti social from being hated so much for talking about these invisible energy beings. I knew as a child there was no such thing as death and tried to tell everyone. They bullied me terribly. that mother I lived with hated me the most. She kept me away from everyone, at the same time she was in so much grief that she was constantly asking "Where is God?"
    If only she had listened to me. God had come to help her in the form of invisible energy beings which people call angels. But people had brainwashed her into believing that hearing voices made a person sick.

  • Jay chowdhury

    Wait, so is he saying that EVERY reported near death out of body experiences are real?? Including the ones where people go to hell and see Jesus, etc., unlike the near death experience he had, cause that doesn't really make sense. NONE of them are hallucinations or illusions?

  • Sarah Verwei

    yes the mysteries are reality and the truth to us to, the place of learning, experiences and going back to the orginal state, having a NDE myself to when I was 23 years young, and almost died …trying to articulate this phenomenon since that time…trying to listen to my listening, intuiting what is emerging, giving full expression to this sense of syntony, intimate connections by which in I am my body and my community is in-formed, I was observing this……. who is I? it is the universe to me…..trying to see this essence, Charles Einstein asked;'why is it assumed without much debate that no one can have direct access to the subjective experience of another person ? the teachings are important in a new thinking, this new thinking is the emergence of narratives of systemic sustainability and evolutionary syntony, the glocal thrivability, patterns of being and becoming that express both local and global thrivability, in-formation, a quantum mechanical process, the consciousness itself, I am using the frame of the four levels of empathy, the whole world is one quantum, and consciousness is fundamental, implications are world changing, a revolution- understanding of this, shifting from a earth centered view to the holistic view, soul spirit is fundamental in this universe and this is a spiritual universe, showing that this in-formation is replacing a reality, pure in-formation. I am having this experience coming from an infinity love – loving all together that is emerging in this consciousness, we are all connected we are all part of one consciousness – we are all part of this great expansion, the oneness

  • Sarah Verwei

    love your enemy and love your neighbour and love yourself first, being the love that we are – it will change this world if we can see this interconnection, when we hurt others we hurt our self, this is a growth and understanding of loving yourself for all of our fellow beings, forgiveness and living this life, in the oneness with the divine – exploring this and demonstrating this to people it is not just journeys but the common events, described by millions of souls over years, this is not about a belief system, it is real…the map of reality is the wisdom of the deep dimensions

  • George lee Clark

    This week is the beginning of filming "Heavens Pen" documentary called "Irrefutable proof of Heaven" debuting the editorial of HP. This doc will be exposing the copyright and Writers Guild entry of "Heavens Pen" in 2006, by George Lee Clark", which is the same as Dr. Eben Alexanders several times over NY Bestseller called " Proof of Heaven " written by friends of Alexander in 2008 following his confabulation of desparation of his NDE/OBE experience and translated into 37 languages. This confabulated endeavor of Alexander, cashing in on the desecration of the afterlife, has turned into a monopolized multi-million dollar business with three books added by Alexander. It is more than amazing what Ive experienced notifying subjects of interest. The Theosophical society, Sacred Acoustics, Dr. Eben Alexander, Bob Olsons afterlife TV, and many more have banned me for exposing the evidence against Alexander. These people are also the same ones marketing Alexander under the idea of "investigators of the afterlife". They have blocked my posts or comments following my kindly presented allegation.The only organizations that have interest are; The International Association of Near-Death Studies (IANDS), MIT, Harvard, The Edgar Cayce institute, Dr.Neil Shulman creator of Doc Hollwood/Michael J Fox, Stanford University, Walter Pledger(ordained minister and counsellor for troubled souls). Walter Pledger was my counselor I sought following Heavens Pen induction to consciousness. Heavens Pen, editorial of induction into consciousness from the devine, consists of thirteen hundred pages of prophecy that ended up to be b4 its time answers to many unknowns including Quantum mechanics, Universe dimensional realms, purpose of being, and an exact duplicate of Alexanders oddity journey t two years prior to happening.

  • George lee Clark

    You will have the editorial of Heavens Pen of 2006 that was copyrighted and entered into Writers Guild the same year. It cotains thirteen hundred pages of dreams following a prayer of spiritual contemp,. and I guarantee you will understand why Dr. Eben Alexander is my focus. He was aware of my beginning allegation with nothing but admiration and austoundment I presented. In what I thought he would surely want to know of, he blocked me. Why? The editorial contains the exact same story as Alexanders, but with explanation of his confinement and confusion within the tenth dimensional realm of the loving Universe. It also contains Quantum theory explanation and many archaelogic findings from 2008 on that were within HP editorial of 2006 and found in Jordan to be a reality.. These are NOT coincidental and will irrefutably have the proof of the afterlife which has never been full proof until 2006 found in the editorial of HP. This is an opportunity for the ones who study consciousness that are confused of the truth of its reality. This week filming has begun with a documentary following the 2006 documentary called"You're Rejected" which I filmed only to give back to the loving living Universe for its communication to me. It was a world wide success with many honors including the Pope and Sonia Ghandhi in my efforts to upkeep penal code 377 of India to reject gay marriage. I also was responsible for the peace treaty in Sudan accomplished by myself an Dr. Neil Shulman in Atlanta Ga. birthing the first Global Humanitarian summit, another success. I wrote the speech which was editorial of the divine the day b4. I wasnt involved until I disclosed my revelation dream to Neil Shulman. I am telling you this bcuz a pattern the next day shows what a true person will do when they experience the divine and not figure out how to make millions of dollars as Alexander which has no value in the afterlife, but only righteous deeds. Once again this was following my divine intervention of HP. I hope we connect soon to share, Deepak Chopra.

  • Chung Lee

    Neuroscientists have proven NDE can be induced by experiments on human neurons.
    Too bad, Buddha would be happy if there is haven.

  • Steve C

    Not a popular opinion, I know, but I found the book (Proof of Heaven) a little irritating because his actual descriptions of the NDE only occupy a handful of pages, while the rest of the book serves as background on his life. That being said, this is a fantastic interview and Dr. Eben Alexander nails down, in only a short while, most of the discoveries in nonduality, meditation, and consciousness research that I've encountered over the past year! It's almost a half an hour synopsis of what I've personally discovered! Highly Recommended!

