Draft Disability Inclusion Bill – YourSAy and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion
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Draft Disability Inclusion Bill – YourSAy and the Department for Communities and Social Inclusion

I think most people would know that the National
Disability Insurance Scheme is rolling out in South Australia, and this will give people
with disabilities much better services to assist them in their daily lives. While the National Disability Insurance Scheme
will certainly improve the personal supports that people get, it will not affect the main
stream services that they can expect or should expect from local government, from government
departments and from government and business enterprises. The Disability Inclusion Bill does two things
mainly. First, it defines the rights of people with
disabilities. These are the sorts of rights that exist under
the International Charter. The second thing that it will do is to require government,
local government and government business enterprises, that they actually produce access inclusion
plans that specifically indicate how they’re going to go about making sure that people with
disabilities are able to gain access to the services that they provide. There is a stipulation within the Bill, that
the legislation will be reviewed after three years. This is always very important. In the meantime, you can head to yoursay.sa.gov.au
and you can download a draft of the Disability Inclusion Bill, and you can submit your written
feedback by clicking on the DCSI disability talk link, and you can contribute to the discussion
board on YourSAy. Your feedback will be included in a report
that details what we’ve heard, and how we have used the information, which will then
be made available on the YourSAy website. From there, the Bill, which is drafted will
then go back to the Cabinet with the commentary that has been received from people. The Bill will be then introduced into the
Parliament later in the year. We look forward to hearing from you.

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