Easy Ways to Remember the Amendments
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Easy Ways to Remember the Amendments

What are some easy ways to remember the Amendments? The first ten Amendments to the Constitution
are called the Bill of Rights. And the tenth one limits what the federal government can
do in order to protect those rights. I thought that said the authority and rule
making went to the states. The ninth amendment says that what is not
explicitly allowed for the federal government to do goes to the states if it isn’t reserved
by the people. The framers of the Constitution would be spinning
in their graves if they saw how we almost reversed it to say everything by the fed is
OK unless limited by the amendments. That’s why freedom of speech was the first one. Freedom of speech was one of them, including
the right to criticize the government. Freedom to gather to protest, freedom to print your
criticisms and freedom of religion are also in that amendment. The second amendment is the source of a lot
of controversy. The amendment says everyone gets to have a
gun. Guns should belong to militias. Militias are made up of lots of average people
called in at short notice. When only the government officials like the police have guns, you have
a police state. What are the other amendments? The third amendment says they can’t house
soldiers in your home. That’s arcane. There’s a lawsuit going on claiming violation
of that amendment because the police wanted to use the family home as a watch out and
kicked the family out. Wow, I thought it was obsolete. What about
the fourth one? TSA and the NSA think it is obsolete, but
it isn’t. The fourth amendment says they can’t search you without a warrant reviewed by a
judge. I remember the fifth one. Pleading the fifth
means you don’t have to testify against yourself. You also have the right to a trial and confront
the accuser, and no secret courts. That is the sixth amendment. What is the seventh amendment? You have the right to a trial by jury. The eighth says they can’t do cruel and unusual
punishment. It also says they can’t fine you a ridiculous
amount, no debtor’s prisons, or impossible bail. I think I’m ready to bail on this conversation.


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