  • George lee Clark

    2006, I copyrighted thirteen hundred pages of a divine revelation I experienced called "Heavens Pen" induced to my conscious following a prayer of spiritual contempt., surprisingly. This same year the editorial Dr. Neil Shulman aka.Doc Hollywood/Michael J. Fox and I utilized for Humanitarian work birthing the first Global Humanitarian Summit in Atlanta Ga. resulting in a peace treaty in Sudan following "Soccer for Peace" for the lost boys of Sudan. The Global Humanitarian Summit following is now an annual event at Emory university. This same year without Shulman, I made a documentary called "You're Rejected" condemning gay marriage and was an international success with honors from the Pope and Sonia Ghandhi for my efforts to upkeep penal code 377 in India. 2008, Dr. Eben Alexander wrote a number 1 NY bestseller called, "Proof of Heaven". His NDE/OBE experience which miracuosly he survived and followed with his book, is the exact same story I experienced and copyrighted and entered into the writers guild registry in 2006 that no one was aware of. Luke Dietrich and Sam Harris severly debunked Alexander exposing his desparation status and deemed his story as a confabulation. They dont know of my copyright two years prior . This is IMPOSSIBLE of this oddity magnitude, yet happened. You cant debunk a copyright or writers guid registry with the same editorial. EVERYTHING Alexander lectures of and left confused of his glimpse journey are answered in Heavens Pen a full journey. Heavens Pen also has Quantum mechanics explanation and Archaelogical findings with perfect accuracy two years b4 their knowing. It also contains the eleven realms of Heaven and we in the third the only time zone For me to have this, and I do ,would be impossible. There has NEVER been TANGIBLE EVIDENCE until now with any man. Just similiar stories without tangible proof A Nuerosurgeon who no
    longer believes in reductive materialism isnt proof and copyrights cant be debunked. The key to our return to our loving author of Creation is good intent and righteousness. When you truly experience the divine, as myself, you want to do humanitarian work instead of an afterlife profiteer mission of Earthly material gain. The experience you will learn this and end up practicing righteousness which is the afterlife currency. I made sure that I would not receive any revenues with signed waivers with Doc Hollywood and Venilla films knowing earthly material gains are worthless All I wanted was to give back to return to the tenth realm of Heaven I experienced and learned our purpose of being. When or if Alexander can do this, I will believe him. George Lee Clark/ a true soldier of Christ. You're Rejected 2006.

  • George lee Clark

    2006 random caption of three while filming Dr. Neil Shulman/Doc Hollywood. Dr. Eben Alexander is clearly seen in our audience at the Jimmy Carter Center in Atlanta. Heavens Pen was my material Shulman and I utilized for global humanitarian events and books of 2006. I had all material copyrighted at Shulmans request. In addittion, it was registered within Writers Guild by Venilla films. How did Alexander and myself end up with the same editorial that was translated into 43 languages in 2008? This is impossible , yet happened. Alexander avoids me today after asking him personally. I want to publicly debate him of what Sam Harris and Luke Dietrich have declined in fear of not having a beneficial outcome. Alexander takes that as a victory, yet his rival has questions to ask that will put Alexander in the hiding as he is already. Soldier of Christ challenges the Nuerosurgeon. Celestial Hierarchy vs. Harvard University.

