Early Childhood Early Intervention
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Early Childhood Early Intervention

How the NDIS can help your child. If your child is aged zero to six
and has a developmental delay or disability they may be able
to receive support from the NDIS. Your child’s early years are very important
as they set up how they’ll learn and develop later in life. Support provided early will give
your child the best chance of achieving their potential. So how does the early childhood
early intervention approach work? You will be connected with an
early childhood partner to discuss the concerns you have
about your child’s development. Your early childhood partner will
provide you with some information to help you understand and
determine your child’s support needs. They will also help you work out what
supports and services in your community your child might need
to achieve their goals. Your early childhood partner will provide
information and linkages to supports and services in your local community.
They may also provide initial early childhood intervention supports
if your child needs them. If your child will be best supported
with an NDIS plan, your early childhood partner will work with you
to request NDIS access. Your child’s progress will be
monitored against their goals. Your early childhood partner and service
providers will work with you towards supporting your child’s participation
in everyday activities. It’s important to remember your child’s
journey might be different to other children, depending on their
individual needs and circumstances. Providing quality intervention early in
your child’s life reduces the possible
need for longer-term intervention and
will support them towards leading an ordinary life. For more information please
visit the NDIS website ndis.gov.au Phone 1800 800 110. 8am to 5pm (AEST),
Monday to Friday. For people with hearing or speech loss,
phone TTY on 1800 555 677 or Speak and Listen on 1800 555 727. For people who need help
with English, phone the Translating and Interpreting Service
(TIS) on 131 450. Follow us on Twitter @NDIS. Find us on Facebook at

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