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  • night4lover

    Check out how much money Rode Island gets paid by tobacco companies every year since 1998 so that cigarette manufacturers can't be sued in court for health effects to them caused from smoking and how much money they used to make until everyone found a better way to get nicotine. Go ahead and ban flavor how you think it's gonna work out. You can just cross reference who takes money from big tobacco and vote against them. Also who gets funded by MSA Settlement. Campaign for Tobacco Free Kids, the amount of funds received is based on the dwindling sales of cigarettes in the state. 48 of 50 states are participants in the settlement and are supposed as part of their mission, to reduce tobacco use… Their job is basically to essentially reduce their budget year on year. Kinda a conflict of interest and with all the corruption in government it's easy to see why the Fake News gets a seat at the tobacco table too.

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