  • George Clark

    Dr Eben Alexander, I am impressed with your journey the exact same as mine that was copyrighted and registered within the writers guild in 2006 of over thirteen hundred pages of moral revelations I experienced. The only difference is you only had only a glimpse of what I had a full journey of following a sincere prayer of contempt and not a NDE/OBE experience. Your confusion is answered several times within the editorial of Heavens Pen. I am totally impressed with your journey knowing you and I during those years were there. Many can laugh, but the copyright and Writers Guild registry will put the debunkers in checkmate and understand why Im shocked knowing IMPOSSIBLE , yet happened with proof believing could help you. A Nuerosurgeon who no longer believes in reductive materialism agaist the scientific norm and being a Harvard elite ISNT PROOF.. Sam Harris and Luke Dittrich the main skeptics were my focus to silence with copyrighted proof that cant be debunked and later they denied a debate with you that I would love to take their place publicly. . During those years I was left not understanding why I was chosen to explain for the first time our purpose of being other than good intent as beneficiary knowing I was the only Catholic student at St James the Less who memorized all thirteen pages of what a Soldier of Christ means. It was a supposed requirement to recieve Holy Confirmation and later I learned not enforced. It was a thought. I sought professional help confused, priests of theology, for help knowing the dreams were devine because I would have to figure out the message following. When a dream is educational who is the teacher? One of the priests, Walter Pledger, joined me for counseling and editorial of another book I wrote called, Heavens Sunflowers enjoying content. I left my story alone because two priests told me that when your faith is confused God will explain things in a different way for understanding. I continued to work on three other projects instead that found selection at the Cannes film fest and kept HP as my own benifit. You changed my fear of heresy to the Catholic Church which was a concern of mine. Understand that the mud lake with creatures ascending and descending was the shadow dimension which I can explain. Did you know there are eleven dimensions? You were right about time having no meaning beyond the third dimension, but do you know why? You on the huge butterfly with Delilah who could communicate with thoughts as you are aproaching a moral gathering in the valley seeing the vegetation opening and closing, do you know who she really is and do you know why the vegetation was doing this? Did you see the rainbow paths? Did you notice two at the gathering called a Creator and Ruler? Do you know why you woke to seeing a perfect rainbow? What happened to you, Eben, happened to me too in 2006. In 2017, Doc Hollywood and myself, will release "Irrefutable proof of heaven". The other day I was working with Dr. Neil Shulman, creator of Doc Hollywood/ Michael J Fox, past archives of book signings at the Jimmy Carter library center and found two thumbnail photos of who I believed was you the same as Shulman. This was upsetting knowing our stories of the devine are exact. I thought maybe you copied my story at first knowing Heavens Pens creation was discussed at the book signing and abstract odds of contents to be exact would be IMPOSSIBLE at this odditty magnitude. Dr. Eben Alexander , you are right on track and now I will put the icing on the cake proving Heaven is real with tangible evidence for the FIRST TIME other than considering credentials and similar stories as proof. It would be so impossible for us having the exact same story remarkably at the same time. My HP editorial was copyrighted in 2006. Yes I have the mudlake, shadow dimension, and all of your abstract story of reality beyond belief. There are eleven dimensions I learned and we are the only time dimension within the third of a total of eleven. I can explain why. You woke to a perfect rainbow as myself and know why. I flew to the moral gathering on an acrobatic flight the same with Delilah as my beautiful escort watching the vegetation opening and closing and know why. , I have the same opening portals with the beautiful melodies just the same. I have thirteen hundred pages of HP editorial with the missing links of confusion you were left . Keep in mind when this beautiful experience happened to me, I wanted to give back for my prayers answered. This was when I and Shulman did humanitarian work to help end the Sudan war. We did the first Global Humanitarian event called Soccer for Peace which I utilized captions from HP dreams to write the speeches for this event. I also signed waivers refusing revenues with Shulman and Venilla films knowing earhly material gains are not the currency of the tenth realm of Heaven, but only righteousness. I made a documentary in 2006 called "Youre Rejected" which was an international success receiving honors from the Pope and Sonia Ghandhi in my efforts to upkeep peal code 377 in India opposing Gay marriage and again signing waivers against revenues. Three weeks after event a peace treaty was signed after Shulman threatened University stock divestment from three major petroleum companies funding the war. Dr. Alexander, I have the irrefutable proof that can't be debunked with a copyright of your same experience two years prior to yours. That will be all she wrote without argument of a reality. Quantum mechanics, spirit births living material explaining the Enigma of which came first the chicken or the egg. Spirit creates living matter, not matter creating spirit. In 2008, in Jordanian caves was found steel bound tablets of ten thousand pages speaking of history two thousand years ago the time of Jesus. It was translated learning Jesus was a citizen who wasn't starting a new Religion, but telling of a Creator and Ruler who are in Heaven who love us. My experience stated the same two years prior to findings. Learning love is the key to a return to our loving Creator and Ruler, authors of creation.
    The aforementioned is the exact private message to Alexander who chose to block my posts and comments following. Red Flag. You don't block people who send messages of admiration and can contribute the copyright to prove. At this same time I was bewildered and found a lost flashdisc for almost a decade that was diligently searched. The flash disc had the film video of Dr. Neil Shulman releasing a new book called "Second Wind". The odditty in finding this flash disc is that it contained three random caption taken for film identity I didnt take these pictures and didnt even know Alexander. This is another miracle that I possess knowing there were atleast three hundred people at event that couldve been captured randomly. . When found a near decade later after its loss, it contained two perfect pictures of you and one of Dr. Shulman, the subjects of my interest of why you hushed me. George Lee Clark a true soldier of Christ to message the desecrators of tbe Afterlife is now what I believe and will pursue without revenues again. When you can sign waivers against revenues , Alexander, I will then believe you. Righteousness and good intent is the currency of the return to Heaven is what I learned and not Earthly material gains which are worthless in the tenth realm of Heaven and not NY Bestsellers or sixty follar a seat lectures…

  • Chad Morris

    This was such a great, inspirational talk, and I love this guy so much! Thanks a million. I have been working on a documentary merging science with spirituality and am hunting for great short clips to use, and he just gave me so much in no time.

  • Fluffy Little Bear

    Does it bother anybody else that he didn't remember who he was while in this afterlife dimension? In his own words, "Eben Alexander ceased to exist". He didn't remember his childhood, his first dog, his friends, family, or even his children.

    Don't these memories and experiences make us who we are? If these are lost upon death, we're lost too. Some part of us may live on, but the afterlife he describes, is one where the "soul" if you will, does cease to exist upon death, because it is linked to the physical brain. If the memories and experiences were contained in the "spirit" for lack of a better word, his brain's neo-cortex being destroyed shouldn't effect his sense of self at all… but it did.

    I actually find his experience rather bleak. I don't want my memories and sense of self to disappear.. because that is "me". It bothers me that he doesn't expand on this and that everybody else watching these videos seems to gloss right over that part.

    I know most people remember who they are during their near death experiences, but I also know their brains were intact. Perhaps if they actually died, their memories and sense of self would have faded away.

  • George Clark

    If anyone has the time to learn the truth of Dr. Eben Alexander, please contact me. It is impossible for me to have his same story of.. Proof of Heaven two years prior . He learned my story then and blocks this truth to his audience. It sickens me on how it happened. When I am listened to, if, it will be all the TANGIBLE proof needed.

  • George lee Clark

    New York Times
    Please contact me back for understanding the truth of Dr.Eben Alexander. He has a NYbestseller since 2012 of a book called "Proof of Heaven", telling his story of his NDE/OBE experience of 2008. His book was translated into 43 languages for the demand following. What needs to be explained by Alexander and Dr. Shulman is how he ended up with tbe EXACT SAME EDITORIAL of my book called "Heavens Pen" of 2005 by George Lee Clark. I know how it happened. Please contact back for a great story that will shock his followers. Thank you, GeorgeLee Clark.

  • Esdynu

    the lady relly wants to hear him telling her that theres an afterlife.. when science discovers how the brain creates counsiousness this man will lose his credibility.

