Economic Update: Libertarianism Capitalism and Socialism [Trailer]
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Economic Update: Libertarianism Capitalism and Socialism [Trailer]

So the problems of what we have, for
libertarians, are not the result of capitalism, they are the result of the
government’s intrusion into capitalism. So since they’re critical of capitalism
to the degree that the government is powerful, they’re even more critical of
socialists because, for the libertarian, the socialist is even worse. You might
think of modern socialism focused on democratizing the workplace as getting
rid of (here we go now) the state inside the workplace. To get rid of the state
inside the enterprise is just as important, if not more so, than to get rid
of it outside in the larger society. So maybe socialists (at least those who
see what I’ve just said) that the future of socialism is the transformation of
the workplace, have something to share with libertarians.


  • Marcus Octavius

    I would love to see democracy finally realized everywhere in society not just on some days every 4 years. Keep up the good work you truly point out what is wrong with society.

  • K Korona

    This video should be called "Wolff champions proveably broken ideologies and propogates myths about a capitalist system he himself lives under"

  • Johannes Bekker

    I agree that govt has zero say in the economy(not the case today) but there's no room for democracy in the workplace… only skill & merit. However the economy is subject to democratic laws. That means if there's a misconduct in the economy govt steps in and tries the offender in a democratic court.

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