Dragon Ball Super- Universal Survival Arc Trailer Breakdown
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Dragon Ball Super- Universal Survival Arc Trailer Breakdown

Dragon Ball Super dropped this epic Universal
Survival Arc trailer after Episode 75. I already shared my instant reaction to it
but here in this video I will go in depth and break down the trailer. As we know the arc will kick off with Episode
77 on February 5th. The arc is about the Omni Versal tournament
that The Omni King wanted to arrange. Except it’s going to be deadlier than we
could ever imagine, as the losing Universes will get destroyed. Most probably all 12 Universes will be involved,
and there’s going to be a whole lot of character. The trailer gave us a look at some of The
Gods of Destruction and Fighters. It was quite fascinating and had a variety
of element. The main two highlights of the trailer ended
up being The Legendary Super Saiyan and The Clown God of Destruction and Angel pair. So, let’s analyze them first. Without question, this Girl is a Legendary
Super Saiyan. Well, at least that’s the term we know off. They might give a different name to it, but
it’s the same transformation. You can tell from her buff, eyes and overall
character design. This clip alone, however, doesn’t make Broly
canon or an official part of the series, but if Goku and Company recognize this form, it
will obviously make Broly canon. You all know that Broly is one of the most
popular and marketable Dragon Ball character ever, so this Female Broly is in a way acknowledging
this fan, and obviously gaining a lot of attention for the arc. I have seen many fans that weren’t following
DBS getting excited about this, and now they are starting to watch Super. So, that’s a huge thing gathering the attention
of all the fans out there you know. It’s amazing that the first female Super
Saiyan is going to be Legendary. First, we see an innocent looking Girl, and
next second she turns into a fuckin beast. Loved that! Nice way to kick off that part. Now, where could she possibly be from? Most likely like Cabe, she is also from Planet
Sadal of Universe 6. Planet Sadal is the Saiyan Planet of U6, The
Saiyans there evolved differently and didn’t have tails. Most importantly they are also good people
and fights for protecting Peace. However, they weren’t aware of the Super
Saiyan form, but in general is very powerful. Cabe could almost match up with Vegeta’s
base form, anyways Vegeta was able to teach Cabe the Super Saiyan transformation while
fight-training him in the Universal Tournament. Girl Broly and Cabe’s eyes and facial structure
are quite similar. Also, their belt looks similar, making me
believe they are from the same planet, and I also think they are related. If I had to guess, I would say she is Cabe’s
sister. If that’s the case now a whole series of
question arises, as Cabe said he never saw the Super Saiyan transformation before. Well, maybe she was kept hidden before that
point, perhaps like Broly’s father someone was controlling her powers. Or the other thing could be Cabe went back
to his planet, and started teaching people to Super transform. Then, she found out her potential. Undoubtedly she is a prodigy; the question
is what type of control she has over it! Like, Broly had no form of control over his
transformation. What would you prefer, though? I feel like it would be a bit weird if she
has complete control over the form, I would be ok with it if she has control to some extent,
but to make it interesting, she should lose control and go full crazy at some point. Another question is how powerful she will
be? The thing is U6 Saiyans are quite strong,
the only reason they didn’t go super was they were never pushed to their limits, especially
emotionally. Cabe was way way stronger than Frieza saga
Goku; the transformation is not about the strength you have to unlock it. Going by that it would be interesting to see
how powerful Girl Broly becomes with that transformation and what level of importance
DBS gives to that transformation! Do you think we could see something different
than what we have already seen! I mean maybe Legendary Super Saiyan 3 or Godly
Legendary Super Saiyan or any kind of new addition to that form? I think that would be much more of a contest. Another thing is people might argue that She
has control over the transformation and that is why Champa picked her for the tournament,
but what if this is the first time she transformed? Or what if this is the first time her powers
becomes public? Maybe the person who kept her in control kept
it a secret from everyone else; maybe even Cabe didn’t know. Imagine that, this girl is not even in Universe
6 team, she came as an audience and is in some way related to Cabe! As Cabe is getting beaten badly, she loses
control and transforms into Legendary Super Saiyan. Maybe just like Cabe wasn’t pushed enough
to be a SSJ before, similarly she wasn’t pushed enough mentally to break control and