  • George lee Clark

    Oprah, you are making a mistake to ignore the best story of the afterlife possible that I possess and chose you to assist knowing you interviewed Dr. Eben Alexander. Living a miracle I can prove with TANGIBLE EVIDENCE for the first time ever given to mankind. Similiar stories, Depak Chopra, Alexander, and Harvard elites isnt the correct direction to find answers of the Afterlife. Tangible evidence beyond belief is no longer available to you knowing you dont care a bit and accepted. You lost a remarkable story that will give you the answers of Dr. Eben Alexanders' legitimacy who you once had as a questionable guest and our true purpose of being which conscious awareness is a part. In 2005, my FB site also explains conscious awareness was my study involving a Creator and Ruler(2008 Jordanian caves archaeological findings the same) before ANY of the aforementioned and why? Because I experienced its presence and prior never had any revelations or education on quantum mechanics or Universal dimensional study . Not coincidence but learned within conscious awareness before MIT, Alexander, and ANYONE novice to subject. "Proof of Heaven" was arranged by two sinister doctors to make millions on my copyrighted story of 2005 called "Heavens Pen" of thirteen hundred pages of revelations induced to my conscious following a prayer of contempt which Dr. Shulman possesses as a writing partner in that year. Shulman, is the creator of Doc Hollywood/ Michael J Fox. I have pictures of Dr. Alexander coming to Neil Shulmans book signing held at the Jimmy Cater center shortly before his published book using my completed available story which I later learned a decade later hearing on the Bob Olson Afterlife TV. This editorial used by Alexander saved his financial desperation plight of multiple lawsuits of malpractice. When you read Heavens Pen and see the picture of Alexander, which Shulman denied knowing after I presented this fact, you will join my rant without question… Shulman, denying knowing Alexander was a red flag knowing my deceased step father was a dentist who I frequented his seminars. I learned that any doctors in the house is a formality to introduce to other doctors. I knew Shulman was lying. Both of them wear bow ties which I thought odd. At this same time , Alexander and his affiliates closed off to me and why for asking how he has my same story? I am not going to sue him and just wanted explanation. This editorial you would have found austonishment learning it is a mirror of Alexanders story called, "Proof of Heaven" which is marketed to the feeble. It has the same story of the shadow dimension which Alexander describes as a "mud lake". The shadow dimension is a dimension to keep out unwanted souls as my understanding written in revelations of Heavens Pen. The beautiful woman on the huge butterfly singing melodies opening portal is named Delilah who is both male(Peter first born of Ruler) and female of desire. Ever changing images is constant. Alexander mentioned on your show when asked about earthly memories, he stated "time has no meaning beyond our dimension". Heaven is layers he adds. Cleary in 2005 editorial of Heavens pen in the prologue you will find the same. He mentions flying on a huge butterfly with a beautiful woman singing Melodies opening portals and later finds himself lost, but remembered the melodies finding his way back. Heavens pen has the same. He states flying through a beautiful valley with gorgeous Skies with vegetation opening and closing as drum beats grow louder and louder. The same as Heavens Pen, but not soul transition as he describes. It was a summoning by the Creator and Ruler for a moral gathering to the Heavens children. The opening and closing of the vegetation has a meaning which is within Heavens Pen editorial as the warmth of Heaven is regulated by the Creator and it was noted in Heavens pen editorial the vegetation doing the same. He tells you he woke to a "perfect rainbow" when his coma is over. Same ending as mine, but he was left confused of its meaning. The rainbow colored paths were used in the moral gatherings for teaching the children of Heaven why certain thoughts were not Heavenly and the children would have to visit the assigned color to learn why it was not Heavenly living within. Alexander woke to a perfect rainbow as a sign of achievement and that is why he was able to escape the shadow dimension. I fully dont understand how this same story of odditty passed with both of us and that is why I wanted in the beginning to tell Alexander which he rejected talking to me and blocked posting or commenting to his site. At first I admired him and believed he visited the tenth realm of Heaven as myself. Heavens Pen editorial has there are eleven dimensions and a shadow dimension making a total of twelve dimensions. In 2012, MIT theorized the same. When Alexander didnt allow me to comment, I was bewildered on why he dissed me knowing Sam Harris and Luke Dittrich were debunking him as a confabulator and thought my support of a copyrighted story exactly two years prior would put them in a check mate knowing you cant debunk a copyright. Against my thought of one who truly experienced the divine would love to share the story, he quickly banned all communications with Bob Olson, the Theosophical society and a few more afterlife study domains. I was bewildered and confused of what was addressed politely, yet doors slammed in my face. At this same time a decade past his book, I found the missing flash disc that Shulman wanted the night I filmed his book signing of "Second Wind" at the Jimmy Carter center shortly after Alexanders NDE/OBE experience.. Shulman was upset and we searched everwhere without progress in finding. A decade later the disc mysteriously was found in the same camera bag searched a decade ago diligently. I had no idea it was the missing disc of Neils recorded book signing. I inserted the disc and three random captions for tagging of motion video was two perfect pictures of Alexander and one of Shulman. This was a miracle knowing it was lost and found at the same time I was confused of Alexanders dissing a decade later hearing Heavens pens editorial coming from his lectures and shows. The random captions is unexplainable with all the other people who couldve been randomly shot, but I get three.perfect pictures of subject in question, miracle again and a summons of desecration of the Afterlife. Proof isnt a neurosurgeon no longer believing in reductive material or a fifteen year Harvard elite. Impressive, but not proof. I am a real soldier of Christ that has been given our purpose of being in prayer. The thirteen hundred pages of copyrighted material contains everything before its manifest to time beginning in 2008 on. Unbelievable and cant be debunked.with TANGIBLE EVIDENCE CALLED A COPYRIGHT. Conscious awareness and quantum mechanics you will find in editorial which now MIT is learning, impossible. Also archaeological findings of 2008 found in the Jordanian caves is within editorial. The biggest questionable editorial is Dr. Eben Alexander story called Proof of Heaven with Alexanders journey explained two years prior of his NDE/OBE experience. That is why I have been ranting at you knowing you had him on your show. Two doctors are involved in the biggest scam translated into 43 languages. I have told this story for over a year now and no one cares. I am giving up now and feel why should I share the truth when you and all is more interested in promoting liars and frauds. I will tell you one more time only that Dr. Eben Alexander got my editorial through Doc Hollywood following his confabulation that was already written and copyrighted in 2005. Do you understand that THIS WOULD BE IMPOSSIBLE, YET HAPPENED. If not plagerism, then I would have to apologize and now understand that I possess IRREFUTABLE PROOF OF HEAVEN. Oprah, I still hope you will assist as you are my first choice.

  • Trace S

    To all the people getting worked up about religion – what he saw, experienced and is articulating here, ARE on par with the teachings of Jesus. (regarding love and morality) He got a glimpse of heaven and came back to stress that we should be living this morally just and loving life. Here's something else, maybe Jesus thought he would be a good messenger because of his background and intellect? Who knows? Just because he doesn't mention seeing Jesus, doesn't mean He doesn't exist. The message is still the same. Maybe Jesus is part of this consciousness. Who knows..

