Dr. King’s “Bill of Economic and Social Rights”
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Dr. King’s “Bill of Economic and Social Rights”

Jill Martin Luther King actually called
for not only the government to be the
employer of last resort but to be a good employer for the
government to actually come up with high quality jobs he came up with the 20 call ability
economic and social rights and the King Center has the original
other on on their website and that you can track down a relatively
easily and heap was calling for us to establish jobs now FDR had called for the same
thing thirty years earlier twenty years early
20 twenty-some-odd years earlier but basically calling for my job to be
considered a right so that if capitalism failed if K you know when capitalism
fails when capitalism pick-ups when capitalism goes through
those periodic boom-and-bust cycles in crashes as it does as Martin Luther King junior himself
pointed out it does he said that we have a national
responsibility to provide work for all week We the People the United States of America the
government he said these should not be just make-work employment he said they should
be careers there’s enough stuff this needs to be done in another but that’s
not just hey let’s dig holes then fill up you know but but the real stuff he said
there are literally millions have creative public sector service jobs
which could be opened up for the poor at a minimal cost and in short order
these are not make-work employments their new careers he also echoed Thomas pain thomas paine
suggested in agrarian justice that every American at birth that a basically a a bank account or a pay should be should be created for them
unfunded by the government that they would have
access to after they become 21 and could be a foundation of wealth that
everybody would have a certain amount of wealth and you know there’ve been others who
have suggested there’s this movement we’ve talked about in fact we’ve had
guests on this program from the the guaranteed minimum income movement in Europe who are
suggesting in this is I think it’s going to be on the balance
Spain small but it’s gonna be in 10 European countries were suggesting that that everybody gets a certain minimum income you know for lack of a better word an
actual you know a certain minimum guaranteed income whether they work or not and Martin Luther King there the doctor ever
my the reverend doctor martin luther king
junior call for the same thing his second right the first was the write up a job the second was the
right a minimum income he said that we’ve got this patchwork a programs that are utterly
inadequate and largely discriminatory was do away with those and just replace
them well actually gotten not do away with me is however in urging
a guaranteed income the most in fat ugly do not believe is some conservative
proponents the idea do that it will be a substitute for the entire welfare state is one element and he also wanted to be fixed so that
as GNP goes up or is cost of living goes up
that this guaranteed national income goes up this is not just for african-americans was for white
kids as well it’s for all for all all people actually
income I mean for their for their parents the third right that
he called for was the right have a decent house and a free choice a neighborhood and he
said we should we should eliminate all the slums in
America over the next ten years he suggested that we should have a right to an adequate
education he was talking about how schools that that are they’re basically
all black well he I’ll quote the arco doctor king
he said quote negro schools are regularly so inferior
that a good portion of the students are not even taught the basic educational
skills and therefore become bored resentful and drop out at the first
opportunity end quote so let’s upgrade those and then he said you know upgrade
education available to the black and white poor he called for a peacetime
GI Bill basically you know let’s do what we did
after world war two send people off to school so the young
men and women can can go to college in they have to take
care of good elementary schools primary schools he wanted another right he felt
everybody should have the right to participate in the decision-making
process get involved in politics the right to the full benefits of modern
science in health care basically everyone should
have health care and then he talked about how
you know but people are gonna say we can’t afford this because the war in
vietnam we should end the war in Vietnam and fund these programs and stat it’s
sorta like the the you know what’s and the war in Iraq
and Afghanistan and rebuild America first you know Merle Haggard song let’s rebuild America first in this is the man who called the Vietnam
War immoral called poverty immoral who said that we should
be working toward a society that is not only color-blind
but also is class blind basically you’re no
more poverty in the United States the richest country in the world we should not have poverty in this

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  • Derik Schneider

    Dr. Martin L. King wasn't a Marxist or a Communist. But he was certainly a Socialist in the Social Democratic sense. As someone who believed in using the government to create a more equal society through wealth redistribution. 

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