Dr Gunveena Chadha – Director, UK Confederation of Indian Industry (Business School Advisory Board)
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Dr Gunveena Chadha – Director, UK Confederation of Indian Industry (Business School Advisory Board)

Hi I’m Dr Gunveena Chadha from the Confederation
of Indian Industry. The Business School from what we as members of the advisory board and
particularly me like to think is the Business School is going to bring into the world the
next generation of business leaders and we are on the advisory board are people from
different walks of life and I think it’s important for the Business School to get inputs and
suggestions from the real world and different walks of life to make the courses and the
school more and really strongly effective in the business world so I think the advisory
board does bring a lot of experience then. What we have done is we’ve brought our member
here and within the last one year we’ve done quite a bit of work with the Business School
and the university. So we’ve brought in a delegation in Autumn last year and they visited
the R and D centres, especially the IT and the oil materials research centre because
these were companies that are looking at maybe getting into some contract for R and D with
universities in the UK so that was a very good visit. In April again we were wanted
a couple of members based in the UK to come and visit the university R and D centres and
then these members did engage with industry and faculty including Simon who was very kind
and hosted them for a business engagement so I think that went down very well.
I must say we engage with students very effectively in June this year. Our presidents delegation
came here and CII with Geeta had brought out a study on advanced manufacturing UK relationships
and this study looked specifically at industry academy partnerships at the business school
and I’m sure the students were involved in the inputs that Business School shared with
us. They gave us a whole lot of inputs of what the university was doing in this area
and that became part of the report so that was really good I think and then of course
David Fiskin participated in the conference and is planning a discussion for the same
discussion of industry academy partnerships. So I think we’re trying to step up more and
in the coming year again get our industry members involved more with the business school.

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