  • George lee Clark

    Sam Harris and Luke Dittrich, it is hard for me to connect with you. I have the best evidence to prove Dr. Eben Alexander is sinister along with another famous doctor he went to for help in writing "Proof of Heaven", Dr. Neil Shulman the creator of Doc Hollywood/Michael J. Fox. I can begin by letting you know a book I wrote called, "Heavens Pen" is the exact same story which I wrote in 2005 and copyrighted while working with Shulman. You will be shocked when you see the copyrighted story which has EVERYTHING you will find in Proof of Heaven. Shulman denied knowing Alexander when I asked Shulman a decade later and know he is lying because I have two perfect pictures of Alexander when he came to Shulman for help writing a book to help his financial disaster. This book cost me thousands of dollars to make and to have Shulman and Alexander steal contents is a shame. Translated into 43 languages is funny. I am happy society liked my book, but lets give credit to the real writer.

  • Stuart Lee

    Here's something to annoy all the physicists watching : if consciousness creates mater by the collapse of the wave function. how does that work when you are observing a star that died hundreds of thousands of years ago but you can still see it because the light has took so long to reach you??? how the heck do you collapse a wave function that doesn't exist?

  • Stuart Lee

    Here's something to annoy all the physicists watching : if consciousness creates mater by the collapse of the wave function. how does that work when you are observing a star that died hundreds of thousands of years ago but you can still see it because the light has took so long to reach you??? how the heck do you collapse a wave function that doesn't exist?


    I would like to invite Dr Alexander to meet my SADGURU SHRI MADHU PARAMHANS ji for more about spritual world.
    For more detail plz visit to

  • Political Outsider

    A liar and deceived
    1 Timothy 4:1
    Now the Spirit expressly says that in latter times some will depart from the faith, giving heed to deceiving spirits and doctrines of demons.

    1 Thessalonians 4:13-18
    No-one is in heaven
    13 But I do not want you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning those who have fallen asleep, lest you sorrow as others who have no hope.
    14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so God will bring with Him those who sleep in Jesus.
    (They’re sleeping. Not in heaven)

    15 For this we say to you by the word of the Lord, that we who are alive and remain until the coming of the Lord will by no means precede those who are asleep.
    (Dead, sleeping, not in heaven)

    16 For the Lord Himself will descend from heaven with a shout, with the voice of an archangel, and with the trumpet of God. And the dead in Christ will rise first.
    17 Then we who are alive and remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds to meet the Lord in the air. And thus we shall always be with the Lord.
    18 Therefore comfort one another with these words.

  • George lee Clark

    It is sad for almost two years now that Dr. Eben Alexanders number one NY bestseller that was translated into 43 languages was given to him by Dr. Neil Shulman, the creater and associate producer of Doc Hollywood/ Michael J. Fox. In 2005, George Lee Clark shared editorial of Heavens Pen to Dr. Shulman while working with the global humanitarian summit, Atlanta Ga. Alexander and Shulman, have orchestrated the sinister act of deceiving his audience for almost a decade of my work of 2005, three years prior to his basis of his book "Proof of Heaven" is an exact match. All of what Alexander stole from me will be found in Heavens pens copyright 2005. Alexander knows my allegation and has crippled my reality by not allowing this to be known by blocking my comments with many Afterlife profiteers. We have two EXACT same stories which would be impossible knowing the magnitude of odditty for this to happen. Alexander should never hush my allegation knowing we would have irrefutable proof of the divine. Red flag. I have the copyright in 2005 and that should be in discussion, yet Alexander ignores and why? Alexander is a fraud and seeking capital on a sinister act that he needs to answer to. He "wrote" his book four years past his NDE and why so long? I know why and I am looking for help to aid my allegation to stop his desecration of the Afterlife for his plight of prior inevitable bankruptcy. https://www.facebook.com/Dr-Eben-Alexander-and-desecration-of-the-Afterlife-192833857933709/.

  • George lee Clark

    It has been almost two years now that I have learned that Dr. Eben Alexander has an exact match of "Heavens pen" editorial that I wrote and copyrighted in 2005. He landed a NY Bestseller of "his" book "Proof of Heaven" 2012 and was translated into 43 languages on demand. We know at the same time of his capital gains achieved of "his" book ended his finacial desparation, bankruptcy, and social status embarrassment of three million dollar lawsuits pending. Several other Afterlife profiteers are profitting on his confabulation without concern of my same editorial three years prior of his NDE/OBE basis of his book. I have informed Theosophical Society in America who imediately without question of my kind assertion blocked my comments. They have many events obtaining sixty-five dollars a seat at any Alexander lecture. Afterlife TV with Bob Olson and Karen Newell(Alexanders partner) chose the same without further question. Keep in mind, when I first learned of the exact match, I believed divinity propelled as at the time I was living a miracle explained later. I was literally crying when I heard Alexander on the Bob Olson Afterlife and expressed joy which returned a block from Alexander when I kindly shared my story. Red Flag and confusion was my mindset knowing why wouldnt he have interest with the same experience copyrighted prior. Several tabloid magazines and talk shows have shared the profits too. "His" book was hijacked by Dr. Neil Shulman/Doc Hollywood, creator of Doc Hollywood/ Michael J. Fox, that was my editorial Shulman and I used for Humanitarian work in 2005. I am assuming plagiarism and would have to be correct or we have Irrefutable Proof of Heaven knowing the impossibility of Alexander and myself having the same story of this odditty magnitude. This fact is ignored by Shulman who denies knowing Alexander, yet I have pictures of Shulman and Alexander together. Dr. Shulman lied to me and ofcourse Dr. Shulman would keep up with bestsellers being an author of several books himself. Shulman, no longer talks to me after asking of the editorial and we were "friends" for many years until this happened. . I have written to several media outlets to expose this truth without success. I am hoping this fact is investigated to stop the sinister act performed by two doctors for only capital gains against ethical behavior to society and desecration of the Afterlife. Many friends who know what happened encouraged me to get an attorney. The possible plagiarism I learned is too late ending statute of limitations of six years. I am more concerned of this impossibility that happened and is ignored that would undoubtedly prove the Afterlife. My editorial hasn't changed since 2005 and will astound Alexanders followers who should demand answers from Shulman and Alexander.