become Legendary. However, that’s unlikely to happen. Most probably she is in the team, and we will
get to see an electrifying fight. Moving on, among the Gods this Clown God-Angel
pair grabbed a lot of attention. Because out of all the things they just had
to have a fuckin clown as a God of destruction, and then obviously because they resemble Joker
and Harley Quin. People pointed out his probable connection
with some mythological gods like a trickster Loki or something. It could go both ways; maybe they made connection
considering both ways. This concept is not foreign in Dragon Ball
Universe or Toriyama’s character designs. It’s not only fancy looks; you can really
expect something fancy from these Gods. Because even in the trailer they got a moment
of attention, the trailer was pacing through other Gods but highlighted them with a full
frame. Again, yet another thing unique about this
group, this mysterious dark character is standing alongside the Gods. Even though all other Universes have only
The Gods and Angel as representatives! We have absolutely no idea who he is! Even if he is their lead fighter why would
he be there? Another thing, though. Sometimes trailers can be deceiving; maybe
this is from another moment when all of them had someone like this standing. If not I can’t really think of anything
valid, if you have any solid theory do comment down below! But, if we stick to that only Gods and Angels
are supposed to be there. Could it be something crazy! As the God of destruction uses two bodies
and can go from one to another. His one form is clownish while the other is
absolutely the opposite? Well. That’s a crazy assumption. This could literally be nothing so let’s
not lose our sleep over it. I just hope the Clown God will be a rule breaker
type. Clown God’s Kaioshin and Universe 10’s
Kaioshin looks an awful lot like the cartoonish Kaioshins we see in Xenoverse. Okay, U10’s God of Destruction is a Pink
Elephant. Okay, I don’t even get surprised anymore. He resembles Ganesh from Hindu or Indian mythology. They believe him to be the God of Power and
Wisdom. So, we also have what looks like a female
God of Destruction, and I like the character design of this angel better. The Kaioshin looks like a very old one. Here we got the huge God of destruction everyone
was talking about, and he is like the android phone logo. The angel and the kaioshin are too blurry
to be analyzed but looks a bit different from others out there. Then we have this little fucker who is too
blurry to be even seeing, and if you know anything about DBS little fucks are the biggest
winners. The Omni King tells you the story. He like a what, a Pokemon and still the mightiest
ever. We also have a hairy God of Destruction I
didn’t like that design too much. I liked this Foxified version of Beerus God. He resembles nine tails or the trickster fox
maybe, but the interesting thing is he’s angel appears to be the one who was seen with
the dwarf God in a Magazine cover. We all kind of assumed that they were a pair,
but now we know it’s not the case. Why were they on the cover, though? Maybe just random display of character designs? Or will there be some cause and Gods-Angel
starts teaming for that based on it? Comment your thoughts down below. If you notice all Gods of destruction has
weird physical structure. Skinny, small, fat. I don’t like that too much. I was hoping to get a big muscular serious
looking God. Well, they did throw in Girl Broly for muscle
fans, but that’s not enough. At least one God should be muscular. We also saw Frost in the trailer; I’m a
bit surprised that Vados and Champa decided to bring that tool after what he did the last
time. Maybe because they couldn’t find ten fighters
or because this time around it’s about survival and that there are no rules. I found this part of the trailer interesting,
The Grand Priest and the Omni’s. One Omni has been highlighted with Red color
while the other with Blue. Could this be hinting that One of them will
be evil or that they will have conflicting wishes? Then, this part is also interesting Grand
Priest using an explosive attack, and like blowing them up, some kind of symbolism game
is probably going on. I bet there’s going to be some problem with
The Omni King and The Grand Priest will have a major role in this arc. Many fans think The Great Pries might rather
be Evil and the one who suggests destruction! What do you think regarding this? Can an Angel even be corrupted and if so what
will be the response of Whis and Vados? As The Great Priest is there father. A lot to talk about, I’ll make another video
predicting what might happen with these Omni Kings and The Great Priest! Like our Facebook page- Dragon Ball Fanverse
for daily updates. You can also find me on FB by searching for
‘ The Fan Guy .’ See you in the next, Dragon Ball Super video!


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