  • Le monde quantique et le monde qualique.

    Le monde-temps est (monde + temps) ; il est monde choné. C'est un sens chroné, une divine invisible idée matière-espace (m*e) rédigée à l'aide de divines lettres alphabétiques qui ne sont autres que les lettres temps futur (tf).
    Le monde-temps est une matière-espace fonction d'un temps futur (tf) ; il est (m*e) f(tf). Ce temps (tf) est enregistré en nous sous temps passé (tp), un casier cultuel.
    Monde-temps = (m*e) f (tf).
    Monde = matière-espace =(m*e).
    Monde pur –> monde-temps –> monde pur avec (tp) enregistré dans (m*e).
    Le temps présent (t^)est un sens ; il est à mettre avec la partie sens matière-espace (m*e).
    Monde =(m*e*t^).
    Monde-temps = (m*e*t^) f (tf).
    (tf) se transforme en (tp) archivée dans (m*e*t^).
    Donc :
    Monde pur= (m*e*t^).
    Monde-temps = {(m*e*t^(tp)} f (tf)
    Monde après sa mort monde avec passé (tp) = monde (tp).
    Monde (tp) = {(m*e*t^(tp))}.
    Dieu ?
    Dieu est l'énergie des énergies et la lumière des lumières, source de toutes les énergies et de toutes les lumières connues et inconnues. Vivre c'est être chargé par cette divine énergie, l'âme, et éclairé par cette divine lumière, la sagesse.

  • Jon Stark

    This is very much kind of wrong,because when people have lobotomy they are no longer the same,their mind is destroyed.I don't believe this.

  • ZacharyLee 1995

    It Makes No Scene If He's Lieing Because He's Brain Was Actually Dead So I Do Believe This Man Is Telling The Truth,
    I Hope Somebody Makes A True Story Christian Movie About He's Death Experience Someday Just Like Colton Burpo The Heaven Is For Real Movie

  • Richard Conner


  • I BraveHeart

    For a long time, I was a skeptic of NDE's but this really helps boost my interest in them. For someone to still claim that this is just a hallucination is clearly not open-minded to the possibility of it being something that Materials science just won't be able to explain.

  • George lee Clark


    Simon and Schuster, the publisher of "Proof of Heaven" 2012, knows the truth of Dr. Eben Alexanders' plagiarism. The revenues in the millions they are making on my book "Heavens pen" of 2005, Simon and Schuster decided to favor Alexander saying a few words are changed and not "exact form" even though the books are exact. Simon and Schuster, if you read the law, even though a few words are changed, we still have direvative work which does indeed fall into copyright infringement.

    This bias decision will keep the revenues not interrupted Simon and Schuster profit. Just a matter of time I will prevail as the Divine will prove Alexander and Dr. Neil Shulman are criminals to society stealing others work in desparation(Alexander)/greed(Shulman) and a documentary by Vennila films will follow with the release of Heavens pen 2005. Afterwards society will understand why I am fighting this issue realizing the Afterlife profiteers are.wrong not to help after I kindly enlightened them in all fairness. The Afterlife affiliates today have made the revenues of Alexander their Heaven and have no concern of desecration as their greed is their decision maker. This fraud will eventually end with my determined persistance.

    Alexander will not debate this issue with me and proclaims an illusive victory stating his number one debunkers, Sam Harris and Luke Dittrich, declined his debate invitation. Add this to your persuaded proof of Heaven equal to no longer believing in reductive materialism, Alexander? They are not your number one debunkers using medical terminology as their only useless arsenal. I am your number one debunker possessing aresenol of editorial the same as Proof of Heaven. This provided editorial of 2005 was three years prior of Dr. Eben Alexanders NDE/OBE basis of Proof of Heaven. Seven years later of my creation of Heavens pen, publication of Proof of Heaven with Alexanders name happens. You are a disgrace to the name of Harvard University using their painted prestige image to hide your deceit to society.

    Lets talk Alexander and Shulman. You see Alexander, if plagiarism isnt the case, then We can only have Irrefutable proof of Heaven knowing this odditty of you and I having the same story is beyond infinite odds. Being a Harvard elite is not required to understand this reality, right? Tangible evidence for the first and only time I do posssess bottom line. Why cheat society from this mega phenomenon? Alexander, I will take Sam Harris and Luke Ditrrich's place unless you have something to hide and the Afterlife profiteers should insist my invitation.. If We are truly seeking proof of Heaven beyond a Harvard elite of 25 years neurosurgeon no longer believing in reductive materialism as his proof and not gold lined pockets interfeering, then face George Lee Clark and discuss how we both have the same story. Luke Dittrich and Sam Harris are not needed to prove your sinister act. I am knocking on your doors with ignored proof for three years which is disgusting.. The following is a return letter from Simon and Schusters legal department.

    Mr. Clark

    As discussed, we would need to see how Dr. Eben allegedly infringed on your copyright.

    As a general matter, copyright infringement occurs when a copyrighted work is reproduced in its exact form, distributed, performed, publicly displayed, or made into a derivative work without the permission of the copyright owner.

    According to the US Copyright Office, in order for something to qualify for copyright protection, that something must exist in a tangible form. Specifically:

    Protection under the copyright law (title 17 of the U.S. Code, section 102) extends only to original works of authorship that are fixed in a tangible form (a copy). “Original” means merely that the author produced the work by his own intellectual effort, as distinguished from copying an existing work. Copyright protection may extend to a description, explanation, or illustration, assuming that the requirements of the copyright law are met.

    Copyright does not protect ideas, concepts, systems, or methods of doing something. Copyright will not protect the idea itself as revealed in your written or artistic work. Ideas, methods, and systems are not covered by copyright protection.

    Please send side by side comparisons of your work and Dr. Eben’s work and we will review.

    Nothing contained in this letter shall be deemed a waiver or release of any and all rights or remedies of the Proof of Heaven, Simon & Schuster, Inc., or any other affected party, all of which are expressly reserved herein.

    Please let me know if you have any questions.

    Thank you

    Tracy A. Woelfel


    Simon & Schuster Legal Department



    This email has been sent on behalf of a Simon & Schuster lawyer. It is intended solely for the person(s) or organization(s) named above, and may contain information which is confidential and/or legally privileged. If you have received this email in error, please notify us immediately. Unauthorized use, copying, distribution, or disclosure of this email or any of its contents by anyone other than the intended recipient is unauthorized and may be unlawful.

    Show Georgia Film, TV and more

  • Victorious Bastard

    George lee Clark is a stalker and it is a matter of time he will get locked up for stalking. Curt told me about stalking him and taking parts off his car. George you already been charged for stalking once before when you stalked that little girl.

  • George lee Clark

    🎥🎥Dr. Eben Alexander WATCH~
    re: Skeptico Debunk articles of Alexander
    Oprah Winfry OWN network/Alexander guest
    Soldier of Christ/Miscreant Science World

    If your efforts are failing to prove Alexander a fraud, then look no further of medical, physical, and rainbow impossibilities that are frivolous to plagiarism. Sam Harris and Luke Dittrich have failed to debunk Alexander and declined Alexander's debate invitation after his plight of humiliation the tabloid Kings started . Dr. Robert Mays must like hearing himself talk under the spotlight because he is fully aware of plagiarism and has ignored to the public that Proof of Heaven of 2012 was written by me, George Lee Clark, in 2005 copyrighted and entered into the Writers Guild under the name of "Heavens pen". Alexander and Dr. Neil Shulman are responsible for the fraud that has opened controversy missing the truth that I possess. When the editorial is examined, then the medical world will fall to their knees knowing the Divine is real. It is impossible for me to know three years prior of 2008 the Jordanian Codice, MIT research of 2012 thru 2015 perfectly depicted, and most incredible having the editorial of Proof of Heaven before its manifest to time.. Proof of Heaven left many confused and Heavens pen of 2005 will end the confusion with what Alexander left behind of his plagiarism. In other words I have Proof of Heaven pt. II. If you want to know the answers to the confusion that these gossip queen doctors rant, you will find all answers in Heavens pen of 2005….. When this is accomplished you want care anymore of Dr.Eben Alexander and the debunkers. Learn the missing truth of Dr. Eben Alexander by following the link ; https://www.facebook.com/192833857933709/posts/308628543020906/
    My sojourn to the Tenth Realm gave me tangible evidence for the first time ever to mankind beyond similar stories or a Harvard elite of twenty five years no longer believing in reductive materialism.
    Gossip Queens will have no rebuttal because a copyright and a Writers Guild entree of 2005 will not be able to debunk…..🎥🎥

  • Shanhong Lu

    The amazing part, you do not have to die to experience amazing consciousness…. out of body…!!! Delta wave dominant brain reaches …

  • Mr. Husky

    Dawkins vs Alexander. When??? Time for all these materialist naturalist scientists to grow up and wake up. They're holding us back. I'm not religious.

  • Alex The Fossil Guy

    Such a unique and important voice to the NDE discussion. Coming from a background in Neuroscience he has insight inside the functionality of the brain, and the fact that he was a previous skeptic lends extra credibility to his account, and seeing his view and how he lives his life now is astounding. From my perspective all I want is truth, I have no motive other than truth. I think there is too much evidence supporting the existence of consciousness and life beyond this life. Not because I want it to be true (I do), but because the evidence for it is overwhelming to me. These accounts and studies linked together with some inter-family experiences have led me to accepting this not as just a hope or a maybe, but a certainty to me. What a wonderful world this would be if we could all have a collective NDE……

  • George lee Clark

    Three people have found themselves in the Tenth Realm of Heaven claiming a NDE/OBE experience. I was the first in 2005 and copyrighted and entered into the Writers Guild my journey under the name "Heavens Pen" as a professional writer does. Dr. Eben Alexander and the CEO of Marvel Comics are the other two.. I wasn't aware until 2016 a duplicate titled "Proof of Heaven" in the year of 2012 by Dr. Alexander was published of his 2008 NDE/OBE premise. I believed a Divine intervention initially until Alexander blocked and ignored his solicited wish at the Theosophical society asking for another who shared the same sojourn to end his confusion. I was the person who did share the same sojourn with an Iron Clad copyright proving no altercations which Alexander ignored. Later, I would have to unbelievably fight claiming what is rightfully mine of what was used in the efforts to end the Sudan war with the Afterlife research organizations as forums of education. After I learned Alexander has ignored my assessment, I knew my editorial was heisted by a friend I trusted, Dr. Neil Shulman the creator of Doc Hollywood/Michael J. Fox. Shulman, never bothered to assist in helping to find out what is going on and instead left a working partner friend to fend for himself is another bad feeling. He knows the editorial is a match and his influence with other doctors could've helped by his informing rather than a mediocrity.. Why would this phenomenom be argued to begin with that would only prove the Afterlife irrefutably knowing this is an impossibility of two exact accounts of the Afterlife with a copyright to end debunking? We have a match A to Z of our editorials which is impossible knowing the oddities of story accounts and an Oasis of his request. Today, we have no tangible evidence and only anecdotal accounts meaning the first tangible evidence is ignored by the inept Afterlife research paradigm who has the influence to find out with Alexander. I was excited to give them for the first time ever irrefutable proof of the Afterlife knowing the impossible has happened and only a Divine intervention responsible. Something is wrong that common sense will find knowing you don't dishonor copyrighted editorial of 2005 they're using and profitting. Afterlife profiteers need to follow the laws on copyright infringement and respect against your greed of revenues.. Emory University had me as a host speaker at an event called 'Soccer for Peace" which was to make community awareness of three petroleum companies according to Shulman funding the Sudan war. He threatened University stock divestment if war continues. Three weeks later a peace treaty was signed in success of the event I read in the Atlanta constitution and complimenting our efforts . Dr. Neil Shulman had my Heavens Pen editorial which was used at this event so naturally I asked Shulman of a questioned duplicate of editorial in Dr. Alexander's testamony of his journey to Heaven flying the blackish purple skies. Dr. Shulman lied to me saying he doesn't know Alexander, yet I have pictures of the two together at his "Second Wind" book signing at the Jimmy Carter library in Atlanta Ga. . I know lies are used in hiding the truth and from strangers not as bad as a trusted friend. I found indignant trouble learning the impossibility of both editorials the same and Dr. Shulman a past friend for many years has blocked my number following for asking if he knows Alexander. Why? Shulman and I have done several projects together prior without any disputes for years until I asked if he knew Dr. Eben Alexander. The Afterlife research paradigm today is fully aware after I asked to cease the use of my editorial under Alexander's name which to date isn't honored, hushed, and copyright infringement violation. I asked for their cooperation after learning Alexanders and Shulmans deceit followed with lies after confronting of what I first believed a Divine intevention as no stranger of. Dr. Raymond Moody and Dr. Robert Lanza are aware and do nothing knowing Afterlife revenues will plummet after learning possibly Alexander is a fraud who was helped by Dr. Neil Shulman my partner having my editorial. This has to be the reason knowing they are not responding., Even though copyrighted, I had no intentions of distribution and especially from an indigent neurosurgeon needing to reinvent a failing career. Dr. Shulman I refused at his request for publication. A second book replaced Heavens Pen titled "Heavens Sunflowers" which played a significant role within Heavens Pen because I was afraid of misleading anyone of what I was warned heresy after counseling I finished my journey with the understandment of our purpose of being and a matching story A to Z of Dr. Eben Alexanders 2008 OBE account the same beyond infinite odds All of Alexanders confusion will be answered of why time has no meaning, waking to a perfect rainbow, who the escort is who rode the huge butterfly traveling the transedental layers of Heaven singing melodies opening portals, both of us were lost, What the mudlake is, why the Vegataion was opening and closing, why he woke to a perfect rainbow, the loudening of drumbeats as aproaching moral gathering with children dressed in peasant gowns, Hologram everchanging images, Telepathic communication, all about love and why, and everything you can think of being the stories are the same, but mine is complete. In addition to Alexander you will read a complete understanding of the Jordanian Codex before its discovery in 2008 and MIT Universal string theory found between 2012 thru 2015. This is enough said and a reality knowing impossible. This is my tangible evidence beyond anecdotal accounts giving for the first time undisputed and skeptic free accounts of the Afterlife. We can laugh at me in disbelief as a common reaction to testament to my unusual account.. The laughs will end though after reading the editorial and learn that my copyrighted editorial as a professional writer will now be the key in understanding Conscious awareness. Many anecdotal accounts of similiar stories, yet no tangible evidence ever found..Heavens pens editorial of 2005 is the only account of the Afterlife you can find with tangible evidence and will soon be learned in a Vennila production titled, "You're Rejected 2". All other accounts are not denied by me, but find skepticism.

  • Marc Sanders

    Dr Eben Alexander is on autopilot again. No need for an interviewer whatsoever. Wish someone would ask some more critical questions.

  • Jon Wizard

    This guy is the classic "goody two shoes" …white, conservative, right-wing, … and doing everything to sell his book! He says all the things everyone wants to hear. He´s just tooooo good to be true! …in short – an asshole!

  • Corrina Hewitt

    Watched the whole video. It was life changing. It's true, love holds us all together, love is the key, love connects us all. After watching this I looked up and watched everything else by the Dr.

  • Joshua Mackey

    I think this man loves hearing himself talk lol he barely let's the interviewer ask a question but he gives alot of good information

  • Boutros boutros ghali Boutros boutros ghali

    People used to think that the brain was a receiver, an amplifier. But after years of painstaking work on this subject we discovered that it's the opposite of that. It's a blocker so that we cannot see reality as it really is because it's too much for the mind to take. It would become overwhelmed! Now you can bring these blockers down by at least 3 to 5% if you take things like LSD or other similar drugs and what you see whilst on these substances are real it's just that the brain blocks it out!

  • George lee Clark

    I say freely Alexander is a fraud because I am his victim..
    Learn the hidden truth by following link.

  • Ramesh Seecharan

    Each NDE is cultural based. He saw a blue eye blond , he describes a place which is interpreted as a heaven experience. Alexander can explain the experience within the narrow limits of his language and culture. Each critic interprets Alexander’s NDE with their own very limited cultural eyes…. so the so called Christian examines the experience from a very narrow Christian perspective and value judge Alexander for not being Christian enough – When the very essence of the experience is to demonstrate the need for love without man made artificial boundaries like religion etc. Non Christians also do have beautiful NDE…..

  • George lee Clark

    Follow this link to learn the truth of Proof of Heaven "by" Dr. Eben Alexander..I am not looking for argument when you can simply decide for yourself after reading the copyrighted editorial of 2005 titled Heavens Pen.. Copyrights dont lie, but desparate people will. Doctors are claiming NDE's and OBE's learning massive revenues will follow is what's happening. Invasion of MD charlatans which is sad knowing they are cashing in on the fear of death from the ones we trust.. In Alexander's case was desparation. Sue me Alexander for defamation and you won't because of the following that will prove true, plagiarist.

  • Jimmy Jennings

    I've been asking what is really going on sense I had my NDE, once you see the other side you can't unsee it and you have to try and understand what happened to you, and that's what got me looking into NDE's and I believe I've watched just about all of them out there. it's like you wake up for a time and see the real reality then you are put back to sleep in this existence that now I notice things I didn't before, kind of like the matrix, that's how I feel about this life now.

  • Amitai Medan

    I don't get it, if all the neo cortex was destroyed, is he still a doctor? Did he learn all about his life from scratch? If he remember thing before the event then he didn't die, right. Beleave what you like but I have a lot of questions.

  • Mike Kleinsteuber

    Sadly Dr Alexander reads far too much into his experience. An NDE is not death, even if it sometimes takes place during a state which doctors pronounce the subject as 'clinically dead'. By reviving the subject clearly wasn't dead. And to extrapolate the experience during an NDE to what happens after death is a step too far. A near accident doesn't produce the same experience as an actual accident. And Eben's insistence that remote viewing works when there is no scientific evidence to support the allegation shows a naivety in his thinking. I do however believe it is possible for consciousness to be a fundamental part of all things but to proclaim an afterlife and all the other religious claptrap he comes out with is a result of wishful thinking on his part rather than rigorous investigation.

  • george lee clark

    The missing truth of Dr.Ebrn Alexander's account.

  • george lee clark

    People, Dr.Eben Alexander plagiarized his account and need to stop his support.

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